Friday, 1 January 2016

Restaurant Impossible - Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant - OPEN

Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant Restaurant Impossible

Chef Robert Irvine visits Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, where he finds Carolyn Cuneo, who is reluctant to make changes to the restaurant she owned with husband George, who had sadly passed away 6 years ago. 

The food was poor, the decor dark and dated and there were mounting debts to the amount of complimentary food being given away in the form of free salad, bread, meals to friends and family and also staff meals. Robert works on improving the management, improves the menu and revamps the decor. 

What Happened Next?

The restaurant is open, reviews are good and they have expanded their opening hours. After the show was filmed, business was  initially up 70%, this slowed but they were still able to begin repaying their debt and generally the changes were well received by customers.

This episode was episode 4 of season 6 and was aired on May 12 2013, there were 13 episodes, airing from April to August 2013 and the season 6 closure rate currently stands at %.

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