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Michon's Kitchen Nightmares

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits, Michon's at College Park in Georgia, Atlanta.

Michon's is a Smokehouse and restaurant owned by Al and Gaye Wilson and their daughter Natalie Michon Wilson works in the restaurant.

The owners named the restaurant after daughter Natalie as they had hoped to pass it on to her one day.

The staff say when it was run by Al it ran smoothly and his smoked meats were popular with customers.

Al became unable to work in the restaurant after he suffered from a collapsed lung and he was forced to pass control of the business to Natalie.

Natalie is a hands off manager and as a result the standards have slipped and they are losing money.

Gordon meets Al and he says he wants to retire but Natalie is not ready to fully take over.

He is $200,000 and often watches the restaurant via the CCTV that he had installed.

Gordon arrives and is impressed with the stunning decor.

He meets Natalie who tells Gordon that she spends most of her time in the back office.

Gordon meets server Todesha who tells Gordon the only good thing about Natalie is that she makes sure the staff are paid their wages.

He orders from the menu and is shocked to hear he can't have potato salad as the chefs can't be bothered to make it.

Gaye brings him a tough, day old chicken wing and he also samples the smoked chicken gourmet salad, brisket and cornbread.

The salad has a rotten tomato, the brisket is like rubber, the ribs are dry and the cornbread is a mouth of sand.

The side dishes are just as poor, the black eyed peas are shocking, the mash potato is dreadful and the collard greens are disgusting.

Gordon meets the six cooks out the back, discovers there is no head chef and that all his food was microwaved except the salad.

Gordon returns to watch a dinner service and finds the kitchen reheating food rather than serving the fresh chicken out of the $17,000 smokers!

He discovers plastic tubs with hundreds of chicken wings that were cooked days ago.

Gordon is not impressed and relays this to Natalie and takes her aside to try to get her to step up and lead the restaurant.

Gordon calls a staff meeting and Natalie watches via camera, the staff feel that there is no leader and that there is chaos in the restaurant.

Natalie vows to her parents to step up in order to take over as planned.

Gordon suggests that her first step is to appoint a head chef and she appoints Terrance.

Gordon revamps the menu adding barbecue classics and also introduces Chef Adam, an experienced barbecue chef to be a consultant for a month.

On relaunch night Gordon invites some VIP guests, barbecue experts to come along and test the new Michon's.

At the beginning of service the kitchen begins to struggle but Natalie steps in to help them regroup.

While the chefs are getting back on track Natalie takes the VIPs on a tour of the smokers.

The customers and VIP guests are impressed with the food from the new menu and the relaunch is a success.

What Happened Next at Michon's?

The College Park branch of Michon's featured on Kitchen Nightmares closed in August 2013 after retiring when Al's health continued to decline.

The Peach Tree Center Avenue location closed in early 2018.

Yelp reviews prior to the closure of the College Park location were mostly negative, highlighting poor service, a long wait and poor food.

Trip Advisor reviews also complain of long waits for food, small portions and the restaurant running out of menu items.

In March 2012, the newly opened Downtown Michon's restaurant burnt down in a fire just a few weeks after it's launch.

Michon's is Kitchen Nightmares season 5 episode 8 and was aired on January 13 2012. The episode was filmed in September 2011.

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This post was last updated in August 2019.

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  1. I noticed that towards the end, when Gordon, Michon, and the chef Gordon brought are in the office the chef gordon brought's apron changes colors. From black and white stripes to solid black.

  2. Do they still stockpile wings and serve them days later?

  3. Looking at the show repeat now. It is appalling. If Natalie did not want to be in the business, she should have been adult enough to say so from the start.

  4. It says closed but also indicates that the original place is still open. In a way, it is still open? Perhaps the title should indicate it is still open?

    I think it is neat that they are still in business.

    1. The restaurant featured in the show is closed and that is what the blog post is about. I do state that the other restaurant is still open but it isn't the same restaurant so I don't want to mislead the readers of the blog who would only be interested in the restaurant featured on Kitchen Nightmares.

    2. That location was beautiful,I hope their other location is as beautiful. Good Luck!

  5. I don't know why this programme as shelved as it's an eye opener to where you expect decent food at any restaurant, personally I think most of these places were too far gone before this programme intervened and that's why most of them sailed down the river!

  6. What annoyed me about this episode is the pressure for her to actually want to run the restaurant, its such an American thing, that what the parent wants to do, the offspring must automatically want to do as well. I would think if it was still open, she'd run it till the parents passed away and sell it as soon as she could.

    1. She pretends to want to take the reins. If she does not want it, get some guts and walk away from it. Leave it to someone competent.

    2. Hi Anonymous, I am Natalie.. It took alot to give up medical school to help my father's business go from 500K per year sales to 1.8 Mil per year sales. Gordon Ramsey called us. - we didn't call them. I hate how they twisted our family story line for ratings. It also hurts -how they picked one of our most troublesome employees to represent us. - that was for ratings as well. She hoped to walk out of there with a show of her own. She thought it was funny - yet apologized for her comments afterwards.
      No, Ramsey did whip things in shape in 24 hours... they caused ruckus to fix things.
      No we didn't serve old food - we couldn't cook food for 3 days prior to Chef coming.
      No we didn't stock pile food to serve. That food was for a client that we smoked meat for. We had to discard all of that product and redo it.
      No we weren't perfect. We are a typical small business that faced many challenges that others faced. We served over 6000 customers per month - and served our communities for 27 years. When my fathers health began to worsen - we retired.

    3. they should have hired a manager that liked working there and let her go to medical school like she wanted.Several of the employees had been there a long time and loved food and at least would make sure they did overstock wings and use rotten tomatoes.The staff just microwaved everything so it would be hard to

  7. Ratings or not, and since you all knew that he was coming, why didn't you all serve the best food?

  8. Natalie thank you for setting it straight. The show should have let the viewers know you were giving up med school. I just watched this episode on YouTube.


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