Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares - The Fish and Anchor - CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares The Fish and Anchor

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visit's The Fish and Anchor in Lampeter, West Wales.

At The Fish and Anchor he meets ex boxer Mike Ciminera running a bright blue sports bar with wife Caron.

Gordon arrives and is shocked at the ghastly blue exterior and realises that Mike really likes the colour blue!

Gordon orders the minestrone soup, one of his own fish recipes and a chicken korma.

The soup is chunky and weird looking, the fish is nicely cooked but the shallots are raw and the chicken korma has welsh snot in it.

Gordon talks to Mike in the kitchen about his meal and discovers that he used a jar of Uncle Bens curry sauce to make it.

He also finds bookshelves stocked with recipe books from famous chefs including his own cookbook.

Concerned with the reputation of the restaurant Gordon uses Google to search for the restaurant online and finds many positive reviews.

He confronts Mike about these reviews and eventually he confesses that he wrote the fake reviews of the restaurant.

Gordon arrives to observe a dinner service, Mike is in the kitchen whilst Caron runs the front of house.

Mike struggles to cook the huge menu and the food takes a very long time to leave the kitchen.

A frustrated customer comes into the kitchen to ask where his food is and is told to leave and not to come back with many swear words.

A few minutes later another comes in and swears and is also asked to leave by Caron with Mike escorting the customer off the premises.

At the end of service, half of the customers didn't get their food and Caron and Mike disappear out the back of the restaurant.

Gordon discovers Mike's Italian heritage, his Grandmother was Italian and he loved to cook with her.

They visit a local farm where they pick tomatoes for an Italian special and Mike cooks his Grandmothers meatball recipe.

Gordon invites a local rugby team to try the meatballs and they are impressed.

The service takes a turn for the worse when Caron messes up an order and one diner doesn't get their dish.

Caron argues with Gordon, he asks her to quieten down and she continues to shout at him, Mike then joins in and argues with Caron outside.

The next day Gordon goes into town to talk to locals who tell him that the atmosphere is bad, the owners are volatile and it is well known that there are arguments.

Gordon plans to make the restaurant into an Italian restaurant, he has created a new simple Italian menu with 6 starters and 6 mains.

Gordon's next challenge is Caron, who he describes as a welsh dragon.

He invites some fake customers to test the customer service, the waitresses shine but Caron struggles.

They revamp the dining room, remove the sports memorabilia and the ghastly blue walls are repainted.

They ride into town on a tractor to promote the restaurant with Mike handing out samples of his homemade meatballs.

On relaunch night, Gordon presents Mike with a Chefs jacket for the service.

The food flies out of the kitchen, the customers are impressed with the new food and Caron is successfully running the dining room.

Mike is under pressure, the orders begin to stack up and Mike is getting stressed in the kitchen.

Waitress Mena slips on the floor and is unconscious, the staff are shaken and the evening service is stopped whilst she is taken to hospital.

What Happened Next at The Fish and Anchor?

Gordon revisits a month later, Mena was in hospital overnight and has recovered from her accident.

As he approaches he sees the building has been repainted, it is white and not the bright blue it was on his first visit.

The business has doubled and they are starting to break even.

Gordon takes a flick through the reservation book and calls a few customers, they loved the atmosphere and food.

Gordon witnesses a dinner service and he sees that Mike has gained control of the kitchen and has mastered his menu.

He tells Caron that there is a big change in the both of them.

He presents Mike with a blank Fish & Anchor cook book to write down his recipes to replace all the cook books he once had.

The Fish and Anchor closed in 2008 and was listed for sale at £295,000, it was sold in 2009.

Previous customers say that things had started slipping again and the reputation didn't fully recover.

It appears that the Fish and Anchor reopened but under new ownership.

In 2012, it appears that Mike was looking into moving back to Italy, posting on a forum site enquiring about available properties and businesses for sale.

The Fish and Anchor aired on December 04 2007, the episode was filmed in October 2007 and is Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares UK season 5 episode 6.

