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Valley Inn Restaurant Impossible

In this Restaurant Impossible episode, Chef Robert Irvine visits Valley Inn in Palos Hill, Illinois.

Valley Inn was opened over 40 years ago by Frank Sr and wife Faye and upon his death it was passed to his sons Dennis and Frank Jr.

When he passed away the running of the restaurant passed to Dennis, who is feeling the pressure of running the restaurant.

He is scared of failure and letting down the family, as he had a great relationship with his father.

It was once a successful restaurant in the neighbourhood but due to the economy the restaurant is struggling to bring in customers.

When Robert arrives he asked Faye to leave as she refuses to tell Robert how much they bought the restaurant for as she doesn't feel it is necessary for him to know.

He observes a dinner service and the customers aren't impressed with the dark decor, dingy carpeting and smell. One customer has old pasta on her dinner fork.

Robert calls the food that they serve garbage as most of it is frozen but sees potential in their fried chicken.

He also sees potential in Dennis but believes that he lost his way and passion for the restaurant when his father died.

The staff empty the dining room of furniture ready for the renovation and the designer wants to introduce a Chicago influence.

There is a power struggle between Faye and Dennis as to who will be running the restaurant and she eventually gives up leadership.

The decor is revealed and it is much brighter with new flooring and chairs.

On relaunch night, the customers love the new decor and new menu.

What Happened Next at Valley Inn?

Since Robert visited the restaurant, sales are up 85% and that the improvements have brought in new customers.

They have kept some of Robert's dishes on the menu and are still using fresh produce over frozen.

Yelp reviews since Robert visited are very mixed, with as many negative as positive. The positive reviews highlight great value for money and the negative reviews are mostly for service.

Recipes in this episode

Crisp Onion Rings, Spiced Ketchup

Slow Roasted Fried Chicken

Valley Inn was Restaurant Impossible season 4 episode 12 and aired on October 10 2012.

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