24 Hours to Hell and Back Open or Closed?

24 Hours to Hell and Back Open or Closed

Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back is an american reality television show featuring Gordon Ramsay attempting to turn around America's failing restaurants in just 24 hours.

In 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Gordon takes a team of professional chefs, designers and his giant Hell on Wheels truck around the country fixing restaurants on the brink of closure.

If you are a fan of Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell, then this show is definitely for you! The show is so full of drama that people often ask if 24 Hours to Hell and Back is fake or staged.

Click the links below for 24 Hours to Hell and Back updates and to see whether each restaurant from 24 Hours to Hell and Back is open or closed and to read what happened next.

There are currently 28 episodes of 24 hours to hell and back featuring 31 restaurants, with 8 episodes aired in season 1, 10 episodes aired in season 2 and 10 episodes aired in season 3.

A map featuring all of the 24 Hours to Hell and Back restaurant locations is here

24 Hours to Hell and Back

Aired : 2018 - present

Success Rate - 62% | Closure Rate - 38%

24 Hours to Hell and Back Season 3

13 restaurants

Aired January 7th 2020 - May 12th 2020

Lowery's Seafood Restaurant and is closed. The buffet and crab cakes received rave reviews prior to the closure.

Blend on Main is open. Chef Lisa moved to Caneda's White Rooster and fish dishes on the menu are hits with customers.

Caneda's White Rooster is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 3 episode 3. Chef Lisa from Blend on Main joined the team but they closed in March 2020, five months after the episode was filmed.

Botto's Italian Line Restaurant is open. Customers love the renovated dining room and the Sausage Alla Botto is popular.

Seafarer's Family Restaurant/Halterman's Eatery is open. Customers love the food with some complaints that they are offering less seafood.

Southern Kitchen is open. Customers love the soul food with cornbread, cabbage and collards receiving high praise.

The Park Restaurant and Bar is closed. The couple have separated and Ozzy no longer worked there. Reviews were hit and miss but customers loved the burgers.

Bear's Den Pizza is open. Steven is taking a break from the restaurant and they are bringing in the college crowd with food and drink specials and karaoke.

South Boulevard/SoBo is closed. SoBo closed in February 2020, the weekend before the show was aired due to unpaid rent and losing their liquor licence. Reviews after filming were mostly very positive.

The Little Market Cafe is open. Customers love the new decor and have praised both the food and service since Gordon visited. The sandwiches in particular are a big hit with diners.

The Phoenix Upper Main is open. Customers praise the friendly customer service and the food although some comment they will miss The Ellicott Brewing Company.

Jaxon Edwin is closed. They closed after being unable to cover costs following the temporary closure and new restrictions. There are positive reviews for the barbers, bar and new menu after Gordon visited.

24 Hours to Hell and Back Season 2

10 restaurants

Aired January 2nd - March 06 2019

The Trolley Stop Cafe is closed. They closed in September 2021 due to Hurrican Ida and the pandemic. They re-introduced some of their old menu and poboy is a hit with customers but there are mixed reviews on the grits and hashbrowns.

Shanty on 19th is open. Diners love the burgers but recent reviews are more negative with the crab being subject of many complaints.

Vasi's Restaurant and Bar is closed. Vasi renamed the restaurant to Vasi's Taverna and reverted to the previous menu. They closed after receiving an offer for the restaurant. Although the sale fell through he decided to remain closed and seek another buyer.

Catfish Cabin is closed. Reviews after filming were mixed with plenty of negative reviews. The lease was taken over in August 2019 and was gradually changed over by the new owner before being renamed.

Stone's Throw is closed. The restaurant closed in January 2020 and was put up for sale for $900,000. Reviews prior to closure had declined with more complaints in reviews.

Bayou on the Vine is closed. They closed in June 2020. Customers praised the food, in particular the chicken wings and pasta. The happy hour drinks and live bands were a big hit with customers.

Boardwalk 11 is open. They changed the concept to a karaoke bar, sacked both Kats and bought back Richard and Keith. Reviews are mixed and have declined in 2020.

Los Toros Mexican Restaurant is open. Reviews are mostly positive with high praise for their margaritas and bean dip. They have had no food poisoning incidents but some customers have complained that they returned to their old menu.

Social Costa Mesa is open. Jayro returned to work at the restaurant and reviews are mostly positive. Customers especially love the brussel sprouts and chicken and waffles.

M'Dears Bakery and Bistro is open. They are popular for breakfast and the chicken and waffles and grits have rave reviews but the mac and cheese is hit and miss with diners.

24 Hours to Hell and Back Season 1

8 Episodes

Aired June 13th 2018 - August 15th 2018

Bella Gianna's is open. Reviews are mostly positive with praise for the low prices, friendly staff and great food. Some customers complain of shouting in the dining room and the restaurant being empty.

The Old Coffeepot Restaurant is closed. They closed in February 2019 due to declining business, lack of support for the changes from regulars and local construction.

Brownstone Bistro is open with new owners. The restaurant closed in October 2018 but reopened in January 2019 with Clive's menu, concept and decor. Reviews are mostly positive with complaints about unexpected closures of the restaurant.

Sherman's Restaurant is open. They closed after a kitchen fire in January 2021 and reopened in a new location in August 2021 as the damage was too significant. Reviews are mostly positive with praise to the food and service but some diners complain of a wait. Steve is now working as a butcher and they claim he was never paid $90,000.

La Serenata is open. Marco Snr has reverted to his old menu, is back to his old ways and Johnny has left. Reviews are mostly positive with customers loving the salsa and margaritas.

Fetch Bistro is closed. The owners blamed the location for the closure, which is a surprise as reviews from locals were mostly very positive. They were hoping to reopen in a new location.

Patrick Molloy's is open. They had to change the decor as retrospective planning permission was declined. Reviews are very mixed but customers praise the happy hour.

Sandra Dee's Bar-B-Que & Seafood is closed. They closed in order to be able to focus on the catering side of the business. Reviews were mixed prior to the closure.

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  1. This show is definitely different from Kitchen Nightmares. It's not as loud and dramatic as the KN US show. You can really sympathize with a lot of the owners. I like it.

  2. It saddens me to see all the closures from season 2. I do think that the audience connects with the people better. but am I the only one who is thinking most restaurants dont even know how to make food...


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