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  1. I'm really sorry to see this. I thought they would be able to keep going but of course we don't know everything that's going on with the people who have been on this show. I just hope they both are OK physically. I lost my elder brother last year. He was terribly overweight and Mike reminded me of him. It was instant and all because he wouldn't stay away from junk food and sitting at a computer for too many hours a day. Wouldn't listen to all who loved him. Anyone know how these people are? I grew to like them very much and would like to know. :) Songs

  2. Those two awful people truly deserve each other. I don't believe in reincarnation, but if it were real I'd swear that the harpy wife used to be some sort of hyena, and the man a squawking macaw.

  3. Mike seemed like a truly decent sort but Caron was so insecure I believe she brought the place down. I don't think either was a bad person, they just had old habits.. long term counseling might have helped them, she especially needed that. I wish the best for both of them.

  4. Identify yourself you fiend! How dare you curse the great RAMSAY! We prefer the blue building. Overall we rank this an 8.5 on the Official Kitchen Nightmare Index Scale Rating System.

  5. Sure! Ramsey's Curse. don't bother to mention that these restaurants are all on their final leg by the time Ramsey's attempts to help. sometimes it is too late to save something. don't blame Ramsey for the owners failures at business.

    1. Yes I think most of these restaurants are to far gone by the time gordon gets there. It's already to late it seems.

  6. Caron reminds me of my ex mother-in-law. She was clinically insane too.


    1. And you chose her daughter to marry?? Spooky.

  7. I'm still worried about mena.

  8. This couple was hilarious. It was obvious the couple was under so much stress they only had each other to turn to. I felt for Mike, his heart is so big. He put up with the kitchen and the real nightmare was his wife. All in all he loved her. His enthusiasm to be a "chef" is comendable. I was very happy to see the change the "Emperor" Chef Ramsay had on both the restaurant and the couple's marriage (a twist for The Emperor, marriage counseling?) So sorry they closed the restaurant, they seemed to be in the right track after Chef Ramay left. By the way, just finished watching this episode (had to wait for Nexflix, LOL) and I am wondering, could this couple be related to the owners of "Amy's Baking Company") in the USA? That would explain a lot! If you have not seen this episode you must, The Emperor will surprise you. Thank goodness for this blog, keep it up. PS: for the critics on this particular restaurant blog, take your %s and calculations to another blog, please. We are here to address a particular episode of KN! thank you!

  9. Loved both Mike and Caron, I thought they were wonderfully entertaining.

  10. This resturant was awesome

  11. I liked Mike and Caron. She was so funny.

    When Chef Gordon was coaching her with the customers she reminded me of a waitress that I encountered in Suffolk. I was so uncomfortable I never returned.

    I'm sorry to hear that success eluded them. I hope they are doing well.

  12. wow...after watching a repeat of the show.....I cannot tell you how happy I am that they closed....what a woman........I can't believe these two were in business. Total joke.

  13. Me again. Just read that the Fish & Anchor closed as the owners reverted to the same old behaviours. That is the usual problem once the turnaround catalyst departs. As I said, to have so many stay open under the same ownership is remarkable.

    Actually the other thing that would be interesting is what the owners did next. Many will actually start another business (possibly not restaurants I hope) and I wonder if they applied some of the universal business principles Gordon tried to impart. That would also constitute some form of success.

  14. I have had two failures in business, a small food market and a ten pin bowling alley. Never felt the urge to try a restaurant but if I do I will want the advice of Gordon Ramsay

    1. We all would cherish the advice of Chef Ramsay.

  15. that's a shame, after the problems were sorted they seemed like nice happy people

  16. i watched this episode last night, it was good, i will never go into the restaurant game, i felt sorry for the couple, ide pack it in

  17. Mike seemed like a good guy, not an amazing cook but a fast learner, a good listener and a hard working owner. After some guidance from Ramsey, it looked like he was becoming a decent chef with a restaurant one the right path. Too bad his wife ruined it all in the end.


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