Keating Hotel - Hotel Hell Update - Open or Closed?

Hotel Hell Keating Hotel

In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits The Keating Hotel in San Diego, California.

Keating Hotel is owned by Eddie Kaen, a property developer.

The 35 room hotel, inspired by the Ferrari Sports car.

It was decorated by sports car designers costing Eddie millions of dollars.

Gordon initially likes the outside of the hotel.

Inside it looks like a nightclub setting with a completely red reception area.

Gordon is met by Christos the Concierge, who takes him to his room.

It looks more like a garage and costs $759 a night!

Each floor of the hotel is a named after and is inspired by a different model of a car.

The decor of Gordon's room is a mix of modern and nightlife.

There is a $20,000 Jacuzzi tub in the middle of the living room rather than a comfortable area with a sofa.

The rest of the decor is cheap looking, impractical with signs of neglect with a broken socket and wrinkled sheets.

Gordon tries to order room service but the call goes straight to the reception.

He orders room service of tomato soup, BBQ chicken pizza and chicken parmesan sliders.

he is surprised when the food is served in takeaway plastic containers and cardboard boxes rather than on plates.

Gordon meets with Eddie who tells him he bought the building in 2000 for $6,000,000.

He has never had any Hotel Management training.

Gordon points out the failings of the hotel and the bad food.

Eddie insists the hotel is luxurious even though he hasn’t ever stayed in the hotel himself.

Eddie leaves angry and vents to his staff about what Gordon has said to him.

Gordon decides to go to the reception.

He meets the General Manager Sandra, who has been working at the hotel for 6 years.

He hangs around the reception to see how room service is done.

Guests complain of room cleanliness, dinner order delayed by up to 45mins and one guest calls it a brothel.

There’s also an inefficient system in the restaurant.

The Merk is located short distance from the hotel.

The reception ends up acting as middlemen between the guests and the kitchen.

The Restaurant Manager Aaron doesn't take responsibility for the poor service.

He claims not to know of the long wait for hotel guests to get their food.

Sandra takes Gordon to the laundry room in the hotel which is filled with domestic washers and dryers.

These machines that are not suitable for the hotel’s load and there is no provision for pressing sheets.

Gordon discovers that the Concierge staff are the ones responsible for the front desk and laundry services.

Sandra says she's laid out the problems to Eddie several times, but nothing has been done.

Gordon decides to observe a dinner service at the hotel restaurant.

He is served by Dave the restaurant's Deputy Manager.

It becomes clear to Gordon that even Dave thinks the restaurant food is bad.

Gordon isn't impressed with the food.

He finds that the dishes are bland and dry and is astounded by the unappetising desert of a bacon and chocolate pizza.

Gordon goes into the kitchen to meet the Chef Brian.

He has been cooking for 33 years in total with 5 years at The Keating.

He tells Gordon that he didn't cook the night’s meals.

Brian complains of there being too many items on the menu .

He is unmotivated having given in to Eddie’s demands long ago.

Brian becomes overwhelmed, collapses and the emergency services are called.

He is taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Eddie blames Gordon for the stress his staff are experiencing due to his presence in the hotel.

The next morning Gordon visits Brian.

He is home from the hospital having been treated for dehydration and anxiety.

Brian says his good nature is being taken advantage of by Eddie.

He comes back to work that day and Gordon has a staff meeting.

They say there are not enough resources and Eddie has to be in control of what everyone else does.

He defends his behaviour and is adamant he has great ideas.

It becomes clear the focus of the staff and the hotel has shifted from making guests happy to making Eddie happy.

Gordon takes Sandra and Edie to see some of the hotel guests for feedback on their stay at the hotel.

Their complaints included bad smells, no water for the jacuzzi and cheap plastic decor.

There are inadequate furnishings, subpar food and they are double charging.

The consensus of the guests was that there are better hotels at the same price.

No one wanted to come back to the hotel.

Eddie begins to turn around in his thinking and Sandra apologies to the guests on behalf of the hotel.

Gordon joins Brian in the kitchen to reignite his passion for cooking.

Brian breaks down in tears of happiness during the process and vows to stand up to Eddie.

Gordon uses the jacuzzi that night to experience a $20,000 bath and seems to find the experience entertaining!

Gordon’s team works all night and reveals a new less red reception, a new suite with sofas.

The jacuzzi in the corner has a privacy curtain and there are pressed sheets on the bed.

The hotel has been signed up to a local linen company for a free trial period.

They won't have to struggle with the unsuitable washing machines they have.

The restaurant menu has been revamped and new dishes have been added.

It has been cut by two thirds.

Brian is given a white, Chef’s jacket to symbolize his renewed commitment to the kitchen.

On relaunch night, the guests are pleased with the new decor in the lobby.

Aaron will be able to answer room service requests in a timely manner.

Guests are no longer served with plastic plates in their rooms.

In the kitchen Brian is cooking to his full ability again with many compliments of food from the guests.

What Happened Next at Keating Hotel?

Yelp reviews and Trip Advisor reviews since Gordon left are mostly good.

The interior and location are hit and miss with some customers.

There are complaints about noise from other guests, service, hidden charges and the lack of facilities.

A suite has been named after Gordon Ramsay in the hotel.

Keating Hotel is open.

It was sold to new owners in 2022 and is running as an Airbnb.

Keating Hotel aired on August 27 2012, the episode was filmed in December 2011 and is Hotel Hell season 1 episode 4.


  1. 3:04: "The hotel is millions of dollars in debt, and is struggling to fill the rooms."


    1. The building was worth several million. My guess is that debt was secured and mortgaged the building.

    2. Perhaps Eddie got his money the old fashion way but having a rich daddy?

  2. "Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines."
    Eddie's icon really sums up this episode

  3. From the pictures I looked up out of curiosity, seems like all the red and that weird chair thing that Gordon almost fell over from sitting is back. Ugly

    1. That's what I was thinking. Looked at the website for a while and it is all the same minimalistic, weird furniture and lots and lots of bragging about it being designed by car designers.

    2. The reviews are good and this is one of the few hotels that remained open after this show. I for one like how its unique and how it sets it apart from other hotels.


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