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Kitchen Nightmares Piccolo Teatro

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Piccolo Teatro, Paris, France.

Piccolo Teatro is a small vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Paris, where the locals enjoy eating meat.

The restaurant was opened by Scot Rachel McNally with help from her father and she runs the restaurant with best friend and waitress Stephanie.

Commis Chef Fiona works three mornings a week and the Head Chef is Brazilian Daniel.

Gordon arrives and meets the staff, he asks Daniel for a recommendation and he thinks he is mad.

He orders the hummus salad, which is disgusting and he spits out the carrot gratin and the food is branded an insult to vegetarians.

Rachel is defensive of Gordon's criticism of the food and she admits to Gordon that she owes money to her landlord, the tax man and to the bank.

Gordon observes a dinner service, Rachel is agitated and Daniel is slowly moving around the kitchen.

Daniel is taking a long time to send out two simple garden salads and despite her pleas he blames Gordon and Rachel sends him home.

This results in drama in the kitchen and the chef swinging a knife around before very casually strolling into the dining room and having to be marched out of the restaurant by Gordon.

He is carried down the road by Gordon and attempts to return but Gordon stops him coming in the restaurant.

Rachel decides that she can't let Daniel back into the kitchen after his performance on the previous service.

Gordon arrives and meets Fiona. She is unable to work evenings and Gordon asks Stephanie to step in and help in the kitchen whilst they have no head chef.

The kitchen is filthy and there is off food in the fridges so they close the restaurant and give the restaurant a deep clean.

Gordon heads out into Paris but struggles to find vegetarians tourists or those interested in vegetarian cuisine.

Fiona helps Gordon prep for the evening service but Rachel arrives less than an hour before service and Stephanie is late.

Gordon questions both of their commitment to the restaurant and Stephanie walks out, followed by Gordon. Rachel manages to find a waitress for the evening service.

Alone in the restaurant, Rachel decides to go into the kitchen herself. The dishes are simple and just need serving or reheating.

The food is a hit with customers and Rachel's father calls during service to say that he has found a chef for the restaurant.

Gordon finds out that they don't open for lunch and opens himself with a soup and cheese on toast special and the restaurant is full with 450 euros taken.

Rachel's father Brian arrives with new chef India and even he thinks the issue is a lack of commitment from Rachel.

Gordon takes India to the local market to see the fresh produce on offer and during the evening service she impresses Gordon.

The next day they take vegetable and chocolate tarts out to the streets to advertise the restaurant along with can can dancers.

India promises Gordon that she will stay as long as Rachel doesn't go back to her old ways and he asks Brian to keep the pressure on Rachel.

For the relaunch, Gordon introduces new dishes including a toffee apple tarte and a pea and courgette tart and India adds her own special, a beetroot and goats cheese salad.

Rachel isn't ready and hasn't bought any bread so she sends Gordon out to get it.

The restaurant is fully booked and the new menu impresses the customers.

What Happened Next at Piccolo Teatro?

Piccolo Teatro closed in April 2007.

Gordon meets with India, who tells Gordon that she went home to get her stuff and returned to flies and mice and Rachel had disappeared.

Rachel's father helped India with a lunch service but he didn't want to continue.

Rachel was due to meet Gordon but doesn't turn up and instead Brian turns up and tells Gordon that he was left to repay the debt Rachel owed.

Rachel appears late and Gordon lays into her until she walks out.

According to the Sun Newspaper, Rachel went on to become a £200 a night hooker in France.

India was offered work experience by Gordon Ramsay at Boxwood.

After this, she went on to work at Shaw's International Bistro, Cafe Fish and is currently Head Chef at Jeremiah’s Taproom

Piccolo Teatro was still listed for sale until 2012 when L'Alimentari opened in the space and Trip Advisor reviews are mostly good.

Piccolo Teatro is Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares UK season 5 episode 2 and aired on November 06 2007.

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  1. Rachel was also sayin that throughout filming gordon was always trying to make a pass at her. I would not consider her a credible source though hehe she looks feral!

  2. Seriously, i was astonished. i m french and i dont even understand how someone can make it in paris with that kind of work. gordon could not do anything for her, she is a lost cause.

  3. I am glad India is doing extremely well, she is mature, dedicated and apparently a good cook.

  4. India is a lady who appears in Jamie Oliver's series "Ministry of Food". She appears there as a young mother, taught to cook by Jamie.
    I hope that I am wrong, and we are not treated as consuming idiots.

