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Hotel Hell Curtis House Inn

In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits The Curtis House Inn, Woodbury, Connecticut, the oldest Inn in the state.

Gordon is greeted by owners TJ and brother Chris, they constantly argue and this is affecting their relationship and the hotel has lost loyal customers.

Gordon arrives on Mother's Day to find that he is the only guest booked into the hotel and that as he is early he will have to pay a $40 early check in fee.

The check in clerk is also surprised that Gordon is booked in room 16 as there is said to be a ghost in the room.

When Gordon arrives in the room all he finds is a footprint on his pillow, dead flies on the windowsill and that the door doesn't lock!

Gordon orders the crab cakes, calamari and a burger. Both the crab cakes and calamari are terrible and the burger is raw in the middle.

Gordon goes into the kitchen to see chef Chris slopping food on the plate and using a dirty cloth to wipe the plates.

After a rough nights sleep, Gordon meets with TJ and Chris and can't believe that they don't talk.

The staff join the meeting and tells them that they have had enough of the situation.

Bev tells them that she can't work there anymore as the place is destroying her.

Gordon asks the two to join him and some of the guests who are to give them feedback, they tell them that the sheets were dirty, windows unwashed and there is broken equipment.

Gordon reveals to the guests that all of their personal information is left in a notebook on the front desk.

Gordon goes to speak to their mother and a family intervention is organised to try and heal the relationship.

They tell TJ that she is working to hard and she needs to work more on talking to her brother, they recall when everyone got along and everyone used to love working there.

They commit to making it work, hug and make up

Gordon's design team works overnight and transforms the Inn, the reception area has silhouettes of the family on the wall and they now have a computer.

Gordon has also fixed the lock on Room 16 and given it a makeover.

Next he calls everyone down to the restaurant to have everyone sample the new menu.

For relaunch everyone is working well together and Chris is taking pride in his food.

Gordon's last task is to call in a paranormal expert to review the Inn to see if it is haunted.

The expert concludes the Inn is haunted and Gordon gives them a plaque as they will be registered as haunted.

What Happened Next at Curtis House Inn?

Bookings are up and people want to visit to see the Inns spiritual visitors.

Trip Advisor reviews for the Inn are mostly positive and Yelp reviews for Curtis House Inn are mostly good however some regulars appear to dislike the changes in the restaurant.

Trip Advisor reviews for the restaurant also appear to be positive.

Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information.

Curtis House Inn aired on September 01 2014, the episode was filmed in May 2013 and is Hotel Hell season 2 episode 7.

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  1. My 6th great-grandfather build the Curtis House, and I have visited several times. Loved the place and looked past the run down condition - it was "quaint". The Ramsey episode was disturbing, but I gather all benefited from improvements - which I also gather were at no cost to Hardisty family.

  2. Maybe instead of sending Gordon you should send pest control considering food isn’t good no matter what with cockroaches running around! Stayed here with my wife October 2017 woke at 4am to find cockroaches scurrying around our room we got out fast as we could and just slept in my car.... contacted owner and apparently he doesn’t care about his guests,, very dissatisfied and disappointed after reading about the history of this Inn, just too bad a douche bag has to run this Inn, because with the right owner I would imagine it could be a 5 star inn right now it’s lucky to get any stars just roach dropping’s,,,

  3. You should send pest control not Gordon considering they are cockroach infested!! Stayed here with my wife with high expectations and instead at 4 am we woke to cockroaches scurrying around our room we got out fast and slept in my car.... contacted owner and apparently he doesn’t care about his guests... which is too bad if they got rid of him and got real owners this Inn could be a 5 star place to stay but right now there’s no way I’d sleep with those bugs crawling on me I don’t know about anyone else but makes my skin crawl!

  4. Cockroaches only come out to play at 4 am then ??? Just thought that funny.......theym having a party in the rooms...:)


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