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Park's Edge Kitchen Nightmares

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Park's Edge in Atlanta, Georgia.

The owners of Park's Edge Richard and Jorge have no experience of running a restaurant and have no idea what they are doing.

The food is over complicated and the staff are overworked.

In the few years that the restaurant has been open the Health Department have forced them to close twice for health violations.

Gordon arrives and sits the owners down, they say that they have made mistakes with the locals but that their food is excellent.

Gordon orders the grilled salad, oysters and sesame salmon.

He is not impressed by the food describing it as inedible with over cooked oysters, poor presentations and dry chicken in the salad.

He shows other customers the salad as he is astounded that they have grilled a salad!

Gordon sits down with the owners and tells them his opinion of the food.

He discovers that Jorge has little experience and opened the restaurant straight after finishing culinary school.

Gordon says that he shouldn't be running a kitchen and Jorge gets defensive.

He next chats to Richard who tells him that they have alienated themselves from the locals.

They put a tent up without a permit, served liquor without a license and then accused the neighbours of being racist.

Gordon watches a dinner service and is aware early that Jorge does not know what he is doing.

The staff are experienced but they can't function under Jorge's leadership.

The customers are not happy with the food and many dishes are returned, one dish was served raw.

Richard hides in the back or goes outside to smoke in order to avoid complaints as he does not know how to handle them.

Customers are left waiting for food and in frustration they walk out of the restaurant.

Gordon inspects the kitchen and finds rotting meat and vegetables, which Jorge blames on the staff.

Gordon calls a team meeting for the staff to vent their frustrations which include Richard drinking on the job and Jorge is disrespectful to the staff.

He reveals that the owners were listening, they are bought out and the owners apologise and promise to change.

Gordon knows that they need to rebuild bridges in the community and encourages the owners to go on local news where Richard makes an apology to the neighbours.

Gordon revamps the restaurants decor featuring local art and the menu is simplified.

Gordon has his team train the staff on the new menu, sous chef Matt gets angry and refuses to cook chicken but later calms down.

For the relaunch, Jorge steps up and the food is a big hit.

Matt starts to get angry again, has an attitude and overcooks the food, Jorge takes him out of the kitchen and continues alone.

What Happened Next at Park's Edge?

After the show, they kept most of Gordon's changes but returned some customer favourites to the menu.

After filming, the Yelp reviews are mixed but negative comments are mostly service based and hit and miss menu items.

The Trip Advisor reviews were mixed and negative comments also seem to complain of poor service.

In October 2011 they failed a health inspection after also having failed previously in February 2011.

Park's Edge closed in early 2014 after their lease ran out in November 2013 and were reportedly looking for a new location to reopen.

The restaurant never reopened.

The website was active until 2020, 6 years after they closed!

Park's Edge was aired on February 03 2012, the episode was filmed in September 2011 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 5 episode 10.

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  1. What was with the sous chef? He was so offended about cooking chicken wings that they had to kick him out of the kitchen.

  2. Richard just find himself a really bad partner. Jorge's skill is not qualify to be a sous chef.
    Best way for this restaurant is to fire Jorge and find a real sous chef....There are better partners out there.

    1. Jorge was the head chef, not the sous chef.

    2. That was the point . Jorge was not ready to be a sous chef let alone a head chef.

  3. I find it interesting that Chef Ramsey made so much fun of the grilled Caesar salad. Its all the rage, I see it everywhere - probably to the point of being over done now.
    - but it doesn't make up for all the other mistakes (too spicy, not cleaned, core still attached)

  4. Although he makes some good points (which possibly any consultant or great critic can do) Chef Ramsey is a pompous jerk, I've eaten here and had no problems with the food or service. I prefer my food spicy and believe preparation is an artform, cooking it is based on the consumer preference. The best way to set your yourself for future failure as a owner I see is to NOT get involved with this shows production staff and let them pick about and berate your restaurant. Reach out to your consumer and see how you can better serve them without the undue stress of a quasi performance that was set to be a predetermined failure..,

    1. I don't think you understand the concept of the show.. These restaurants are _failing_ when Ramsay walks in there. Which he does - also - because they call him in. He doesn't just pick any restaurant and drop by, giving his advice without it being wanted or needed.

      Also, when you have little to no customers, you can try to cater to _them_ as much as you like, but in the end a business needs to make money to survive. And you're not going to do that clinging to a handful of people who happen to like their food spicy, such as yourself.

      And considering the fact that they're still open now, and are doing well enough to survive in an economic crisis, I'd say they did well getting involved with this show.

  5. Matt was being bullied a bit. Guy wasn't really being that bad.

    1. I agree that Matt was being bullied; whatever was going on in the kitchen, aside, this was one of the rare times when I thought Gordon Ramsay's behavior was wrong-- usually his mean comments are on-point and instructive. Here it seemed like bullying.

    2. Doesn't help Matt said "is she gonna serve that in orange shorts" towards Andi (Ramsey's most trusted sous chef).

  6. The blonde from Gordon's team, helping out in the kitchen looks like Chef Andi from Hells Kitchen. Is it?

    1. Sure looks like it. Seems she's done a lot of behind the scenes work on Nightmares

    2. That is her. She's been with Chef Ramsey for a long time.

  7. Medium rare is warm pink center

  8. What I picked up from the whole Matt thing is that he was basically being racist implying fried chicken would bring in clientele still in their prison jumpsuits. Also, not an aussie, southern accent if anything.

    1. He was obviously referring to Hooters you nimrod.

  9. Richard was such a nice guy. Definitely one of the more pleasant owners. He was obviously passive, but he was one of my favorite owners for sure.


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