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Kitchen Nightmares Moore Place

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Moore Place, Esher, Surrey.

As he arrives at Moore Place he thinks the place looks ghastly due to the bizarre maroon colour that the restaurant has been painted.

For a starter he has deep fried Camembert which was disgusting, his wine smells and is corked and Duck A L'Orange, which was very tough.

The next day he meets the owners Richard Hodgson and Nick Whitehouse and discovers that neither have experience in running a restaurant.

The Head Chef is Herve Foutrel, am experienced french Chef but no one likes his cooking.

Gordon observes a lunch service and sees them deep fat frying everything and the menu has not been changed despite Mark being brought in to do this.

On the second day there are no customers so the Executive Chef has taken the day off and is going to play golf.

Gordon and Andy go into the food storage and they see a large amount of packet and ready made food.

Gordon takes Richard into town to see where the customers are going to eat and the public say they don't like the colour.

They change the menu settling on an American inspired menu as the area is populated by Americans.

Gordon shares a burger recipe with them and serves it to the owners, they think it is a fantastic burger and seem invigorated.

They also cook a smoked haddock chowder and corned beef hash. Gordon takes some samples of the food out onto the Golf Course to try draw customers in.

On a Friday night, Gordon wants the staff to push the new specials to the customers.

Waiter Peter struggles, customers order the ghastly Camembert, which was still frozen in the middle and the service is a disaster.

Gordon does a training exercise to work on the wait staff to introduce them to the new menu and Zach shows he is the worst Waiter EVER.

Gordon decides to use Mother's Day to relaunch the restaurant and to take pressure of the restaurant Gordon wants to serve chickens carved at the table.

He gets all the staff to learn how to carve cooked chickens and they will practice for the relaunch.

They move the furniture about to improve the look of the restaurant and Herve is taught how to make proper Yorkshire Puds by Gordon.

Gordon undresses AGAIN. Zach has been demoted to working the bar after his disastrous waiting practice where he struggled with the new menu.

Peter sells the first chicken and after other customers see them being carved table side they start flying out the kitchen.

They have messed up the booking and allowed two very large parties to arrive at once meaning they had to wait for their food.

The waiting customers notice that Nick and Richard leave the service to talk to friends leaving the wait staff short and Gordon is frustrated.

The relaunch was a success and the chefs have some final banter and praise before Gordon leaves.

What Happened Next at Moore Place?

Gordon revisits a month later and the restaurant is still purple. Andy is still in the kitchen and tells him the burgers are flying out.

The owners reported that sales were up and Mark had left to run his own pub as had most of the kitchen staff except Herve and Andy.

Gordon sends in Food Critic Matthew Ford to undercover to find out if things have changed and he liked the food.

Gordon sits down in the bar and orders off the bar menu, which is full of deep fried food so he throws the deep fat fryer into the lake.

After appearing on the show, Richard told the press that they were having customers from America and Australia who had seen the show and had no regrets.

Nick told the press that they were so busy that he was in the kitchen helping flip burgers to help with the rush.

It is reported that the restaurant started to go back to it's old ways.

The owners sold Moore Place in 2006 and it became Esteem Bar and Restaurant.

This closed and was bought by Moore Place Holdings.

In 2009, Moore Place was to be knocked down and a new hotel was planned to be built.

In September 2011, permission was granted to demolish the hotel and build a care home in it's place.

The building has since been demolished and a care home has been rebuilt on the site.

Moore Place aired on May 18 2004, the episode was filmed in 2003 and is Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares UK season 1 episode 4.

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  1. Such a shame, it was a beautiful building, regardless of the horrible paint colour!

  2. It is a shame, I thought that it would do so well after all of the exposure and a great chef......

  3. Just watched this episode on Netflix. It's a shame. At the end of the original episode (not the revisit) it mentioned that the Mark Robinson guy had quit, so it doesn't surprise me too much.

    1. Haha I used to work with Mark till a few months ago. He never worked at the place so couldn't really quit, never mind to "run a pub", he works in IT as he did when the episode was filmed.
      Apparently he was bought in to "play" the part of executive chef as GR had been there a few weeks and felt there was not enough drama as there were no dis-likeable characters for him to argue with. Enter Mark he knew both the owners and had previously worked as a chef...... Apparently GR used to call him names just before takes to try and get him riled up. Apparently all the food served at the grand reopening came in already prepared from Claridges too.......

    2. Cornelius Picklehorn6 April 2017 at 01:58

      That is a lie and you are a liar for saying it!

  4. It was a beautiful buidling and last time I saw it it looked very forlorn. I remember eating there many times when it was a popular Berni Inn in the 1970s - before it was purple. I only went once under Richard Hodgson and Nick Whitehouse. Once was enough; by then there were so many better places to eat in Esher.

  5. Zack was a terrible waiter! Still or sparkling? Fresh or.... haha

  6. I used to work there in 1982 and it was a really good place always full with people, even the late Charlie Drake used to come in for a drink way back then. My lodgings used to be the round house that is now a school across the car park (if the car park is still there)

  7. I genuinely enjoyed this episode because the two owners said outright, they weren't used to the restaurant industry and so were happy to take on any changes, plus both had good personalities, so it was more enjoying to watch. The UK episodes are a lot better then the US ones.

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