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Restaurant Impossible - Pelican Grill - OPEN

Pelican Grill Restaurant Impossible

Chef Robert Irvine visits Pelican Grill in Seabrook, Texas, a small restaurant that only serves breakfast and lunch. He meets owners John and Laura who are losing $2,000 a month and are eating into their savings to keep the place afloat. 

Neither has experience of running a restaurant and the customers are not impressed with the food quality, most of which turns out to come from a can. Robert has a lot of work to do as the restaurants d├ęcor is dated and clutter filled with a lack of strong management. Robert revamped the menu and retrained the staff. 

What Happened Next?

Between filming and airing, the restaurant had to close for 8 days as someone drove their truck through the front of the restaurant. Robert revisited in April 2012 and business was up 40%, they had also extended their opening hours to include a dinner service. A lot of staff quit including the Head Chef but they have all been replaced. Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews are mixed after Robert visited. In August/September 2013, the restaurant was sold to new owners. Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews appear to be mixed since the new owners took over.

Recipes in this episode

Griddled Texas Toast | Salsa

This episode was episode 7 of season 3 and was aired on April 25 2012, there were 13 episodes in the season, airing between February to June 2012 and the season 3 closure rate currently stands at 62%

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