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McShane's Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits McShane's in East Syracuse, New York.

McShane's has a signature chicken dish and is run by owner Cindy Baker, who has owned the restaurant for over 10 years.

She has refinanced her house, borrowed money from her brother and cashed in her life insurance.

She boasts about the chicken they serve but the problem is that no one is coming in to eat it.

Robert arrives and first thing he notices is a bad smell in the dining room and the decor is cheap and tacky and in urgent need of being updated.

Robert finds that the restaurant and kitchen are both very dirty. In the dining room there are flies near the bar and the carpet is filthy and the kitchen is caked in grease.

The food doesn't fare much better, the half chicken impresses but the rest of the food is lacking in flavour. In the walk-in the meat is stored at an incorrect temperature.

Robert revamps the menu, orders the restaurant and kitchen to be deep cleaned, the decor is updated for a rustic feel and he adds a few menu items of his own.

On opening day, a gas leak is discovered and Robert orders the restaurant closed whilst the problem is fixed.

The revamp is revealed to Cindy who is in tears and loves the new decor.

What Happened Next at McShane's?

Robert revisits and the restaurant is doing well.

Cindy has kept the menu items that Robert added and the Half Chicken is still the signature dish and their top seller.

The restaurant closed in May 2013, posting the below on Facebook -

"I would like to personally thank all our loyal customers for supporting us throughout the years! I will be closing McShane's this Friday... I am moving on to a new adventure... Watch for the Chicken Bandit!!! The new Food Truck in town... Coming Soon... Catering still available. Call us at 315-278-3536. Thank you! Cindy xo"

They opened a food truck called The Chicken Bandit, it appears from their Facebook page that they were unhappy with the location of the restaurant and didn't want to be tied to a single location.

They still serve their signature dishes including their 1/2 chicken and appear to be very successful as reviews are excellent.

Recipes in this episode

Pork Osso Bucco

Buffalo Chicken Wings

McShane's was Restaurant Impossible season 2 episode 13 and aired on November 09 2011.

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