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Cap’n And The Cowboy Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Cap'n and the Cowboy in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Cap’n and the Cowboy is a steak and seafood restaurant owned by former dishwasher Nick Scaringella.

He who worked his way up from being a pot washer at 13 to running the kitchen and when the opportunity arose he bought the restaurant.

He is supported by his girlfriend Tamar, who has also worked at the restaurant for 15 years, working her way up from server to manager.

After he took over the business customers have dropped and the economy has slowed leading to the restaurant losing money.

Robert arrives and samples the food, he can tell that Nick is cutting corners and this is clear in the crab cakes with no white crab meat.

Robert asks Krista for help with the decor and accidentally breaks a cactus. Both are unimpressed with the current tacky cowboy theme.

Robert is stunned to discover that Nick knows nothing about the restaurants finances, he doesn't know what he is spending on food or how much money the restaurant takes.

He also takes the staff to nearby Laishly Crab House to show them how a restaurant should be run.

Robert removes the clutter from the restaurant and replaces the dark decor with a bright decor. There is a new bar made from an old boat and a new hostess stand.

There is a new corn chowder and other dishes added to the menu alongside improvements to dishes including the crab cakes.

The customers love the new bright, modern decor and the new food.

What Happened Next at Cap’n and the Cowboy?

Cap’n and the Cowboy closed in August 2012 despite being successful after their relaunch.

It appears that they had problems with the landlord and Nick was offered a job opportunity.

In 2013, Nick was a chef at newly opened Tortuga's restaurant which specialises in seafood.

Recipes in this episode

Crab Cakes

Coconut Shrimp with Mango Horseradish

Cap’n and the Cowboy was Restaurant Impossible season 2 episode 11 and was aired on September 28 2011.

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