Kitchen Nightmares - Trobiano's - CLOSED

Kitchen Nightmares Trobiano's

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visit's Trobiano's in Great Neck, New York.

Trobiano'a is an Italian restaurant owned by Anthony Trobiano and his girlfriend Tiffany's parents Joe and Pat.

They all work at the restaurant every day so they argue constantly and are beginning to resent each other.

Gordon arrives and isn't impressed with the large notices advertising a cheap special that is cheaper than fast food.

They sit down to talk about the problems and he discovers that Anthony has never worked in an Italian restaurant.

He says that he knows everything he needs and Gordon questions whether he is arrogant, both Tiffany and her parents nod in agreement.

The restaurant runs a busy early bird special so Gordon arrives early to sample the menu and comments that he is the youngest diner in the restaurant.

Gordon orders the egg plant tower, chicken wrapped shrimp and salmon with spaghetti bolognese.

The egg plant tower is ghastly, cold and tasteless as the mozzarella isn't home made, the chicken wrapped shrimp is confusing, the shrimp is rock hard and the salmon is very dry.

After the early bird special finishes the restaurant is empty and Gordon tells them that the biggest problem is the portion sizes, as the customers take large portions away with them.

Gordon leaves but decides to come back to investigate the kitchen. He finds the kitchen to be filthy with a dirty oven, dirty floors and dirty plates.

He asks Anthony about the cleaning regime and he tells him that the staff are meant to do it and he doesn't do any cleaning.

Gordon also discovers mouse droppings and walks out. The next day Gordon takes them out to a farm to milk cows.

When they return Gordon gives them a class of making mozzarella, telling them that it takes 45 minutes each day to make.

For the evening dinner service Gordon tells them to take down the early bird special and he introduces two new specials using the fresh mozzarella and the specials are very popular with the diners.

However, Anthony is still not tasting his food and this leads to food being sent back, the kitchen falling behind and customers left waiting.

The fire alarm goes off, which Anthony has to turn off, meaning they get even further behind with the service.

Prior to the relaunch, Gordon introduces a new menu of Italian dishes and the staff taste these and love them.

On relaunch night, the editor of Bon Appetit Magazine Barbara Fairchild comes for dinner, phoning Gordon to say she is attending, putting further pressure and creating a challenge for the kitchen.

The kitchen was doing well, sending out good food until they are let down by the servers with handwriting problems and duplicate orders.

Gordon tells them to sort it out as they are damaging the kitchen. A single dish comes back as cold, however this is the only dish sent back.

The Bon Appetit table love their food and all pass the food around sampling each others dishes.

To end the night off Gordon presents Anthony with an engagement ring as he knows that Anthony had been putting off proposing to Tiffany due to the pressure of the restaurant.

He proposes to her in front of everyone in the restaurant and the next surprise is that they are to get married that evening in the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Trobiano's?

Trobiano's closed in October 2008 as the restaurant was seized by the state for not paying taxes.

Anthony became a Chef at Speranza Food Studio which closed in 2011.

He is currently Executive Chef at Cirella's Restaurant & Bar in New York.

Anthony and Tiffany are still married and they have three children together.

Trobiano's aired on September 25 2008, the episode was filmed in February 2008 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 2 episode 3.

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  1. Should have paid them taxes.

    1. Nah, the restaurant was trash anyway.

    2. Restaurants have the highest rate of failure any business in the country

    3. in the end, gordon leaves u a blueprint to success, if they fail, its all them, not gordons blue print

  2. Everything that Chef Ramsey seems to touch closes it's doors.

    1. Oh please, most of those restaurant would have closed anyway, 100 of thousand of dollars in debt, give me a break. You have to be extremely successful afetrwards to be able to succeed for years on end.

    2. it was seized because they didn't pay taxes...please tell me how that is ramsey's fault.

    3. Many of these restaurants are really beyond saving. Think about it: the number one most common trait among the restaurants Chef Ramsey goes to? Extreme, absurd arrogance among one or more members of management. Most of these people don't want him to fix their restaurants, they want him to come in and say "the food is lovely, you've got something truly unique here, it's just the location/economy/bully critics that are keeping you down". Is it any surprise that once the cameras are off and the Brit is out the door, they go back to their old ways? These restaurants were chosen specifically because they were so far gone. One week is enough to initiate changes, but if the owners don't want to change there's nothing he can do. Moreover, most of these places are BURIED in debt. They don't just need to start being profitable, they need to start raking in cash just to make ends meet.

      It's rarely his fault, most of these places were doomed when the producers picked them out.

    4. Some of the places, 10-15%, are open and doing well, or were sold as succesful restaurants with great turnover even though they are in debt.

      Given the state they are (probably) in when Ramsey does visit them, I'd say that is a decent result.

    5. "Oh please, most of those restaurant would have closed anyway"

      Then WHAT is the POINT of this show?!

      If most of the restaurants he "helps" are beyond saving, then the only purpose of this show is to stroke Ramsey's enormous ego (esp. since every episode has him playing Dr. Phil....what a crock!), while making the mouth-breathers at home hoot and holler when Gordon does his once-every-episode phony "walk-out".

