Has Gordon Ramsay Ever Liked The Food on Kitchen Nightmares?

Has Gordon Ramsay Ever Liked The Food on Kitchen Nightmares?

We've all enjoyed watching Gordon Ramsay bravely sampling the food on Kitchen Nightmares, he's loved some dishes but mostly he has hated the food he has been served.

Gordon Ramsay has prayed to the food poisoning God's to survive, he's spat the food out and even vomited on occasions.

I'm always asked whether Gordon Ramsay likes the food he samples on Kitchen Nightmares.

For your reading pleasure is a summary of Gordon's opinions on the food, with some of his famous zingers!

It's not often that Gordon likes the food but there are some dishes he has liked and even loved!

Momma Cherri's - Loves all of the food

The catfish goujons with homemade pineapple salsa are nice and light.

The main is a clumsy mess of soul food - ribs, chicken and succotash but tastes phenomenal with tender ribs and he empties his plate!

The Mixing Bowl - Liked the crab cakes

The crab cakes were unexpectedly fresh, good but not award winning.

The zuchini pancakes were stodgy, bland and thick.

The seared salmon was bland and the sauce was heavy, soggy and vinegary with "garlic everywhere".

Handlebar - Liked the chowder

The chowder was "nicely seasoned, very tasty and perfect for a winter's day".

The seafood crepes are rubbery, the scallops were firm, the prawns overcooked and the crab meat is plastic, imitation crab meat.

The filet fondue was rancid, pointless and a joke.

Bazzini - Liked the dessert

Gordon allows Paul to choose his best dishes for him.

The fettuccine is cold and bland and the chicken Milanese is hard, dry and a mess.

The risotto is stuck to the plate, tastes of mush and is absolutely disgusting.

The almond crusted tilapia is greasy and bland.

Gordon loves the desserts, he brands the carrot cake delicious and even asks for the recipe.

Zekes - Liked the dessert

The Boiled Shrimp is frozen, soft, difficult to peel, mushy and nasty.

The Oysters Cortello are dreadful and the "giraffes tongue" Chicken Fried Steak is bland with no seasoning.

Gordon thinks that the Bread Pudding is delicious.

Blackberry's - Loves the dessert

The Pork Chop with Mac and Cheese is dry and the mac and cheese is overcooked and bland.

The collard greens are bland, soggy and limp and the chitlins smell and cause Gordon to throw up in the bathroom.

The red velvet cake however is delicious, Gordon says "finally, some good f***ing food" and he even gets a kiss from Mary for his compliment.

Morgans - Liked the dessert

The pan fried prawns are over cooked and solid and the sausage dish is a massive portion but the apricot mashed potato is bizarre.

Gordon likes the light sticky toffee pudding that was cooked by Emma.

Burger Kitchen - Likes David's Second Attempt Burger

The California burger, which is undercooked, underseasoned and bland, with a sweet and doughy bun.

The Natural Burger is raw in the middle and the cowboy burger has a tiny bun and is overcooked, greasy and bland.

The Australian meat pie is a mess, disgusting and the pastry is soggy.

Disappointed by the first performance the owner and chef both cooked their own burgers.

Gordon loves David's own recipe burger branding it juicy and delicious.

Sante Le Brea - Gordon did not like the food, Tubs enjoyed the turkey patty

The turkey patty melt does not look healthy, it's dry and disgusting but Tubs the dog loved it, even having seconds.

The moga dufu is a joke, the rice is cooked to hell and overall, it's shocking.

The blackened salmon is very blackened, too fishy, disgusting and dry.

Peter's - Did not like the food

The crab cake has a terrible salad with rotten bits and the crab cake itself is cold in the middle, "gross" and isn't fresh crab.

The lobster ravioli is covered in parsley and the lobster is "baby food inside gunk".

Dillon's - Did not like the food

The vegetable appetiser looks like a "dehydrated turd" and is actually meat.

The dry beef bhuna turns out to be lamb and the lamb biriani is garnished with a rotten tomato rose.

The salmon nicoise looks like a doormat and he refuses to eat it, insisting the manager eats it.

Seascape - Did not like the food

The crab cakes have "parsley everywhere", fall apart, taste frozen and are a crap cake.

The pesto lobster ravioli is soggy with a strange taste inside.

