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Michele's Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Michele's in Corry, Pennsylvania.

Michele's is owned by Andy and Michele Sventek, who bought the restaurant on a whim at a restaurant auction.

Neither of them have experience of running a restaurant and it turned out to be much harder than they had anticipated.

Michele does everything, the finance, the ordering and she preps and cooks in the kitchen despite no formal training.

They don't want to give up but the pressure of the restaurant is starting to get on top of Michele.

Robert arrives and finds the interior dated and gloomy. He hates the wood panelling and the floral tablecloths.

He upsets Michele when he says that the previous owners must have thought they had Sucker on their foreheads for buying the restaurant.

Robert brands the food some of the worst he has ever seen, everything is pre-prepared and reheated and the steak Robert receives is awful.

Michele is too picky to hire a chef but Robert tells her as nice as she is that she can't cook.

The decor is to be given a cheerier upgrade by designer Taniya and the renovation team.

Andy is singled out as mistreating both the staff and his wife and commits to change.

Robert believes one of the biggest problem is the food and arranges to audition three chefs for the Head Chef job.

Chef Jessie is chosen as the new chef and she shows passion to cooking the new menu.

The dining room is given an extreme makeover, it looks like a different restaurant!

On relaunch night, the customers love the new decor and the new menu is a big hit.

What Happened Next at Michele's?

When Robert revisits a few months later, sales have increased 40% and they are working towards hitting Robert's set target for sales.

The new brighter decor has been popular with customers and the menu is now a mix of the original items and Robert's new dishes.

Jessie is no longer working at the restaurant and they have a new Head Chef with 15 years of kitchen experience.

Michele's closed in November 2013, it closed suddenly with no announcement and diners arrived to find the restaurant closed.

Recipes in this episode

Pan Seared Chicken, Strawberry Avocado Relish

Michele's was Restaurant Impossible season 4 episode 9 and aired on September 19 2012.

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