Restaurant Impossible - Smitty's Italian Restaurant - CLOSED

Smitty's Italian Restaurant Restaurant Impossible

Chef Robert Irvine visits Smitty's Italian Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida, where he finds husband and wife team Gus and Evi Gialelis struggling with a cockroach infestation, dated decor and issues with the food. 

He brands the restaurant one of his toughest challenges but roots out the source of the infestation and removes it, updates the decor and the menu and the restaurant is successfully relaunched. 

What Happened Next?

The restaurant closed in July 2014 as their lease was up and the rent was due to be increased and they were unable to afford the 25% increase. They had also had a number of poor health inspections. Prior to the closure, sales were up, there was an increase in new customers and their relationship was much improved. They announced the closure on Facebook on July 29 posting,

"Unfortunately smittys has closed. We thank everyone that has come in to eat after all these years. We greatly appreciate your patronage."

This episode was episode 3 of season 6 and was aired on April 28 2013, there were 13 episodes, airing from April to August 2013 and the season 6 closure rate currently stands at %.

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