Nanny Goats Cafe and Feed Bin - Restaurant Impossible Update - Open or Closed?

Nanny Goats Cafe and Feed Bin Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible, Robert Irvine visits Nanny Goat's in Kilgore, Texas.

Nanny Goat's Cafe and Feed Bin is owned by Nancy Dupre.

She has owned many restaurants over the year but Nanny Goat’s is struggling.

Nancy has worked in restaurants all her life and she has owned four different restaurants that she later sold.

The fun of these restaurants for Nancy is starting the restaurants from scratch and she considers the running more challenging.

Two and a half years ago, Nancy moved to Kilgore to be with her mother and didn't know what to do so she opened Nanny Goat's café.

Helping Nancy in the restaurant is her daughter Jessica. Jessica thinks her mom has been a successful businesswoman.

She says that she is good at opening restaurants and selling them but she isn't a good manager.

In the beginning, business at Nanny Goat's café was great, there was a great turn out for dinner, and suddenly the customers dwindled.

Nanny Goat's Café is the first restaurant where she has brought her daughter Jessica in as the cook.

Nancy sometimes feels its Jessica's fault, she thinks they are not making enough money because of her daughter and it caused tension in their relationship.

In the past, all Nancy's ventures have been successful so she doesn't know what she's doing wrong at this restaurant.

Robert arrives at Nanny Goat's Cafe and is confused about what they do there because the restaurant looks like a prank store.

He meets with Nancy and Jessica to discuss the restaurant.

Nanny Goat's was given the name as it is Nancy's nickname.

She built the restaurant three and a half years ago and borrowed $70,000 to redo the kitchen and make it bigger.

Nancy had restaurant in Dallas for ten years, she sold it and moved to Florida opened another restaurant there and sold that one and moved to Montana.

She made close to a million dollars selling restaurants.

With her past with successful restaurants, Nancy must be good with the numbers but she does not know what is going wrong with Nanny Goat's.

Jessica considers herself a good cook. She is self-taught and not professionally trained.

She creates the restaurant menu but doesn't cost things out.

Robert asked Nancy about the restaurant revenue, she doesn't have the numbers handy, so she was allowed to grab the values.

When she returned the figures weren’t much help.

Robert couldn't imagine running that kind of business without having figures handy.

He got upset while Nancy got embarrassed.

It's hard for Nancy to admit her failure and Robert asks to see a service to see how the restaurant runs.

During the service, Nancy seemed overwhelmed and called her mother, Sissy for support.

Sissy arrives at the restaurant after listening to Nancy sobbing over the phone.

She has a conversation with Nancy and advised her to allow Robert to help.

Sissy speaks with Robert about the finances and that she knows about them.

However, Robert is still not convinced by this.

During the service food leaves the kitchen at a good pace but the customers aren’t enjoying the food and Robert is fed up of hearing so many complaints.

Robert summons Jessica to listen to the comments about her food and is embarrassed that they think her cooking is poor.

Robert begins to understand that Nanny Goat’s began to decline the day she brought her daughter in the kitchen, as the food she is serving is poor.

Roberts's criticism is hitting Nancy hard.

She blames everyone else but her daughter for the restaurant's failure and sees Robert as the bad guy.

Nancy snaps and asks everyone to leave the restaurant, claiming she wants the place shut and angrily drives away.

Robert meets with the designer Taniya and he wants her to open the dining area up.

Robert is unsure if Nancy will return to the restaurant and whether he has the time to teach Jessica how to cook.

Robert asks Jessica to go home and talk to her mom and find out what is wrong and whether she will be coming back.

After she leaves, Robert calls a staff meeting and they air their frustrations that they feel that Jessica is responsible for the customers not coming back.

They also blame Nancy for putting Jessica in a job that she is not qualified to do.

Sissy thinks that Nancy doesn’t want to have to stand up to Jessica and if she doesn’t the restaurant will fail.

The next day Robert arrives and Nancy is there waiting for him. She apologizes and admits she was being overly protective of Jessica.

She is aware that Jessica is not a trained chef but she worries she won’t get another job or would never like her again if she asked her to leave.

Robert thinks if Nancy is soft with Jessica, she will respect her as a boss or a mother unless she steps up.

He tells her that she needs to sack her if she doesn’t do her job well.

Nancy now accepts that Jessica isn't the cook she thought she was but will give her a chance and keep her on to allow her time to improve in the kitchen.

Robert shows Nancy how to cost plates and tells her they are going to redo the menu and train the staff on how to cook it.

Robert meets Tom and Tanya who already started on updating the décor.

They tell Robert their ideas and he is impressed.

Jessica knows she needs to step up as a cook and also as Nancy's daughter and after a pep talk she is ready.

He brings them together and talks to them both.

Nancy is now secure in her role as the boss while Jessica remains on as a cook.

If things don't work out as expected Jessica she will have to leave without any ill feelings towards her mum.

Robert chooses three dishes from Nancy's existing menu to discuss costs.

The food cost is 62%, which means Nanny Goat's is losing $483,000 on three dishes.

Robert proceeds to teach the kitchen staff how to prepare the new menu.

He is going to make the process simple because of their lack of technical ability.

Finally, the renovation is done. Three generations of a family are waiting outside to see the new restaurant.

After opening their eyes, they were amazed at transformation.

There is less clutter and the decor is modern and bright.

The relaunch night was a success with customers loving the new food and decor and promising to return.

What Happened Next at Nanny Goats Cafe and Feed Bin?

Nancy sold the business just weeks after the show was filmed so that she could retire.

Jessica also left but the other staff remained in place.

The new owners renamed the business to Nanny Goats Cafe and reported that business was good and the restaurant was full most days.

They planned to offer a dinner service over the coming months.

Nanny Goats Cafe and Feed Bin closed in November 2013, the Longview location remains open.

Nanny Goats Cafe and Feed Bin was Restaurant Impossible season 5 episode 8 and aired on February 20 2013.

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