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Hotel Hell Cambridge Hotel

In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits the 150 year old Cambridge Hotel in Cambridge, New York, owned by ex serviceman and lawyer John Imhof and his wife Tina.

John purchased the 150 year old Cambridge Hotel with help from his family in 2007 but they are $750,000 in debt and Tina is refusing to put any more of the family's money into the hotel.

Gordon arrives and is met by a bizarre RIP Sign, which relates to the ghost of Alice who allegedly haunts the hotel.

Gordon is shown to Alice's "home" on the third floor staircase and to his room where he is met by an overwhelming floral decor, rough towels and sheets full of holes.

Gordon meets the owners who tell Gordon they made a loss of $350k in the first year and $250k in their second.

Both their parent and children have lent them money and they are planning on selling their home and will move into the hotel to generate more money in order to keep the hotel open.

Gordon sits down to sample the food, he passes on the lentil soup of everyday, ordering the pork and beans, duck and the Pie A La Mode from server Phillip.

The pork and beans is cold in the middle, he skips the duck and is disappointed in the apple pie, their unique selling point as it is microwaved.

Tina admits that John is a great lawyer but is not a good hotel owner and John doesn't listen to her.

Gordon tells John that the problem in the hotel is John, he is a dictator who must control everything.

The next morning, the owners are brought to Gordon's room where the hotels paying guests are gathered.

They tell the owners their complaints ranging from stray hairs, broken beds and broken door locks and that they wouldn't return.

Gordon then points out the most serious problem he has discovered, the main entrance is left unlocked and every room key and card details are there for anyone to take.

Gordon reveals his plan on turning the hotel around. He asks Brittany to plan a ladies night with Rich preparing fresh food.

Gordon discovers that Cook Scooter is going to culinary school and he hopes to become a pastry chef.

John tries to step back into being in charge but Tina and Britanny kick him out and Gordon ends up locking John in a room on the third floor.

The night is a success and John finally sees that he can trust his staff.

Over night, Gordon's team works to modernise the hotel with a new dining room with wooden flooring and white drapes to tone down the floral wallpaper.

There is also $75,000 worth of new linen and towels to replace the old ones.

Gordon takes them downstairs to the newly named A La Mode Room and introduces a new recipe to serve to their guests.

Scooter is in tears at the thought of serving home made pies to the guests.

As the guests begin to arrive Gordon make his last big change, to take down the ghastly RIP sign.

Before Gordon leaves he meets with Scooter and tells him that he wants to finance him through culinary school and help him towards opening a bakery in return for a fresh loaf of bread.

What Happened Next at Cambridge Hotel?

Yelp reviews prior to closure were mostly positive.

The Cambridge Hotel closed in June 2012 after being placed in foreclosure in the spring and was bought by the bank.

Scooter graduated from catering college and was said to be working in a local Italian restaurant.

John is now working as at Guantanamo Bay Prison as officer in charge of the Office of Military Commissions.

The building was sold at auction for $375,000 and was converted into an assisted living residence.

Cambridge Hotel aired on August 20 2012, the episode was filmed in January 2012 and is Hotel Hell season 1 episode 3.

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  1. If everything had to be done in order to help Scooter, it was worth it. I love to see passionate people being helped to achieve their dreams.

    1. I disagree, nothing is worth poor Tina and the girls having their lives ruined because of that awful man. Since the building was foreclosed, it's probably safe to assume that B Tina lost her house, and their children will never see a penny back from what John took from them.

  2. I truly hope John's wife and kids disowned him. Throughout the entire broadcast, it looked obvious that he simply doesn't respect the ideas or capabilities of women as a whole. His wife and daughter, his general manager, even his female guests...he would interrupt them, ignore their opinions, and dreaded the idea of a women-only event. And at the end of it all, he blatantly states that he didn't learn anything.

    And now he works at GitMo. The man is simply an objectively bad person, there's no two ways about it. I sincerely hope Tina left him, because she deserves so much more than the terrible life John has anchored her to.

  3. Ima take a moment and just wanted to say that Brittany is a stunning and a beautiful lady.

    1. Hell yes you are right. I just wanted to take a moment and say you couldn't be more right about it.

    2. No man can deny that, is a FACT, she is a beautiful woman, and as you my fellow man, also take a moment and ponder about that fact.

  4. Another thing that is a shame is that Gordon's pie recipe was wasted in the end....

  5. Yes the only thing I was wondering about was scooter and that pie!!...I want some pie ASAP

  6. I'm sorry but John seemed to really make a 180. It was simply to late to recover. It takes a very big person to do that! Especially with a persona like his. He seemed to genuinely humble himself, wanting to change. That's just an insane amount of debt to recover from. It was just to late to recover from. No one would have given them a loan to refurbish all the rooms. This show typically only does one or two rooms. In this case they got linen as well. Was kind of hoping before the credits that they got it back on its feet and sold it.

  7. I didn't know that they only remodeled one or two rooms on this show. But it makes total sense because the cost to do more rooms would be astronomical. The owners of these hotels would just need to take it from there and continue to update one room at a time. I love Gordon and how brilliant he is and mostly how compassionate he is. He is one totally remarkable man.

  8. I doubt they only do a whole relaunch with only 2 rooms done and a packed house and the rest of the guest get the nasty rooms still


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