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Pelican Grill Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Pelican Grill in Seabrook, Texas, a small restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch.

Pelican Grill is owned by John and Laura Walker who opened the restaurant four years ago.

Neither has experience of running a restaurant, John was a used car salesman for over 25 years and their three sons help them in the restaurant.

They paid $125,000 for the business, have not made any profit and are losing $10,000 a month.

The kitchen are constantly running out of items and John will regularly go shopping to the grocery store for ingredients, multiple times a day.

Robert arrives and tells the family that they overpaid for the restaurant, he wouldn't have paid more than $25,000.

Robert observes a service and the customers are not impressed with the food quality and leave a lot of food on their plates and it turns out most of which turns out to come from a can.

John is asked to collect all of the canned food and there is a lot of it including canned soups and salsa.

Robert tells owner John that he has no emotion and John commits to throwing away the canned goods and cook fresh.

Robert meets Nicole the designer and he wants a white ceiling and wants the chairs replacing.

During a staff meeting, the staff reveal that the servers don't know the menu, the kitchen runs out of product and Laura is rude and hard to work with.

It is also revealed that John rarely washes his hands between being in the kitchen and the dining room.

Robert puts a UV cream on his hands to represent the bacteria spread and it is everywhere.

Even after washing his hands the cream remains on his hands and he finally understands.

Robert has a lot of work to do as the restaurants decor is dated and filled with clutter and Nicole has a lot of work on her hands.

Robert revamped the menu by changing their recipes and introducing new dishes and retrained the staff to cook the food.

Robert introduces a new food supplier and will show John how to make a produce order so that John doesn't have to keep dashing to the grocery store.

Robert tests the servers on the menu with anyone who doesn't know the menu being stopped from working the evening service.

Despite the nerves the staff knew the menu and all staff are allowed to work by Laura.

The new restaurant is revealed to the owners who think it is beautiful and love the new bar.

On relaunch, the customers love the new decor and food and the owners are much happier.

What Happened Next at Pelican Grill?

Between filming and airing, the restaurant had to close for 8 days as someone drove their truck through the front of the restaurant.

Robert revisited in April 2012 and business was up 40%, they had also extended their opening hours to include a dinner service.

A lot of staff quit including the Head Chef but they have all been replaced with new staff.

Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews are mixed after Robert visited.

In August/September 2013, the restaurant was sold to new owners. Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews appear to be mixed since the new owners took over.

Recipes in this episode

Griddled Texas Toast


Pelican Grill was Restaurant Impossible season 3 episode 7 and aired on April 25 2012.

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