      And I gotta tell you, I'm getting really disgusted with his condecending and hateful attitude towards old people. Any time the clientele is made up of elderly people we get his snotty snarky comments, which, I'm sure are making the mouth-breathers in their double-wides hoot with glee, but just makes me want to punch him in the face. Gordon, you WILL be that old some day, and I just hope I can be there to make snotty comments about YOU when it happens.

      So, lets review.


      a) Gordon Ramsay is really awful in his job of "saving" troubled eating establishments, or...

      b) this show exists for the sole purpose of stroking and feeding his gargantuan ego (and making the mouth-breathers at home hoot like a Jerry Springer audience)

      Take your pick.

    6. "Then WHAT is the POINT of this show?!"

      The point of the show is to give them a CHANCE to bring things around. The "help" you want is for Ramsay to pay their bills/taxes/debts for them so they can get out of whatever hole they dug themselves into.

      Again, it is NOT his fault they didn't pay their taxes. It's completely stupid to assume that a makeover and a new menu can pay taxes immediately. That was their responsibility. The point of the show is simply to help them get THEMSELVES out of the rut they're in by TEACHING THEM what they're doing wrong. He's basically just handing them starter kits so they can help themselves.

      Yes, that includes getting arrogant people back down to earth so they can get it into their thick heads that their food is bad, that they don't clean, that they charge money for bad food customers don't deserve.

      Ramsay isn't a restaurant saving Messiah. These owners need to do things for themselves, if they failed to pay their own taxes that is their fault and not his. The point of the show to help them get back up from zero and for us to see that process. It's obvious during every ending that whatever happens in the long run is up to THE OWNERS. Not Ramsay.

      Your choices are dumb and biased and you are obviously close-minded, choosing to hate instead of freaking UNDERSTANDING that not everything has to be handed to you on a silver platter. That's entitlement.

      The more you know.

    7. The point of the show as is the point of any show on TV is entertainment.

  3. That place was disgusting! They didn't pay their taxes, that's not Ramsey's fault.

  4. Hope he at least manages to repay his inlaws

  5. This is one of my favorite episodes of the show. Gordon with the elderly ladies was comedy gold. It's also nice to see the sweeter side of Chef do see that, despite the gruff exterior, he really is a pussycat.

  6. I can't believe after all that,and they decide not to pay their taxes!
    It's a shame what financial debt does to people by forcing them to
    make extremely bad decisions! But, obviously there's an explanation why this happened but the real story probably won't make it to the press because it's a "reality show" fluffy news story and there's a lot of them to go around!

  7. Wonderful episode. I had tears watching the wedding.

  8. I thought the wedding was Ramsay's way of getting back at him for wasting his girlfriend's family's wealth (not that they didn't ask for it investing in this kid). Now he couldn't run away, at least not as easily, from all the damage he had done with his laziness and ineptitude!

    It was diabolical. It was brilliant. I loved it!

  9. trobiano's was in my hometown. strangely, i've passed it several times but didn't know it existed till kitchen nightmares

  10. been watching all the episodes and keeping up with each restaurant so far out of 31 restaurants only 5 of them are still open. that is 6-7% of making it work.

  11. Taxes are owed on income (Profit) so given that the restaurant was losing money it should not have owed any income taxes. So the only kind of tax I can think of causing trouble is the restaurant not paying the sales tax that they collect from customers.

    1. You're forgetting Property Taxes. Which are astronomical in the area this restaurant was located.

    2. I do not know if they owned the building, but I do believe the in-laws purchased the space they were in. If they owned the property the restaurant was in, then they still would have had to pay real estate taxes, regardless of whether or not they made a profit on the business held within that commercial property or not. Of course, land and anything on it still has value in the govt.'s eyes, no matter how the business on the inside of it is doing. Typically, government seizures occur like this quickly when a large amount of real estate taxes go unpaid, and a lien was placed on the property itself. Income taxes can lead to seizures of property, but it tends to take many more years of not paying on them to cause that. So I think it's unlikely that the seizure occurred due to a lack of income taxes being paid.

      Also, the owners could have income from other sources that they didn't pay taxes on- such as a retirement check every month from a pension or annuity- the in-laws worked for years. The in-laws could have neglected to pay their real estate taxes on their own home, in order to pour money into this business. Any number of events could have been behind this seizure of assets. And they were over a half-million dollars in debt, in this episode's case. (I just re-watched it on BBC America.) That's a tremendous amount of debt for a small, family-run business, especially when they only owned one restaurant.

  12. GR sane and logical. These so called "CHEFS" on this show are absolutely deluded, fun to watch though.

  13. The guy never worked in an Italian restaurant before going in business and asking money from is in law. That just show the short sighting of the guy in conducting business.

  14. I thought this was one of the worst decor changes ever on KN.

  15. ^^^^ I agree with the above comment re the decor - much prefer clean white table linen (which they had - replaced with burgundy? wtf?) - the green carpet was hideous - which that had gone.


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