Friday, 15 January 2016

Hotel Hell - Applegate River Lodge - OPEN

Hotel Hell Applegate River Lodge

Episode Recap

Gordon Ramsay visits Applegate River Lodge in Applegate, Oregon, owned by Richard and Joanna Davis, they hand designed and built the lodge 22 years ago but since their divorce the hotel has started to suffer. Instead of focusing on the hotel, they tend to focus on hating each other. Richard smokes pot and Joanna struggles with the debt, their two sons Duke and Dusty work there and are constantly fighting. They play music all night so the guests struggle to sleep and are annoyed. Gordon arrives and buzzes at the front desk, Richard ignores it so he sits on the floor. He finally comes out and explains that he was hanging out, Gordon asks about the smell and discovers that it is marijuana, which is legal for medicinal purposes in the state. 

Gordon goes to his room and finds a dirty room with stains and dead insects. Gordon meets  Joanna who is responsible for check in, the banking and appears to be the only person working. She tells him that Richard does nothing all day and is over a million dollars of debt. She sees no profit from the restaurant, that goes to her sons. Gordon meets Duke who says he gives his mother nothing so Gordon tells him about the debt. He next meets Duke who tells him he makes over $12,000 and Gordon tells him that he would kick him out if he were his son.

Gordon observes the dinner service and sees the dog is sitting by the tables begging for food. He speaks to the guests who tell him that they aren't impressed with the rooms. Gordon sees the staff mixing ketchup and Ranch dressing and thinks the kitchen is a joke. The music concert starts at 10pm and is very loud! Gordon decides to go to bed and gets the black light out, the results are disgusting, there are stains everywhere. As a result of this Gordon gets out the sleeping bag and tries to sleep, after failing to get to sleep he goes back downstairs. He asks to speak to Richard and asks him how guests are meant to sleep. Gordon tells Richard that this isn't home and that they are all using Joanna.

The next day the hotel is given a makeover, there is furniture in the check in area so people can sit and wait and the lobby looks great. They have an online system so that guests can check in online and the rooms have been redecorated. The menu has been simplified and Gordon reveals a mini music festival outside so they can still keep the music and there are four outside glamping bedrooms. Gordon tells them that they need to look after each other and stop smoking medicinal marijuana.

What Happened Next? 

 Yelp reviews since filming are good, the bad reviews seem to be about the hotel and weddings and the good reviews about the restaurant. Trip Advisor reviews seem to be mixed, with both positive and negative comments about the accommodation and food.

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  1. Ever since this aired a friend and I always used the euphemism "going to the butt hutt" for smoking something green!

  2. Richard is a disgusting creature and Joanna looks so much like my mother that I actually cried for her.

    1. I agree. To this day I can't watch reruns of this episode because I get too upset! I am baffled that a human being like Richard can even exist. What Ramsay should have done was hire her a good lawyer and had the filthy lout evicted.

    2. Richard is the single most despicable, deplorable, undeserving troglodyte I've ever laid eyes on.

  3. i want to visit this place one day


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