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Restaurant Impossible - Ristorante Barolo - CLOSED

Ristorante Barolo Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Ristorante Barolo in Aptos, California.

At Ristorante Barolo he meets owners Giovanni and Cristina, who bought the hotel with attached restaurant and for the first 5 years it was a success.

With the economic downturn and the rising costs of maintaining the old building, they are now struggling to keep the place open.

Both are also struggling with health issues and are in desperate need of Robert's help.

There are multiple problems, the decor is dated and Giovanni gets frustrated and sends out poor quality food, his brother, also a Chef wants to help but Giovanni doesn't let him.

The decor is given a makeover and more structure is implemented.

What Happened Next at Ristorante Barolo?

Robert revisits and business is up 37% and Cristina was in the process of stepping away from the restaurant when she suffered a stroke.

The restaurant closed in May 2013. Yelp Reviews after Robert left were mostly poor, they focus on poor service and cold, bland food.

Trip Advisor reviews are few but mixed.

They still own the hotel side of the business and this remains open.

Recipes in this episode

Pork Bolognese Pappardelle

Ristorante Barolo was Restaurant Impossible season 3 episode 10 and aired on May 16 2012.

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