Seascape Inn - Kitchen Nightmares Update - Open or Closed?

Kitchen Nightmares Seascape

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Gordon Ramsay visits The Seascape Inn in Islip, New York.

Seascape Inn is one of the oldest restaurants in Long Island.

The restaurant opened in 1962.

The restaurant is owned by Irene and son Peter.

When Peter's father ran the restaurant it was fully booked ever night.

Now it is a sinking ship and close to closure.

Peter needs close to a million dollars to keep the restaurant from closing.

Gordon sits down with the owners and notices the dining room has a foul smell.

There are also issues with the decor.

It looks like it is falling apart as it is old and dated.

Irene tells him that the foul smell in the dining room is sewage.

Gordon sits down to sample the food and looks over the menu.

Gordon orders crab cakes, lobster ravioli and Cajun salmon from the Waitress.

Marilyn has worked in the restaurant since 1967.

The crab cakes fall apart and the plate they are served on is covered in parsley.

The lobster ravioli isn’t fresh.

The salmon is dry and has a pesto that appears to have separated.

Chef Doug's response to Gordon's criticism is "F*** him".

He believes that Gordon being bought in is a slap in the face to his 38 years of experience.

As a final treat to end the meal, Irene gives Gordon a homemade Greek cookie.

He chokes on it due to the powdered sugar that it is covered in.

Gordon arrives to observe an evening dinner service.

The customers aren't impressed with the food.

Most of it is sent back to the kitchen.

Customers complain that the food is cold.

Some of the food is undercooked and the pot roast is burnt.

Gordon sees one of the chefs drop a can of tomato sauce onto the floor.

Peter goes off to get a mop to clean it up himself as he is too scared to confront the staff!

Gordon realises that the kitchen isn't clean at all and it is part of a bigger problem.

He arrives the next morning and finds old food and grease coating the walls.

Gordon finds the pesto he was served that has separated.

He is disgusted that it was served to customers.

Gordon meets with Peter and asks him when the health department last inspected.

He finds out that it was less than 6 months ago.

Gordon takes Peter, Irene and the Chefs on a tour of the kitchen.

They claim to spend hours cleaning each week.

The chef tells Gordon that they scrubbed everything.

There is no way this is true as the grime is caked on everything.

Gordon shows the owners mouldy bread and contaminated chicken.

There is an old, sour cut of pork that Doug claims is his own.

Peter tells Gordon that he wouldn’t eat anything out of the kitchen.

Gordon is disgusted by what he has seen.

Gordon shows them the separated sauce that they served him and they are not happy.

He also shows them the filth on the walls and the unhygienic conditions they have been cooking in.

That evening they have 20 tables booked for the evening service.

Gordon orders them to close the restaurant as they cannot open in the state they are in.

Peter and Irene speak to the customers and tell them that Gordon has shut down the kitchen.

Irene is embarrassed at having to close down the restaurant.

Gordon tells them to deep clean the kitchen from top to bottom.

They can’t cook in the kitchen until it is clean.

He won’t allow them to even bake a cookie out of it.

The staff deep clean the kitchen

Doug and Charlie constantly moan about having to clean it themselves.

Doug tells Gordon that they are busy prepping all day.

Charley is laughing and after asking him what it funny he is cocky to Gordon.

Gordon tells Peter it is clear that he is weak and doesn’t know how to handle the staff.

Irene tells Peter that is what she has been telling him.

He needs to be a man and become a businessman.

Gordon shows Doug and Charlie how to make a fresh bass dish.

Doug refuses to taste it.

He is dismissive and says that he knows what it tastes like.

Gordon is surprised as no one has refused to eat his food before.

Gordon tells the owners his opinion of the chefs.

He encourages Peter to sack them, which he does.

The next day, he takes Peter to a boxing ring to ignite some passion.

Gordon's hope is that he will let go of his problems.

Peter admits that he knew the kitchen was dirty.

Gordon tells him that he can prove his father wrong by stepping up at the restaurant.

Gordon's team give the restaurant a makeover.

They have bought in a new chef to replace the fired chef.

The menu has been changed and the staff love the dishes that they try.

Gordon brings in Jean Baptiste to show Peter how to act in the restaurant.

For relaunch night, Peter is dressed in a jacket.

There are customers waiting outsideto try the new restaurant.