The Cajun salmon is served with pesto which has separated and curdled and "looks like an oil slick". The salmon itself is solid and dry.

The Olde Stone Mill - Did not like the food

The crab cake tastes really strange with a sour mayonnaise taste, the shrimp is a first and the chopped salad looks like it's been squashed in an ice cream cone.

The tilapia looks like someone's had "a sh*t in the bag and stuck it in the oven"/"it had come out of a babies diaper" and the taste is pretty gross.

Sebastian's - Did not like the food

The calamari are frozen and lead to Gordon asking the waitress for a sick bag.

The House Special "Popeye Pizza" has a soggy base and the New York Strip "looks like a can of dog food".

Finn McCool's - Did not like the food

The spring roll is bizarre looking and the salmon has a balsamic reduction drizzle, is horrible and doesn't taste of salmon at all.

The shepherds pie is greasy and disgusting and Gordon rushes to the toilet and we hear retching, potential vomit situation.

Lela's - Did not like the food

The soup tasted like it was canned, the nachos weren't made fresh in the morning, they were made yesterday.

Gordon asks where the lamb is before refusing to eat it after discovering it it frozen.

He asks for a fresh dessert but an argument breaks out when the brownies have all been eaten.

Campania - Did not like the food

The soup was bland, tasteless with bought in tortellini.

There is too much garlic in the sauce for the ravioli and the chicken "looks like a bison's tongue" and is dry and overcooked.

The Secret Garden - Did not like the food

The shrimp salad is disgusting, the prawns are stone cold and under cooked.

The steak was "tough as old boots" and the carrots raw, "fine if you're a rabbit" and the shoe string potatoes were a deep fat fried mess on top.

Giuseppi's - Did not like the food

The octopus is like rubber and "a mouthful of hubba bubba" and the potato skins had hideous, plastic cheese on them.

The eggplant rollantini was bland, milky, spongy and piping hot, as if microwaved.

Trobiano's - Did not like the food

The egg plant tower is ghastly, stone cold and tasteless.

The chicken wrapped shrimp confuses Gordon and the shrimp is rock hard and the salmon is "dry and absolutely hideous".

Black Pearl - Did not like the food

The chowder is watery, the mussels Bangkok will burn your mouth off and the lobster mac and cheese is chewy and rich.

The Connecticut roll is horrible, soaking wet and like eating a wet diaper, the Maine is not seasoned and bland and he doesn't even taste the New York City roll.

J Willy's - Did not like the food

The pizza is the strangest pizza Gordon has ever seen as it is filled with ranch dressing.

The ribs are coated in a generic sauce and have not been trimmed, Gordon gets a mouthful of fat, grease and cartilage.

The pulled pork sandwich is covered in a processed "glue" cheese, it's ghastly, sweet and tastes of nothing.

Hannah and Mason's - Did not like the food

The french onion soup is greasy and caked with cheese and bread and tastes like "the dregs from the dishwasher."

The lamb is under cooked, cold in the middle and hideous and the sauce is extremely sweet.

The quiche has collapsed as if it's been left out of the fridge and the salad is old.

Jack's Waterfront - Did not like the food

The krab omelette was rubber and tasteless and was going straight in the trash.

The fish and chips was rubbery ".. like you've got a breaded condom in your mouth."

The honey pecan salmon was absolutely disgusting and overly sweet, one of the worst salmon dishes he has ever eaten.

Sabatiello's - Did not like the food

The wedding soup was hideous, bland, vegetables boiled to death with grey, anaemic meatballs.

The lasagne looks like it's been dropped, tastes hideous, synthetic and is not home made.

The steak is tough, not seasoned and greasy.

Fiesta Sunrise - Did not like the food

The burrito looks like "someone has been sick on my plate" with dry chicken that tastes like it's been cooked weeks ago.

The rice looks old as if it's leftover from Christmas and older than Gordon.

Cafe 36 - Did not like the food

The risotto is mush, salty and it disintegrates in your mouth and the duck salad is a bizarre combination that doesn't work.

The salmon crepe is the "crap of the day", it's mushy, hideous and absolutely shocking.

Hot Potato Cafe - Did not like the food

The hot potato soup ias thick, looks a mess, tastes like lumps of glue, bland and is an embarrassment.

The spud skins were frozen 3 weeks ago and taste dreadful.

