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Restaurant Impossible - The Mad Cactus - CLOSED

The Mad Cactus Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits The Mad Cactus in Strongsville, Ohio.

The Mad Cactus is a Mexican themed restaurant open for over 25 years and owned by Tom Krukemeyer Sr.

They are serving poor quality frozen Mexican food from a dreary dining room and losing thousands of dollars.

There has been trouble with charges of illegal gambling at the bar.

The owner Tom and Robert constantly argue in this episode and Tom is reluctant to change.

To turn around the restaurant the menu is given a makeover as is the interior with new wooden flooring added and a salsa bar is also added.

What Happened Next at The Mad Cactus?

After Robert visited, Tom claims that Robert was constantly losing his temper at him, his staff and the production team throughout and claimed that some scenes were set up.

But he acknowledged that business was up 20% and the new interior has gone down well with the customers.

Yelp reviews after Robert visited are mostly poor with complaints of poor food standards.

It appears that they went back to their old menu bringing back the lunch time buffet and the steak, taco and wing offers but kept the puffy tacos.

The Mad Cactus closed on 21 July 2013 as sales had declined and a number of chain restaurants were due to move into the area.

The Mad Cactus was Restaurant Impossible season 2 episode 12 and aired on November 02 2011.

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