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Bronk's Bar and Grill Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Bronk's Bar and Grill in Lake City, Minnesota.

Bronk's was owned by husband and wife team Erik and Tracy Brunkow who opened the restaurant in 2001.

As both were known locally they had the support of the locals when they opened the restaurant.

This support continued until two years ago when sales started to decline and they don't know why there was a downturn in business.

Tracy is completely in the dark about the restaurants finances and doesn't know how much they are losing as a result of the downturn of business.

Robert arrives and immediately notices the outdated decor and the issues with their relationship as a result of the stress of running the restaurant.

During the service, the customers are confused by the restaurant as there is too much going on with the decor and menu and when Robert asks if anyone would return no one raises their hand.

In the kitchen they were cutting corners and were buying in frozen fries at a higher cost of making the fries from scratch but Erik still tells Robert he has no idea why they are failing!

Robert's team revamped the dining room with new lighting, new carpeting and a new colour scheme whilst the team take their new burgers onto the street.

Robert trimmed the menu down from over 80 frozen menu items to less than 20 freshly made dishes and made the restaurant easier to find with a new exterior sign.

What Happened Next at Bronk's Bar and Grill?

Within a few months, sales had improved significantly weekday takings doubled and earnings tripled at the weekend.

The customers loved the new decor and they were getting customers from all around the country coming to the restaurant.

Erik has taken over responsibility of the restaurant and it is running better as he is able to make changes more efficiently.

Tracy now only works at the restaurant one day a week and their relationship is still a work in progress.

They kept the majority of Robert's changes, they returned 15 customer favourites to the menu at the customers request.

Trip Advisor Reviews after Robert's visit are mixed, most customers seemed to like the food but there are criticisms of the service and of food.

Bronk's Bar and Grill closed in November 2013 posting the below on Facebook,

"Due to many unfavorable circumstances over the past couple of years, we have decided to close our doors for good effective November 4, 2013. We will be running specials all week long on food, beer, and alcohol.

Deals will be good while supplies last. It's been one heck of a 12 1/2 year run! So come on down this week one more time and celebrate with us as we say goodbye!"

Bronk's Bar and Grill was Restaurant Impossible Season 5 episode 3 and was aired on December 05 2012.

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