  5. I just watched the show. Rachel hung her hooters out in one of the best down the cleavage shots ever on TV. She struck me as not serious about the restaurant since it was only a credit card for her. The surprise ending about her becoming a hooker? Well I guess she didn't have the head for restaurant work. Do you think she is still vegetarian?

  6. And so what was in that tomato bisque lunch that went over so well? It looked very tasty.

  7. I couldn't stand that horrible woman at all. It's disgusting that she had so little regard for her customers that she let food like that go out, and even more disgusting that she didn't take her business seriously at all when so many other livelihoods were depending on her. If she finds a better life as a prostitute, at least she's only going to let herself down if she fails at her new venture.

    I agree that India made the episode worth watching. She was amazing! Hope she found success.

  8. I am watching the program right now, omg what a waste of time and effort, seriously if you are going to do something put all your passion into it to achieve the goals, she just seems like she doesn't care an she was playing on a barbie house that father gave to her.
    Good for India , if someone is able to detect talent is Ramsey , he could be all the grumpy and kinda bad guy you want but he knows the business as no one and knows who deserves to have an oportunity too.
    If you don't enjoy it don't do it and give other the tools don't waste them .

  9. I saw this episode recently, and I agree with a lot of you guys! Rachel and her friend are just so unbelievably lazy, it's no surprise their little restaurant failed. You all said it, Rachel had no idea as to running a business, nor did it seem she was willing to learn! And her friend wasn't much better! I really feel for the dad, for having to give her the money to run the place, only so she'd end up running it into the ground... Still, Gordon was right, the one bright spot in this whole mess was India (although the part timer did what she could to help). India had shown how much more mature, responsible, and driven than Rachel was, and I'm glad she's doing well!

  10. I had a (paid) night with rachel. She should've paid more attention to the restaurant.

  11. I had a romp with Rachel in her new career. It was quite enjoyable. She's much more skilled in that profession.

  12. Anybody know how old is Rachel is? I'm guessing 30-ish, maybe even 35.

  13. I found this episode really strange when I first watched it. It felt a lot more 'set up' that most others. When I saw Rachel's dad I could have sworn that I recognised him from somewhere. And then it hit me - he has been in 3 series of Channel 4's Late Night Poker, back in 2000 and 2001, as Brian 'the Cowboy' McNally. He even wrote a book, How to Play Poker and Win, which accompanied the series. If it wasn't for this, I doubt very much Rachel's restaurant would have featured on the show.

  14. That chef Daniel is a complete nob-head! Horrible, little man with no respect for the people he serves or the people who pay him. The way he runs of down the road, he is like some odd little French Charlie Chaplin - a Charlot.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Kissing people on the cheeks is a normal way to greet people in France and other countries.

    2. It's completely normal all over Europe and most of the world.

  16. It is a total, total shame. As Chef Ramasy told Rachel, She had every possibility in making the restaurant a success. It is such a shame that Rachel had a golden opportunity to make something good out of the restaurant and make lots of money and maybe have a good life if she put the effort to it. But instead she throws that golden opportunity away to be a hooker. I hope one day she looks back at this and be ashamed.

    I feel so bad for the father. He put a load of money in this and Chef Ramsay summed it up well when he said she abused her father's money. I hope he sold the place and was able to salvage something from the wreckage of Piccolo Teatro. I also felt bad for India for willing to support the place only to get the shaft from Rachel. Thank god Chef Ramsay got her to Boxwood and I wish India all the best!

  17. I just want to know what happened to the cat that had babies.

  18. Wow, she became a hooker!? I'd go as for as to say she never had her heart into making her restaurant work in the first place and the fact that she had that whacko Brazilian chef at the helm in the kitchen kind of underscores that!

  19. Just a reality check, that this is still TV and they will have made her out to appear as they wanted her to for good entertainment. There is no reliable source that she is now a prostitute?? Really well done to India, and certainly a restaurant in that location really should succeed with just a bit of effort (relatively).

  20. India was great - so much enthusiasm, common sense, graft, and potential. Rachael didn't deserve her to be honest.

    Glad to hear Gordon gave India a helping hand and got her career properly started.

  21. I wonder if the "pregnant cat" that she went home for was actually a horizontal customer. She sounded worried about the debts, yet was so carefree about the running of the restaurant. She was strangely detached, like she didn't care and didn't need it to survive.


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