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Kitchen Nightmares The Sandgate Hotel

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits The Sandgate Hotel in Folkestone, Kent.

The Sandgate Hotel is a hotel and restaurant owned by Peter and Lois. Peter works as an engineer while Lois runs the hotel.

The hotel is very Fawlty Towers with a dumbwaiter in the kitchen and the hotel also has a bar, terrace and a separate Japanese restaurant.

The kitchen is run by Stuart White who cooks both the English and Japanese food with an intercom to communicate to the staff.

There are too many managers, there is a Food and Beverage Manager, Restaurant Manager and General Manager.

Gordon tries a starter from the Japanese menu, which has hard rice and he also tries a chicken dish for main that looks like "something out of a porn movie".

He also says "Excuse me waitress I'm missing my b*llocks" as he is missing potatoes with his chicken.

He tastes the chicken but finds that it does not taste of chicken, it only tastes of the overwhelming tomato sauce running through the middle of it.

Gordon finds out that the food is not tasted by the Head Chef and does an exercise to find out who the staff think is running the hotel.

The owner is not selected and he discovers that the staff are treating the Hotel as a second home.

The Head Chef is forced to set up a BBQ on the Terrace communicating with the kitchen with a walkie talkie.

Gordon gives Stuart the day off so he can eat in the restaurant meaning that Johnny takes over and he will experience what happens when he has a day off.

The service is a disaster and food takes a long time to come out. The food that is sent out is substandard because the food is far too complicated.

The staff all take to the sea for a fishing trip so the chefs can be honest about the food and they don't hold back.

The next day Stuart gets some bad news as he finds out they have lost their AA Rosette.

Gordon suggests closing the Japanese restaurant as it is losing money every day and he brings in an expert waiter who bans the intercom system.

He attempts to improve the Front of House and discovers that the staff are drinking at the Hotel bar on their days off.

Gordon questions why they would want to come to work on their days off and ultimately they are banned from drinking at the Hotel.

Gordon relaunches the restaurant as a fish restaurant with some visitors from France who they face and beat in an oyster shucking/eating contest.

What Happened Next at the Sandgate Hotel?

Gordon revisits, Stuart is having a baby, there is now a vibrating system for the waitresses and the food has greatly improved.

Stuart had a baby boy.

The Sandgate Hotel was sold by Lois and Peter in 2006 and it closed for refurbishment.

The ownership has since changed hands another two times.

Trip Advisor reviews are mixed after Gordon's visit.

The Sandgate Hotel aired on February 28 2006, the episode was filmed in June 2005 and is Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares UK season 3 episode 2.

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  1. There is only so much you can do when your hands are tied... I worked with a boss like that, they always expected perfection but i had below par tools and was doing the work of 4 people.
    The BFG did well, im glad he can now work on his craft properly.

  2. I loved Stuart, the Gentle Giant. Glad to hear he is working in some good places, and has got his AA rosettes back!

    Most of the staff in that place were clueless - especially owner Lois, restaurant manager Luca, and DIL/GM Kirstie - but it did make for an entertaining episode!

  3. Jarf Jimmberger12 April 2017 at 18:23

    "Rumours suggest Lois to be working as a receptionist in a Dental Practice and that her and Peter are no longer together."

    Any news on this? I felt bad for Peter, spending all his hard earned Engineering cash on this poorly run hotel.

  4. Great chef - A gentle giant indeed! Glad to hear that Stuart has moved on and not only regained his rosette but added a second one on top of it.

    The owner Lois was a lovely woman but I fear that she was too soft for her own good. Her managers, including her daughter in law, took advantage of her and lacked any control.

  5. They sold it in 2006, straight after Kitchen Nightmares? - Looks like an easy out cash grab from the owners, leveraging the Kitchen Nightmares fame and not wanting to knuckle down and earn the rights to a wonderful location. (Business is business). Hope Head Chef Stuart is kicking goals, after his 2 rosettes, looks like he has a thick skin, and a wonderful personality.


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