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Rohrer's Tavern Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Rohrer's Tavern in North Bend, Ohio where he meets Linda Kendall who bought the restaurant 5 years ago.

Lisa had no restaurant experience but wanted to create a friendly, neighbourhood hang out.

They were losing money fast and in just three years she has racked up debts amounting to $120,000.

When Robert arrives he finds an outdated restaurant with an outdated wooden decor, shabby bar and a horrendous smell.

The service needs vast improvement as it is low energy and the staff are left to their own devices.

The food and staffing costs weren't under control and Robert accuses Sandy of not caring to bring out the fire in her.

In the kitchen, they relied too heavily on frozen food and as a result were serving basic food that you could cook at home using a microwave.

The decor is revamped with a new, brighter dining room and a new bar.

Robert dramatically cut the menu down and added new menu items.

What Happened Next at Rohrer's Tavern?

When Robert revisited sales were up $20,000 in one month and they were drawing in customers from all over the country.

The staff were more accountable with new and better defined job roles and Stacy is still in the kitchen with the support she needs and Lisa has more control over food costs.

They kept Robert's menu but returned a few of their previous customer favourites to the menu by request.

Yelp reviews and Trip Advisor reviews were mostly positive after the filming on the show. There are a few criticisms on service, overpriced food and some disappointing menu items.

Rohrer's Tavern closed on April 25th 2014 posting the below to Facebook -

"This year has not been great for me so far, with the passing of my father, a horrible winter, dismal sales and many circumstances beyond my control, it is with great sorrow that I am announcing the closing of the Tavern. April 25th will be our last day." . . . " It is my hope that everyone will join us this week for our best week ever, before I shut the doors for one last time."

Recipes featured in this episode

Sauteed Flank Steak

Cod Sandwich

Rohrer's Tavern was Restaurant Impossible season 5 episode 2 and was aired on November 28 2012.

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