The shepherds pie was a huge portion with two thirds of potato and the minced lamb is greasy.

Flamangos - Did not like the food

The tuna is extremely hot and an embarrassment to tuna.

The platter is spat out by Gordon after he gets the meat stuck on the decorative centre piece.

The flaming filet Mignon is served table side by Bill but the steak is chewy, the toughest he has ever tasted in his life.

Mojito - Did not like the food

The classic chicken soup comes out quickly and is cold, Gordon sends the soup back.

The beans are extremely salty, even Chef Marcello winces upon tasting them.

The tilapia is raw and is sent back to the kitchen.

Lido Di Manhattan - Did not like the food

The eggplant roll is spat out by Gordon, the eggplant is raw and piled in grease.

The spicy ahi tower is compressed, the tuna is grainy, furry, tastes frozen and is gross.

The chicken tortellini salad tastes like rubber, is hideous and is also stone cold.

Le Bistro - Did not like the food

Gordon asks Andy to show off his food instead of him ordering from the menu.

He is served Duck Rillette, which is sent back after Gordon bites into cartilage and a bone and the lamb curry roll is rubbery.

Casa Roma - Did not like the food

The stuffed mushrooms are soggy, tasteless, taste frozen and very watery.

The Monte Crisco sandwich has powdered sugar on top and is dripping in fat.

The Deluxe pizza has so thick dough that it is raw in the middle.

Mama Rita's - Did not like the food

The tamale is like a soaking wet newspaper and dry, no surprise as it is prepared in bulk and then steamed to order.

The Chimichangas are dry again, he brands them Chimi-chuck-it-in-the-bin.

The steak burrito is disgusting and looks like a diaper, it is like eating wet cardboard.

He insists the server tastes the burrito and he is seen repeatedly spitting into the bin in disgust.

Anna Vincenzo's - Did not like the food

The salad looks like a f-ed up version of a science lab and the salmon is dry and over cooked and it tastes like cardboard.

The Snapper Anna looks like a dogs dinner and tastes of mush.

The pizza is soggy in the middle, bland and dreadful.

Fleming - Did not like the food

The Cured Salmon Gravlax is hideous, overdone and tastes like fly paper, there is a fly on the plate.

The Frikadelle is mushy, bland, disintegrates but easy on the dentures.

The Grandfather Duck looks like it was roasted a couple of days ago, isn't moist and the worst of the dishes.

Sushi Ko - Did not like the food

The miso soup doesn't taste fresh, isn't warm and very salty.

The green tower comes with a grey hair and the sashimi tastes frozen and chewy.

The sushi pizza is rancid and Gordon spits it out branding it an insult to pizza and sushi.

Spanish Pavilion - Did not like the food

The lobster bisque looks disgusting, tastes very creamy and like the lobster was dead before it was cooked.

The garlic chicken is swimming in oil and the chicken tastes dry and dreadful and the paella is badly seasoned and overcooked.

Classic American - Did not like the food

The Mac and Cheese is gross and a mouthful of goo, it tastes pre made.

The Fried Calamari is soft and chewy and tastes frozen.

The bomb burger is unseasoned and the meat chewy.

PJ's Steakhouse - Did not like the food

The crab cakes looks like someone has spat on the plate and like a piece of art, it is disgusting and rancid, served with a piece of plastic.

The filet mignon was tough and served with raw onions.

The ravioli looks like the biggest pile of s*** ever to be served in Queens and is disgusting and tart.

Grasshopper Also - Did not like the food

The french onion soup is dreadful like sliced onions in dish water.

The shepherds pie has gravy on the top and is actually a cottage pie as made with beef, it has cold congealed gravy that is like glue.

The fisherman's platter is soft, bland and rubbery.

Davide - Did not like the food

The Caesar salad takes 8 minutes, the salad has just been washed so the dressing runs off the salad.

The eggplant is soggy, spongy and under cooked as it was cooked 3 weeks ago.

The ravioli is filled with goo, nasty and is store bought.

The rack of lamb has a burnt crust, the garlic is bitter and Gordon can't taste the lamb.

Down City - Did not like the food

The soup was stone cold and grainy and the crab cakes were mush and cold in the middle.

The calamari is soaking wet, chewy and is spat out quickly and the nachos are a mess, more like a funeral in your mouth than a party.

The meatloaf isn't even hot and is a chunk of solid stodge.

