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Hotel Hell - Four Seasons Inn / Laylas Riverside Lodge - OPEN

Hotel Hell Four Seasons Inn / Laylas Riverside Lodge

Episode Recap

Gordon Ramsay visits the Four Seasons Inn in West Dover, Vermont, he arrives expecting the luxury 5 star chain hotel and instead finds a dog friendly inn. Owner Sandy is oblivious to the problems at the Inn , he calls the hotel a little slice of heaven but the rooms and attached kennels are empty and Sandy places all the blame on his marketing man. Finances are tight so the staff don't get paid, instead get free accommodation in the hotel. His best friend Layla wanders free around the hotel but not all guests like dogs or appreciate the dog hair. Strangely he bumps into a hula hoop instructor who lives there for free, she also does housekeeping but originally came to be a massage therapist.

Gordon goes down to the kitchen and meets Gwen who brings him some Curry bread which Gordon remarks is too doughy. Gordon's ravioli looks and tastes terrible. Gordon meets Richard, the marketing man and is surprised that Sandy hasn't come to greet him. Gordon goes into the kitchen and discovers that no one knows what they are doing and Steve complains that it's not his menu he is cooking. Gordon asks for 5 minutes with Sandy outside and asks him what the house is, Sandy tells him that it is the kennel. The hotel is busy and the servers are left to man the front desk, leading to customers being overcharged. Sandy wants to run and hide in the kitchen but Gordon instead gathers everyone together, the staff tell him that none of them get paid. 

Gordon has a terrible nights sleep and decides to go to the pool the next morning where he finds dog poo in the pool and settles with the hot tub. Gordon decides to sit Sandy down with the guests. They say although they love dogs, they don't expect dog hair on plates or in their bed. Gordon brings out the black light and there are revolting body fluids everywhere, many guests ask to leave early disgusted at what they have seen. Gordon has a chat with Sandy and tells him that he is not a chef, he needs to be the Innkeeper and Gordon reveals to the staff that Sandy is now to be the manager. They ceremonially burn Sandy's chef outfit

Overnight, the Hotel has been renovated and Sandy steps in to his new role wearing a suit. Gordon decides to change the name to Layla's Riverside Lodge, disassociating them with the Four Seasons. The menu has had a revamp, serving dishes created with local produce including a Vermont Cheesecake. The bedrooms have been updated and the carpets have been deep cleaned. There is $100,000 of new linen and dog beds have been provided. Gordon has also revamped the kennels and he brings his own dog to stay and asks others to bring in their dogs. He then reveals they are to host a dog agility event and he has hired a dog consultant to help with the canine side of the business. The guests are impressed with the new rooms, the food and the beds for the dogs. A returning guest remarks that it is better than her previous stay. Sandy reveals that everyone will be put on the payroll and will be receiving a pay check.

What Happened Next? 

The hotel was renamed to Layla's Riverside Lodge during the show named after Layla to promote the dog friendliness of the hotel. Bookings are up as a result and Sandy has received numerous messages of support from viewers.

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  1. I don't understand why the staff stayed when they weren't getting paid. How could anyone afford to do that? Aren't there laws stating employees must be paid at least minimum wage? Out of the entire episode that's what staggered me the most.

    1. They were being given free rooms live in. So prob ok since they were being given something for their work. Still I would think sucks.

  2. How can this owner be that oblivious to the errors that he, himself controlled, letting his dog run free?

    Wish this place closes, as he never refunded money of people that stayed there prior to Gordon,..AND, he ducked complaints, to boot!

  3. This episode was really cute! I'm so pleased for the owner and staff! And of course Layla!

  4. This episode aired in 2014. It looks like, from the Lodge's website, that there have been no further renovations of any other rooms. This seems typical of Hotel Hell subjects - few if any changes spark a full and complete change. Why on earth is this the case? What a squandered opportunity.

    1. I would imagine it takes them awhile to stop operating in the red. Even if the business is successful afterwards it would take them a long time to climb out of debt and start making a profit. So I would think they should just maintain everything as well as they can and then once they get out of debt they can put money towards further improvements.

  5. Is it still open? How is it doing?

  6. @Anonymous, they're still open apparently, and they've been getting pretty good reviews. Just search them up on Google and they've been getting 4-5 stars. Seems like they're one of the few places that we're doing well after Ramsay fixed them up.


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