Saturday, 31 October 2015

Restaurant Impossible - Secret Garden Cafe - OPEN

Secret Garden Cafe Restaurant ImpossibleChef Robert Irvine visits The Secret Garden Cafe in Jacksonville, Florida ,owned by partners Zack and Michael, they have owned the restaurant for six years but now only have enough money to stay open for another 3 months. The restaurant only serves breakfasts and lunches but has no clear signature dish or any type of cuisine, in fact it serves a little bit of everything and doesn't do it very well using pre-prepared and packet foods. The decor is ghastly and the kitchen staff are all over the place as they lack basic cookery skills.

The staff are taught cookery and organisation skills, structure is put in place with better management and the menu and decor are updated. Robert also advertises the restaurant on a local radio station. 

What Happened Next?

Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews are mostly good since Robert visited the restaurant. Business was up 50% after the show was originally aired and their website has seen a huge increase in traffic. They have kept the original opening hours and do not open for dinner and have opened a second location. 

This episode was episode 6 of season 1 and was aired on February 23 2011, there were 7 episodes in the season, airing from January to March 2011 and the closure rate for Restaurant Impossible Season 1 currently stands at 86%.

Recipes Featured in this Episode

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