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Coffee's Boilin' Pot Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Coffee's Boiling Point in Madisonville, Louisiana.

Coffee's Boilin' Pot is owned by Tim Oalmann and Allene Bouey who fell in love when they worked in the restaurant.

Tim started working in the kitchen when he was 14 and Allene started as a waitress when she was 12.

They got married and when the business was up for sale six years ago in 2005 they bought the business for $250,000.

Things went downhill after they bought it and they have been losing money every month of the last four years and owe over $200,000.

Due to the pressure of running the restaurant together and Allene wanting to step away but being unable to they fell out of love and soon divorced.

Three years later, they are barely speaking to each other and the restaurant is in trouble.

Robert arrives to a restaurant with no flooring and a fishy smell. He looks in the fridge and finds open salads and the bottom caked in grime.

Robert meets the owners and tells them that the place is disgusting. They tell him the personal circumstances and that Tim can't afford to buy Allene out of the restaurant.

The owners tell Robert that the restaurant runs itself whilst they are at their other jobs.

Robert observes a service with greasy, fried seafood and bland and tasteless food. Tim admits that he doesn't use salt in any of his food.

He is frustrated as they have great, fresh seafood and are ruining it by not seasoning the food.

Robert inspects the kitchen and finds the kitchen caked in dirt and grease. He meets Tim's brother Mickey who is also a chef.

There are holes in the wall that could become infested by vermin and Mickey is defensive of Robert's criticism.

Robert meets designer Taniya who calls it a dive and believes it will be a challenge as everything needs to be replaced.

The kitchen is given a deep clean and the equipment is so filthy as a last resort they need to burn off the grime.

Robert goes into town to talk to the locals and customers believe the boil is awful, the food is bland and declined after the first year.

Robert shows Tim a method of boiling that saves time as it can be pre-prepared and has more flavour.

His next task is to work with Tim and Allene and tells Allene that Tim will never be able to buy him out, it will take five years just to get above water.

Robert tells them to both go home and decide what they want to do. They need to work together or one needs to walk away.

The next morning Robert meets with Taniya to see the progress and meets up with the owners again now they have had time to think about the restaurant.

Allene reveals that she is going to walk away from the restaurant after three weeks and the clean kitchen is revealed.

Robert shows Tim and Mickey new dishes they are to add to the menu including a crawfish and pork belly spring roll and a revamped catfish dish.

Robert speaks to Tim about his concerns about Allene's role as front of house and wants her out but Tim decides to keep her as front of house.

Robert and the team go to a community market with some free samples to entice diners to the restaurant and introvert Tim shines speaking to the customers.

The newly decorated dining room is revealed to Tim, Allene and their daughter Olivia and they love the new laid back, relaxing decor.

On relaunch night, customers love the new welcoming decor, Tim is loving being busy in the kitchen and customers love the new food and vow to return.

What Happened Next at Coffee's Boilin' Pot?

Coffee's Boilin' Pot closed in July 2012 and reviews were mixed prior to their closure.

The restaurant was ravaged by Hurricane Isaac after being sold in August 2012.

Another seafood restaurant named Crabby Shack was opened in it's space in February 2013 following a vast revamp.

Coffee's Boilin' Pot was Restaurant Impossible season 2 episode 14 and aired on November 16 2011.

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