Cafe Tavolini - Did not like the food

The meatball salad is a mess, soggy and gross and the stuffed clams have no clams only breadcrumbs.

The salmon is under cooked and stone cold in the middle, the rice is an insipid gloop.

Kingston Cafe - Did not like the food

The patties are soggy as the pastry is raw and the sauce is gross.

The jerk chicken has the same sauce and he asks for it to be taken away.

The chicken is cold and overcooked bland rice.

La Frite - Did not like the food

The salad is a large portion but the sauce is acidic and overpowering.

The seafood crepe is hideous, hot in the middle and stone cold on the sides.

The quiche is microwaved and he doesn't even taste it.

Capri - Did not like the food

The meatball sandwich has bought in meatballs that has been microwaved.

The pizza has so many toppings on it, it is gunk.

The chicken smells as it is old.

Oceana - Did not like the food

The gumbo is disgusting, tastes old and an embarrassment to Bourbon Street and the Crab Cakes are soggy and taste frozen and the duck is tough.

The waitress and Rami taste the duck and agree it is tough.

Leone's - Did not like the food

The risotto is a lump and the seafood in the Zuppa Di Pesce stinks and is full of grit.

The calamari is soaked in balsamic vinegar and chilli, there is chicken drained in balsamic vinegar and bland pasta with no seasoning.

Many of the dishes are overpowered by garlic.

Mike & Nellies - Did not like the food

The sauce is bland, watery and the shrimps taste like rubber.

The chicken murphy looks appalling, is overcooked, wet soggy and tasteless.

The Steak Nellie is burnt and tastes of charcoal.

Luigi's D'Italia - Did not like the food

The fried ravioli is pre-made, horrible and doesn't taste like cheese.

The mahi mahi fish is bland, unseasoned and mush.

The linguini has weak sauce is full of grainy seafood and the calamari has a weird texture.

The Greek at the Harbor - Did not like the food

The calamari is greasy and terrible and the cold mezze plate has runny hummus.

The hot mezze plate is cold in the middle, with greasy filo pastry.

The moussaka is drab with raw eggplant and mushy beef.

Michons - Did not like the food

Gordon is given a complimentary smoked chicken wing that is dry.

The salad has rotten tomatoes, the ribs are dry and chewy, the cornbread is dry, the black eyed peas are hideous.

The baked beans taste canned, the collard greens are hideous and sweet and the brisket is chewy.

El Greco - Did not like the food

The zucchini is disgusting, badly seasoned and bland.

The lamb shank is anaemic, grey and salty .

The moussaka is a disaster and Gordon questions when it was made.

Park's Edge - Did not like the food

Gordon finds the strange flavour combinations and cooking methods bizarre.

He is not impressed by the Grilled Salad (!), sesame salmon and fried oysters branding them all inedible and disgusting.

Spin-A-Yarn Steakhouse - Did not like the food

The greek sampler is ghastly with canned foods and the salmon is mixed with mashed potato.

The crab louie is made with canned crab and is disgusting and the filet mignon is rubbery with ghastly, cough medicine teriyaki sauce.

Charlies - Did not like the food

The toasted ravioli is raw, the frutte de mare is overcooked with mush pasta and the mussels taste old.

The lasagna is cold in places and has a bizarre, pink sauce and the garlic chicken pizza is doughy with raw pastry.

Cafe Hon - Did not like the food

The Big Bay Club had delicious crab but the rest was horrible with stone cold, tainted shrimp.

The Much Better than Moms Meatloaf is bland, dreadful and served with raw broccoli.

The English Style fish and chips was greasy with dry fish and soggy batter.

Chiarella's - Did not like the food

The Steak Sarah Ann is steak is caked in cheese and raw.

The Veal Sinatra is chewy and dreadful.

The Land and Sea Sheree isn't lobster or filet mignon and is bland, overcooked and chewy.

Zocalo - Did not like the food

The Queso Fundido is a microwaved, greasy mess and the Cochinita Pibil is unseasoned.

The Chile Relleno is salty with spongy cheese and the Molcajete is uncooked, bitter and bland.

La Galleria 33 - Did not like the food

The gnocchi and meatballs are rubbery and bland and the veal paradiso is overcooked.

The chicken marcella is sweet and bland and the seafood ravioli is disgusting layers of gunk.