Jean gives Peter advice on how to handle this but he appears to fall apart.

Gordon tells him to step up as the orders have piled up.

The waitresses are taking the food to the wrong tables.

Irene loses her temper with Peter and they argue.

Customers are fed up and one table walks out of the restaurant.

After a pep talk from Gordon, Peter steps up, communicating with Scott.

The food soon starts coming out of the kitchen again.

The customers love the new food.

The relaunch was a success, despite a few hiccups along the way.

What Happened Next at Seascape?

The table side flambé service was bought back by Marilyn.

Scott had stayed on to train new chefs.

The Seascape closed in August 2007.

It was sold to new owners, just five months after the episode was filmed.

According to reviews, they had reverted back to the old menu shortly after Gordon left the restaurant.

The old menu was unpopular with the new customers.

They had booked after hearing that Gordon has visited.

The Seascape was due to re-open as The Coast but it was sold again.

The restaurant is currently J & R Steak House.

Seascape aired on October 10 2007, the episode was filmed in March 2007 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 1 episode 4.


  1. The boxing scene was so cringing and obviously scripted. The US version is terrible.

    1. I concur. Gimmicks are painful, as is anything that sounds rehearsed.

    2. I have to agree, I think the UK version is much better. I really like the fact that Gordon Ramsey is the narrator for the UK episodes as well. They definitely seem to be more about truely helping the restaurant and for the most part steer away from the typical reality tv gimmicks, which are much more present in the US version. I've never been to Europe, but the restaurants look so much more intimate than what we see in the US, granted the show is a very tiny glimpse into UK dining.

    3. Same here, the UK episodes are much better, imo. None of the dramatic music and obviously scripted parts. Gordon narrating. The ONLY time KN-US sounded "real" was the one time they actually played no music as Gordon told Sammy and Amy from Amy's Baking Company that they'll never listen and that he's leaving.

  2. The "punch" is no longer in the show. The U.S. version is so full of beep beep beep for the virgin ears of the U.S. viewers it's a joke. Trying to bend over for...oh my god a bad word..people ruins it for everyone. U.S. FCC complainers need to grow up or go away!!

    1. I'm glad that they bleep it out. I do not want to hear that language!

    2. If you don't want to hear "that" language, then why are you watching a show which features one of the most foul-mouthed non-comedic celebrities ?

  3. watching now...bad owners

  4. Loved reading your blog. Thanks for the updates!
    I wouldn't know where to start with this family. Watching the restaurant in action- the chef who was oblivious and the sous chef just as awful.The son, who has no back bone and is so insipid- he'd be better off as an accountant (apologies to all accountants) but this man needs to Not be around humans- maybe in technology or figures- they rode on the sweat equity of the father's success for too long. The father sounded like a work horse but no real legacy of love for his son- so nothing of substance there- Should have been fixed (the father)I am so glad it has closed.:) As well intentioned as Gordon Ramsey was, Peter, the son has father issues- Even his father knew he wouldn't measure up in his business but that doesn't mean he wouldn't measure up in another area of life. Good luck to him.

    1. Angela you are so right. I just got around to watching my recording of this episode and I agree 100% with you. It's a shame that they could not succeed but he would be better working in a job where he does not have to deal with people. He's an introvert and being around so many people for the length of time he was probably draining for him. I wish them the very best.

    2. The only area of life, would be a 'follower',,under the thumb of 'whomever'!

      His father was right, his son had NO BACKBONE!
      BUT, the mother was also WRONG, thatshe allowed the sale of the restaurant (she could have hired someone other than her WIMPY son, to run it!
      She 'pussed out', equally!

  5. What a show, what a wimpy son. He couldn't even tell the chefs they were fired, instead telling them they wouldn't be in tomorrow. This restaurant had no hope of making it with that man in charge, the only saving grace was losing the chefs and getting a free makeover. The majority of these restaurants take advantage of a free makeover, I think most only want that, so they can sell the restaurants.Ramsey really shouldn't bother with most of them.

    1. What's funny about these restaurants is that Ramsey makes changes that help them do business and when he leaves, they just revert back to the old way that put them in a rut in the first place.

      Why are you asking for help from a world-renowned professional on these matters and then NOT doing any of the stuff he tells you once he's gone? These people are totally unfit to run any kind of business...


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