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Maple Tree Cafe Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits the Maple Tree Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada, to help owner Ashley Robertson who has owned the restaurant for just a year.

She has no experience at all in the restaurant industry and decided to open a restaurant as she loved food and after realising her chosen career path wasn't right for her.

She was naive about the work involved and is overpowered by the staff leading to no control in the restaurant.

Ashley is supported in the restaurant by family members, who also have no experience in working in a restaurant but will tell Ashley how she should be running the restaurant.

Robert arrives the decor dated branding it a granny style restaurant and finds that both the ceiling fan and window frame are caked in dust

He witnesses a service and sees that the food was inconsistent, with greasy food and food that is over seasoned one minute and under seasoned the next.

The customers find the decor dated and server Hayley is stood around doing nothing so the customers receive poor service.

Robert encourages Ashley to fire all of her family members, they are to apply for their jobs formally and she will rehire those who earn their role.

Tania miraculously renovated the dining room after Robert told her he wanted to replace everything and it looks like a new restaurant!

Robert introduced a new menu and the relaunch was a success.

What Happened Next at Maple Tree Cafe?

Yelp Reviews after Robert visit were mixed and seem range from very good to very bad.

Within a few weeks, sales had more than doubled and that she has kept most of Robert's menu including the popular Cuban Sandwich and Apple Fritter.

They had expanded the catering services they were providing to two new local restaurants.

Ashley was stepping up as manager and stepping away from the kitchen by delegating more prep tasks to the kitchen staff and the staff are responding with less criticism.

Maple Tree Cafe closed in October 2013 to focus on the catering side of the business.

Recipes in this episode

Cuban Sandwich

Apple Fritters

Maple Tree Cafe was Restaurant Impossible season 4 episode 10 and aired on September 26 2012.

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