Mama Maria's - Did not like the food

The tortellini di patate is bland and the spaghetti and meatballs are rubbery and dry.

The margherita pizza is too greasy.

Gordon did not like the mouldy dessert display platter.

Ms. Jean's Southern Cuisine - Did not like the food

Gordon attempts to order a number of menu items but most of it is unavailable.

The pork chop is drier than the Sahara desert, the ribs are salty and the mac and cheese is bland and overcooked.

The sweet tea tastes like sugar syrup.

Barefoot Bob's - Did not like the food

The Bob's Big Buoy Platter is rubbery, soggy and unseasoned and the chowder is floury and bland.

The Bob's Lobster Roll is soggy and overfilled with lobster.

Olde Hitching Post Restaurant & Tavern - Did not like the food

The cranberry haddock is watery and bland with under cooked sweet potato and soggy spinach.

The meatloaf is bland, dry and unseasoned and the lobster ravioli is dreadful and cold in the middle.

Levanti's Italian Restaurant - Did not like the food

The stuffed banana peppers are watery and smothered in cheese.

The Italian stuffed filet is raw and the Chicken Carletta is very garlicky with dry, hard chicken.

Sam's Mediterranean Kabob Room - Did not like the food

The lamb shank is bland, boiled lamb and the vegetable combo is dreadful and bland.

The gyro is dry and the top sirloin is overcooked and dry with a side of over buttered and over cooked scampi.

Nino's Italian Restaurant - Did not like the food

The one Meat Ball is bland, soggy and the sauce is over salted.

The chicken piccata is dreadful with floury, slimy chicken and the Egg Plant Parmigiana goes untasted by Gordon as he argues with Nino.

Mill Street Bistro - Did not like the food

The elk feature is tough and the catch of the day is dry and greasy.

The scallops en croute has rubber scallops and raw pastry.

The elk quesadilla is chewy and tough and the french onion soup is greasy and lacking onions and cheese.

The oysters rockefella is bitter and the vegetarian ravioli is ice cold.

Yanni's - Did not like the food

The Pumpkin Hummus is hideous and has too much garlic.

The Moussaka is full of grease with under cooked eggplant and the House Gyro is a mess, looking like a plate of puke.

Prohibition Grille - Did not like the food

The "Soup of the Day" is gnarly and slop and the oysters are also bland.

The collared greens are mush, the salmon is unseasoned and the steak is tough and grey.

Chappy's - Did not like the food

The fried green tomatoes are bland and the gumbo looks a mess, is watery and bland.

The steak and lobster rocket is filled with gristle.

Amy's Baking Company - Did not like the food

The pear and fig prosciutto pizza has raw dough and the blue ribbon burger has a soggy greasy bun.

The salmon burger is overcooked and red pepper ravioli smells weird and has a bizarre sweet and sour flavour.

Pantaleone's - Did not like the food

The sausage pizza is greasy with a thick crust and the meatball hero is disgusting.

The calzone is huge but cold in the middle and the linguine with clams is swimming in juice from the canned clams.

Old Neighborhood Restaurant - Did not like the food

The New Orleans shrimp is pale due to the bland, creamy sauce.

The salmon special also has the same bland, creamy sauce as the shrimp and the scallops have a bizarre chipotle sauce.

Kati Allo - Did not like the food

The pastitisio is boiling in the middle as if microwaved but bland.

The gyro platter is bland and tastes frozen and the pork sausage dish is greasy and the garlic is too strong.

Mangia Mangia - Did not like the food

The soup of the day is a solid sludge the mushroom ravioli has a terrible white sauce.

The veal piccata is raw in the middle, the salmon is drenched in balsamic vingear and tastes frozen.

The lasagna is still frozen in the middle and the spaghetti and meatballs are tasteless.

Zayna Flaming Grill - Did not like the food

The dip sampler is oily and the fava beans are ruined by a Z of cream on top.

The Kibbi rolls taste frozen and the Zayna combo platter is bland and dry.

Bella Luna - Did not like the food

The Mussells Marinara has chewy mussels and too much sauce.

The Veal Saltimbooca is over cooked and under seasoned and the Penne pasta dish tastes like baby vomit.

Bonapartes - Did not like the food

The signature scallops dish is rancid and leads Gordon to get vomit and retch.

