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Restaurant Impossible - Pappas Restaurant - CLOSED

Pappas Restaurant Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible, Chef Robert Irvine visits Pappas Restaurant in Benicia, California.

Pappas Restaurant is a failing Greek restaurant run by Mike Anestasios and his constantly bickering sons.

They are constantly fighting leading to poor management and the relationships are in desperate need of Robert's help.

The fighting however isn't Robert's only obstacle to over come in order to turn the restaurant around.

The decor in the restaurant is terrible and the main issue is that the Greek food is poorly cooked and bland.

The cook tells Robert that he feels ashamed of the food and he tells him that it shouldn't take him coming into the restaurant to realise that it is bad.

The relationship between the brothers is extremely fragile and they are unable to communicate despite working in the kitchen together on a daily basis.

Robert changes both the menu and the decor of the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Pappas Restaurant?

Robert revisits and Mike tells him that business is up 50% on the previous year.

Pappas Restaurant closed in March 2013, owner Mike said that business declined after the initial rise following the airing of the show.

They also blamed vast amount of restaurants in Benicia for diners to choose from and taking too long to return staple dishes to the menu that the regulars missed.

Pappas Restaurant was Restaurant Impossible season 3 episode 9 and aired on May 09 2012.

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