Great British Nightmare - The Dovecote Bistro / Martins Bistro - CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares Great British Nightmare The Dovecote Bistro / Martins Bistro

In this Great British Nightmare, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Martins Bistro owned by Mick.

Mick was in trouble with secret credit cards and debts accrued by keeping the business going.

He served Gordon a duck cooked with Orange Squash and a vacuum packed long life lamb shank which Gordon refused to eat as it was full of e numbers and preservatives.

Mick and Gordon argued throughout, Mick and Mo argued, Mick and daughter Michelle argued.

Eventually Gordon talked Mick into using fresh local produce including fresh lamb shanks.

He also took Mick out of the kitchen replacing him with Michelle.

What Happened Next at The Dovecote Bistro / Martins Bistro?

Gordon revisited six weeks later, Gordon had arranged some professional training for Michelle in a local restaurant.

They report that numbers and takings are up.

Gordon challenges Michelle to cook him a dish.

Whilst Mick misses being in the kitchen, he recognises that their fresh food is a great unique selling point and Mo is now in control of the finances.

Michelle cooks a salmon dish with a pea puree, Gordon calls the food delicious.

Gordon orders the lamb shank and is impressed.

Since Gordon's visit, the focus shifted more towards the cafe side of the business and the business was sold in October 2015.

Trip Advisor reviews were mostly positive after the episode was filmed.

The Dovecote Bistro aired on January 30 2009, the episode was filmed in August 2008 and is Ramsay's Great British Nightmare episode 1.

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  1. After watching this programme, I would hate to think that other eating establishments serve up meals like this Bistro used to do. Unfortunately they probably do, shame on them.Where is our health inspectors??

  2. I was amazed the place was in business, but am glad that Fordon got it turned around. I f I every get a chance to go back to England, I'd love to visit this place and try the food.

  3. Mick was perhaps one of the most unlikable chefs ever to appear on the show.
    he's got a loving supportive family who are constantly paying for his inability to accept that he's not infallible.

  4. Is this place till open? I'm heading to tour the UK later this summer and I may stop by all the UK places still open.

  5. Michelle got married in 2012 and has a child now too. Incredibly Mick and Maureen are still together and appear to be doing well.


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