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Hotel Hell Murphy's Hotel

In this Hotel Hell episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Murphy's Hotel in Murphys, California.

Murphy's is the towns oldest building but the hotel has become a place where people party all night and keep other guests awake.

Gordon arrives at the hotel and is taken to his room, the Ulysses Grant Room and says that it smells like a museum.

Gordon leaves his room and heads for the restaurant where he meets owner Brian, who introduces him to the other owners Joel and Kevin.

They all sit down to discuss the hotel and they insist they all contribute equally to running the restaurant.

Gordon heads into the dining room and is surprised by the bright pink dining room.

Gordon orders the escargot, a halibut dish and lamb shank.

Gordon isn't impressed with the food, saying that the escargot tastes like socks, is still part frozen and the lamb shank looks like a plate of vomit.

He calls Kevin and Brian over and insists that they try the food, they are shocked when they find that the food is disgusting.

Meanwhile the front desk has been left unattended, there is a sign telling customers to go to the bar and the guests end up wandering around.

Gordon heads into the kitchen and decides to check out the walk-in, which is full of old, rotten and mouldy food.

Gordon brings the owners in who insist that they clean it twice a week.

Gordon decides to head up to his room at 1am but his room is above the bar and they are still partying below.

Gordon goes down to the bar to ask for a quieter room and finds a very drunk Brian ripping his shirt off.

He tells Gordon that he is stinking drunk because of the state of the walk-in and Gordon tells him to go home.

He is moved to another room which is meant to be quieter but that one is just as loud.

Gordon decides against having a shower in the bathroom in the morning as it is disgusting.

Gordon heads down to the restaurant and tells all the staff to gather for a staff meeting.

They tell Gordon that the owners party in the bar and give away free drinks to their friends.

Gordon tells them that this needs to stop and that one owner has to step up and be the general manager.

Brian volunteers, promising Gordon that he will stop drinking whilst working and step up to the plate.

Gordon's team work over night to renovate the hotel and the owners return the next day for the reveal.

They are impressed with the new look lobby, Gordon also reveals they have worked on all of the rooms in the hotel and there is a new online booking system.

Gordon gives them a tour of the hotel ending in the new dining room which is no longer pink.

He has also transformed the menu and has added a wine tasting menu.

What Happened Next at Murphy's Hotel?

One regular visitor posted on Trip Advisor that they thought the changes that Gordon had made in the restaurant were wrong, with many favourites being removed.

These comments aren't felt by all as others are thrilled with the new menu on offer.

Trip Advisor reviews are mixed as are the Yelp reviews.

Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website

Murphy's Hotel aired on September 09 2014, the episode was filmed in June 2013 and is Hotel Hell season 2 episode 8.

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  1. Every time a restaraunt updates and make changes, you will lose customers. The hope is that you gain even more. Maybe it doesn't work, but it's a greater risk to stagnate and dwindle away.

    1. I suspect that the dissenting "regular visitor" who complained was one of the freeloading dingbats who sat in the bar all night soaking up free drinks. All you can say to that from a business perspective is, "good riddance."

  2. From what I heard the production only remodeled 3 rooms/dining room/lobby (They didn't even paint behind some of the furniture) One of the owners has remodeled several rooms that are breathtaking! The food is amazing and service has always been fantastic! -Judith

    1. That is awesome to hear. Real demonstration of leadership.

    2. The team has 12 odd hours to change 3-4 rooms! What are you expecting? This is a template for owners to use, not a free renovation.

  3. Gordon did a great job and in the time frame he had it was nothing short of amazing, the menus is so much better and the food is just great compaired to that drip which was served previously lol, Gordon Ramsey is amazing

  4. Gordon Ramsey is nothing short of amazing, what he manages to do in such a short time is amazing and people need to hear the truth and he's man enough to give you it, it's not as easy as it looks being blunt to people especially in front of cameras, so Gordon is great and he's helping struggling businesses from going bust, so they should be greatful and I'm sure most are.


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