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Kitchen Nightmares - Bella Luna - CLOSED

Bella Luna Kitchen Nightmares

In this Kitchen Nightmares episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Bella Luna in Easton, Pennsylvania, an Italian restaurant owned by Rosario Scollo. She bought the restaurant for her son Gianfranco to celebrate him completing culinary school, Rosario's son Maurizio is Manager. Gordon arrives at the restaurant and is pounced on by Traci, who throws herself upon Gordon and is clearly pleased to see him! Gordon orders the Mussells Marinara, Veal Saltimbooca and a Penne pasta dish. The veal is over cooked, under seasoned with too much flour in the sauce, the penne pasta dish tastes like baby vomit and the Mussels Marinara has very few, chewy frozen mussels and plenty of marinara sauce.

Gordon returns to observe a dinner service and discovers that they don't have tickets, just scraps of paper with orders written on. The cooks defrost shrimps in the microwave and Gordon finds that frozen chicken has been defrosting in a sink. Gordon decides it is time to inspect the walk-in and freezer and finds containers of frozen chicken. Rosario tells him that they buy the chicken in fresh and then freeze it. The walk-in is no better, there is mouldy food and rotting food. 

Gordon tells Traci to shut down the service and ask the guests to leave and tries to talk to Rosario who continues to be in denial. The next day, Gordon sets up a fake trial in a public building and puts all the staff on trial. Gordon brings in locals who have previously dined at Bella Luna. The main complaints are about the poor food and one woman believes she had sour cannelloni. After this, Gordon brings everyone back to Bella Luna, which has had a makeover over night with new furniture and new tableware. There is a new shorter menu made only with fresh ingredients.

For relaunch night, Gordon invites the disgruntled customers from the earlier town hall trial. They are impressed with the décor and after some issues with the service they are impressed with the food. The relaunch services starts smoothly but Gianfranco struggles with the new ordering system. He tries to send out the most ridiculous lasagna but Gordon catches him doing so. He takes him outside and shouts at him to get it together before chucking the lasagna on the floor. Overall, the relaunch was a success despite some hiccups.

What Happened Next?

Bella Luna Ristorante closed 3 and a half months after filming in November 2013 and  Yelp reviews were positive after filming. Rosaria says they did not fail but had a dispute with the landlord and business was up threefold after filming. The landlord however, claims they had not paid the lease in months. 

After the closure, it emerged that they had been selling alcohol with an expired license. The owners are currently looking for a new premises. DeLorenzo's restaurant opened at the address in April/May 2014, reviews  are good.

Bella Luna was aired on 16 May 2014, the episode was filmed in July 2013 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 7 episode 9.


  1. Is it just me, or has the editing of the show significantly changed this season?

    It's the same run time, but I feel like I'm getting short changed. They seem to rush through it now, like the remodel and reopening is far sooner than it used to be.

  2. Most of the episodes this season are two hours and they have plenty of time to show things.

  3. Know what you mean Jeff seems quite rushed. I feel myself losing interest before the episode has finished more and more. Especially with episode 4, it may be time for Gordon to call this season it's last he seems tired and bored of dealing with idiots who are in the wrong business.

  4. As one poster noted, most of this season were two parters so they spent more time with one restaurant than before. One reviewer I read elsewhere said the tone changed as well, implying that instead of lots of bickering/fighting there was more emphasis on the food. I would say it was somewhat more like the UK version this season, in which Gordon found himself butting heads with fools for chefs and owners and trying to convince them to simplify their menus and cook fresh food. That show had conflicts as well, though not as pronounced as the American version. While this season was short, it certainly had some interesting episodes. So far only this one (Bella Luna) is closed while the others are open and for the moment surviving.

  5. This is the last season of Kitchen Nightmares, at least the U.S. version.
    It didn't surprise me in the slightest that this restaurant closed. It was just another example of people who have big dreams, yet do not possess the capability to succeed in the endeavor. I always wanted to be a famous musician, but I just don't have the talent. I hope that anybody who is thinking of getting into the restaurant business looks at a few episodes of this show. Even now that the economy is in much better shape, 3 out of 4 new restaurants close within a year. That said, I do want to point out one major difference between the UK and U.S. version of Kitchen Nightmares. Ramsay, for the most part treats the people much better in the British show. Maybe he is more jumped up because of the existing persona from Hells Kitchen, but he crosses the line to abusive regularly. I know that the owners are asking for his help, but nobody deserves to be talked to the way he does. I'm actually a bit surprised that nobody hauled off and knocked him upside the head.

    1. "I always wanted to be a famous musician, but I just don't have the talent." Hey now. Talent means very little if you don't put in the work. And the same goes for the other way around. A lack of talent means very little if you *do* put in the work to make up for that lack of talent. Of course, that also requires a good deal of motivation. I think this show should spend more time training the chefs, spend more time on the food, and should go through more than one test run. I feel like the UK version does take more time, or at least, it's presented that way.

  6. If they keep the new standards from the Kitchen Nightmare show, they should do well when they find their new location and I hope they find a good new location.

  7. Did not like the owner(s) in this show at all. No respect for the local community, ie their customers - "People here are used to frozen food, they don't like the taste of autentik (sic) fresh Italian food" etc... I don't know if she was lying or just delusional when she kept going on and on and on about how much she loves serving fresh food and refuses to serve frozen, while serving frozen food.

    Rosario: "And I still *believe* in that." [ie serving fresh food]
    Ramsay: "You *believe* in it but you're not actually *practising* it."
    Rosario: "Yes."
    Ramsay: "So you're saying one thing and doing the opposite?"
    Rosario: "Right."
    Ramsay: "F***in' 'ELL..."

    Ramsay seemed rather burnt-out dealing with the owners in this show, brusque, as if he'd just had enough of beating his head against a brick wall for years. At points he just looked contemptuous. Perhaps he just couldn't take any more - and this *is* the last ever show (so far)... He certainly dropped a LOT of f-bombs in this episode, more than usual.

    Also, what was up with Nicole? She seemed a bit out of it. "Out of her mind", as the excellent Traci put it. Drugs? I hope she's okay. There seemed to be animosity there. She had a cameo at the start and then virtually disappeared for the rest of the show. It *did* seem more rushed than previous episodes.

    In the end I have to agree with Chef Ramsay: "How the hell have you managed to stay open for three f***ing years?!"


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