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Valley View Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Valley View in Quarryville, Pennsylvania.

Valley View is owned by Ann Wilmore and is deep in Amish country. The restaurant has been run by three generations of women.

Ann's daughter Kim Church is the back of house manager and runs the kitchen and Ann's grandaughter Kelly is the General Manager and is learning how to run the restaurant and does the books.

They have been in business for 28 years and the first 23 years were good but there has been a decline in the last 5 years.

Kelly's brother worked in the restaurant and was next in line to take over the restaurant but he sadly passed away.

Ann has invested a further 1.1 million in the restaurant that she hid from the rest of the family but is unable to be in the restaurant due to her health declining after a number of strokes.

Robert arrives at the restaurant and he thinks the restaurant is old fashioned and notices that the ceiling is close to falling in.

Ann tells Robert that she did a 500k renovation but Robert looks around astounded as he can't see what was done.

He speaks with the women and no one knows the food costs and they are $1.25million in debt.

Robert asks locals to come in for a service so he can see how the restaurant operates and they aren't impressed with the decor.

One diner compares it to a trailer park and many customers notice the falling in ceiling and peeling wallpaper.

The food isn't much better, one customer orders a well done steak and it arrives raw. Another thinks that the apple sauce is from a can.

Robert sits down to order the food and he orders a variety of dishes from waitress Sherri including liver, crab cakes, flounder, pork chops, a pie and a haddock dish.

Sherri tells Robert that the haddock, pies and pork chops are all frozen and not fresh dishes.

Robert hates the food. The flounder is raw, the pork chop is freezer burnt, the crab cake is cold in the middle and the potatoes are powdered potatoes.

He asks Sherri to try the cabbage dish and she chokes on the cabbage as it is covered in pepper.

Robert goes into the kitchen and meets chef Jessie, who is defensive of the food. He tells him the frozen food is why they are failing and Jessie challenges him to a cook off.

Jessie tells Robert that he didn't go to culinary school but Robert tells him that neither did he and he learnt on the job from talented chefs.

Robert meets with the design team, who are taking down ceiling tiles. They find a dead mouse but it is old and petrified so they don't have an active problem.

In the kitchen he challenges Jessie to cook a haddock dish with fresh versus frozen. Robert is finished in 3 minutes but 10 minutes later Jessie's fish is still not cooked and he is still not convinced fresh is better.

Robert sets Kim an overnight task of working out the food costs for the top 10 dishes on the menu and she is surprised to learn that the top items are breakfast items.

The costs are revealed to be 49% and over three days they actually lost $264. Every day they open they are losing money.

Robert reveals that if they make their own french fries they could save $15,000 a year, tells them he is adding a hot buffet as they can make a lot of money with this with little effort and reveals that fresh pork chops will save them $3 per pound.

As Robert doesn't know who is in charge he calls the staff for a meeting to find out who they think is in charge and they also don't know who their boss really is.

Robert tells them that it is Kelly and some seems surprised and he tells them that Kim answers to her daughter in the restaurant and not the other way around.

Robert takes Kim on an outing to let off some tension as he can tell that she is in need of a release of tension and she shouts and screams and feels better for it.

It is time to reveal the makeover of the restaurant and Ann and her husband attend the reveal that includes a touching tribute to Eddy.

On relaunch night, the customers love the new decor and love the food with the hand cut fries and fried chicken being a huge hit with diners.

The hot buffet takes a lot of the pressure off of the kitchen as the diners serve themselves to the buffet and they simply refill it.

Both new customers and old customers alike love the changes and promise to return to the restaurant.

What Happened Next at Valley View?

Robert revisited in February 2012, they have hired a new chef and hold meetings to make improvements.

They have struggled with the hot bar and Ann has struggled to stay away and let Kelly run the restaurant.

Valley View closed on 8th March 2012, 4 days before the episode aired, as Ann was not willing to invest any more money into it.

The single Yelp review reads that they had crossed out most of the menu items, served tinned tuna and the service was slow.

Recipes in this episode

Pork Chops with Apples and Onions

Southern Fried Chicken

Valley View was Restaurant Impossible season 3 episode 6 and aired on March 14 2012.

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