It is later revealed he had food poisoning as a result.

The Glasshouse - Did not like the food

The duck cakes with chilli jam looks like a scotch egg and contains a large bone.

The lamb shank with parsnip crisps is fatty with strange smelling, oily parsnip crisps.

The Walnut Tree Inn - Did not like the food

The porcini and parma ham lasagna is boring.

The fish stew is overcooked with uncleaned mussels and grit at the bottom of the dish.

Moore Place - Did not like the food

The deep fried Camembert was disgusting, the wine smells as it is corked and the Duck A L'Orange was very tough.

La Lanterna - Did not like the food

The minestrone soup is greasy, the Italian sausage dish looks like "2 poodles penises doused in parsley".

The amaretto cake is bought in and still frozen in the middle.

D-Place - Did not like the food

The scallop and shrimp cocktail is rubbery and overcooked.

The rice is microwaved and the tiramisu creme brulee is a runny liquid and embarrassing from a French chef.

La Rivieria - Did not like the food

The pre starter Potato Soup is too rich and the scallop starter has too many different flavours.

The duck is also over complicated with 12 different flavours and he is told how to eat his dessert platter.

Oscars - Did not like the food

The paella is bland and is made with crab sticks, the carbonara has a sour, vinegar taste and the chicken is bland.

The Sandgate Hotel - Did not like the food

The sushi starter has under cooked, hard rice.

The chicken is missing the potatoes and only tastes of the tomato sauce running through the centre of it.

Clubway 41 - Did not like the food

The Salmon and Strawberry salad is a strange combination that does not work.

The Pork with Brie and Nectarine sauce is dry with a disgusting sauce and bending parsnip crisps.

La Gondola - Did not like the food

The spaghetti bolognese is a large portion for a starter and the salmon is dated with unnecessary sides and is also an over generous portion.

La Parra de Burriana - Did not like the food

The filet steak kebab is cooked unevenly and poorly presented on a hook and his creme catalana is burnt.

The Fenwick Arms - Did not like the food

The prawn salad is over complicated and served in a martini glass and the rack of lamb is like chewing a golf ball.

Rococo - Did not like the food

The fish soup served in a tea cup tasted off and the Duck Egg on Toast is over complicated and soggy.

Gordon's scallop dish tastes frozen and the duck is cooked well but spoilt by the medicinal sauce and outdated baby veg.

Ruby Tates - Did not like the food

The platter of fruit de mer is served warm rather than on ice and is a disaster as the lobster still has the poo sack inside it and the oysters smell off.

Piccolo Teatro - Did not like the food

The hummmus salad is disgusting and the carrot gratin is spat out by Gordon and is branded an insult to vegetarians.

The Priory - Did not like the food

The carvery has overcooked roast potatoes and the stuffing is rock hard and impossible to cut through.

The Yorkshire pudding is soggy and the turkey and beef are both dry.

The Fish and Anchor - Did not like the food

The minestrone soup is weird looking and chunky and the fish dish is nicely roasted but is spoilt by raw shallots.

The curry has "welsh snot" spinach in it that spoils the texture of the dish and is an Uncle Ben's sauce

The Curry Lounge - Did not like the food

The sea bass is unseasoned and tasteless, the chicken in the korma is dry and the dish is greasy and the naan arrives swinging on a stand.

The Granary - Did not like the food

The shark steak dish from Australia is bizarre as the steak is smothered in stringy mozzarella and Gordon brands it ghastly.

Runaway Girl - Did not like the food

The paella rice is mush, the rabbit is dry, the fish stew tastes frozen and the calamari is rubbery and the duck tastes reheated and looks like cat food.

Martin's Bistro - Did not like the food

The Orange Duck is cooked in orange squash and disgusting.

The lamb shank is pre-packaged and boiled in a bag so Gordon refuses to eat it as it is packed with preservatives in order for it to be stored at room temperature.


  1. Great list! I recall him liking Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack.

  2. Yes that one I remember too. He loved everything she made and showed it was lack of organisation and marketing that was her problem, not the food.

  3. Monte Cristo sandwiches are supposed to have a light dusting of powered sugar (aka icing sugar) on top.

  4. I seem to recall he liked one of the cakes at Amy's Baking Company. It was never totally clear if those were really hers or not based on rumors to the contrary, even though it was clear she could bake.


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