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24 Hours to Hell & Back Bella Gianna's

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Bella Gianna's in Congers, New York.

Bella Gianna's restaurant is currently owned by Vinny Vasti and Theodora aka Dori Vasti-Barbato.

The family run Italian restaurant was once successful but after Vinny took over the restaurant from his father, it began to fall apart along with the family relationships.

Business has declined almost to nothing and part owner Frankie passed away a year ago, causing further strain in the restaurant.

Vinny has very changeable moods and is either screaming at the staff or crying in front of them.

Their father/part owner Frank is propping up the restaurant financially and he has invested $1.2 million.

Gordon visits the restaurant disguised as an old man and isn't impressed with the tacky, depressing decor and the staff make him feel unwelcome.

They order a variety of dishes, the baked clams are salty and missing clams, the calamari is rubbery and tastes old, the salad is wilted and the dressing is off, the veal is under cooked.

When the dishes are returned to the kitchen chef Lou doesn't see any problem with the dishes and argues with Vinny.

Vinny argues with their table and he comps their food before Gordon goes into the bathroom and removes his disguise.

He asks all of the kitchen staff to meet in the dining room, he gives his feedback on the food and customer service.

Vinny has a meltdown with Gordon and they argue.

Gordon introduces the staff and customers to Hell on Wheels, a truck to help relaunch the restaurant.

He reveals his team had been in undercover and shows them the shocking footage.

Gordon talks to daughter Olivia and sends her home, whereas the rest of the family will be staying.

Gordon tells the staff the feedback from the customers but it descends into an argument.

Olivia sends a very heartfelt text message to Vinny to tell him to accept Gordon's help.

The design team gets to work making changes to the dining room and Gordon finds old equipment in the kitchen.

There are a number of unknown items in the freezer and portions of frozen food that Vinny insists they keep.

There is old veal, dressing covered in black mould in the walk-in fridge and a vile stench from an off dish that causes Gordon and a camera man to dry heave.

Chef Lou admits to Gordon that he has given up somewhat and he promises he can change.

The kitchen staff are taken to the mobile kitchen and introduced to a small, fresh menu they will be serving.

Gordon talks to Vinny and Dori in the office and he admits he is resentful and angry as he believes he has been running the restaurant alone.

Gordon tells him to stop playing the victim, grow up and get over it but Vinny twists everything Gordon is saying.

Gordon tries to make Vinny see the extent that it effects Olivia by showing some of her interview with Gordon and it appears to have made him see he needs to change.

Gordon asks the staff to taste the new menu and the staff love it.

Gordon reveals the new kitchen equipment and plates to help the kitchen function.

Gordon meets Frank and after Gordon's £100,000 investment he agrees to cut off the financial support after three months.

Gordon reveals a huge billboard sign on the edge of the freeway advertising the restaurant and the new restaurant to Olivia.

The customers love the new, modern decor and the new furniture.

The kitchen struggles with cooking the veal due to the lack of sleep and Gordon asks Vinny not to shout so loud in the kitchen.

Perfectionist Lou doesn't react well to the criticism due to the lack of sleep but Gordon tells him the customers love the food.

The relaunch was a success and Gordon gives Vinny and Dori a pep talk, they can make it work if they can work as a family.

What Happened Next at Bella Gianna's ?

Three months later, the weekends are busy with many customers but the weekdays are still slow.

The customers love both the new look of the restaurant and the food from the new menu.

Vinny is less stressed and still working on changing his ways.

Bella Gianna's is open.

Reviews are mostly positive, Trip Advisor reviews to be mostly positive both before and after the show was filmed but there are Yelp reviews that appear to suggest they are reverting to old behaviours.

Vinny is planning to continue and finish Gordon's renovations.

Planning a visit to the restaurant? Check out their website for more info including opening hours.

Bella Gianna's was aired on June 13 2018, the episode was filmed in November 2017 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 1 episode 1.

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  1. Can't be too good when he's using a groupon...

  2. Why don't you go there and try it rather than making public judgements?

  3. Every time I see Vinny cry it breaks my heart. I see a man who is very passionate about what he does and loves his family dearly. But his Italian stubbornness gets in the way and he doesn’t know how to fix it he is a good man he just has to listen to the people who care about him. I’m rooting for you Bella Gianna’s hope you make it.


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