Sherman's Restaurant - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update - Open or Closed?

Sherman's Restaurant 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits Sherman’s in Greenville, Mississippi.

Sherman’s is owned by Peter and Allison Nimrod who bought it in 2012.

The restaurant was built by original owner Ben Sherman in 1985.

They kept the name because they didn’t think their own name was the right fit for the restaurant.

They also inherited the existing customer base but customer numbers are starting to dwindle.

Peter and Allison have never owned a restaurant before and were unprepared for the work involved.

Allison is obsessed with responding to online reviews but does not use the feedback.

Steve is the executive chef and longest serving staff as he has been there for 32 years.

Customers complain about the food but Allison brushes complaints under the table.

The staff believe that chef Steve is a problem and believe Nicole is the stronger chef.

They are in debt and are close to shutting permanently.

If the restaurant fails then they will lose their home as it is tied to the restaurant.

Gordon arrives disguised as a farmer and visits the restaurant with a group of farmers, who are also locals.

They think that the exterior is tired and worn while the inside decor is hideous.

As they sit down they notice that the restaurant smells and the carpet is sticky.

They order a number of staple southern dishes from the menu.

The microwaved food does not impress Gordon or his guests.

The gumbo is greasy and the oysters are over cooked and chewy.

The flounder is funky and the catfish is soggy.

Gordon goes to remove his disguise and enters the kitchen to see the staff.

He shuts down the kitchen before shutting down the dining room as well.

He gives Steve feedback but he is in denial.

Gordon takes the staff and guests to the kitchen showing them the top of the hotplate where cooked food is kept and it has gunk on it.

He then takes them all to the Hell on Wheels truck outside to view video surveillance footage of the restaurant.

Allison is seen putting left over condiments back into the general condiment dispenser.

Steve is seen googling how to cook some of the dishes.

There is overflowing grease traps, cockroaches and an unsanitary prep area.

There are dangerous practices including thawing fish, chicken and crab meat in the same water.

Gordon asks the staff to call family and asks customers to come back in 24 hours for the relaunch.

Gordon meets with staff and he is further annoyed by Steve.

He then reads the reviews to get more insight and they admit to microwaving foods.

It is also revealed that Allison replies to bad reviews rudely and lies about them cooking fresh.

The renovations are started while Gordon and the kitchen staff inspect the kitchen.

They find more gunk in grease traps and Steve cannot remember when the equipment was last cleaned.

There are five microwaves and three new ones on the way.

There is thawing going on in the same sink used to wash pots.

In the walk-in the meats all have a pungent smell and this puts them at risk of poisoning their guests.

Gordon does not think Steve is fit to run the restaurant and tells Allison this when they have a private meeting.

Steve is highly paid but he is not feeling the impact of the money being lost and Allison does not see Steve as a problem.

Gordon takes all the kitchen staff to the Hell on Wheels truck to show them the new menu.

It is going to be a revamp of their existing menu and they love the presentation and the taste.

Gordon demonstrates cooking the catfish dish before leaving them to be trained by his team all night.

Nicole, the sous chef, is excelling but Steve is struggling.

Gordon sees the initial progress and meets with Allison and Peter to make a decision.

She wants Nicole to step up but also wants to keep Steve at a reduced capacity which Gordon finds unbelievable.

He makes her see Steve is the problem and she needs to decide what to do about him.

Allison and Peter talk it through and they finally decide to let Steve go.

They do it at the truck and he leaves without causing a problem.

The staff all agree with the decision and Nicole is promoted to Executive Chef.

At dawn the staff are all treated to the new menu cooked by the kitchen staff and they love the meals.

Gordon presents Nicole with a white Chef’s jacket saying she impressed him and his team.

She has worked her way from a dishwasher to head chef in over two decades.

The staff are joyfully tearful at the touching gesture from Gordon.

Allison admits that she had been worried that they would lose the community support if they changed things in the restaurant.

To prove the community is behind them Gordon invites them to help at the restaurant and they all come out including the Mayor.

Flowood Floors, a local flooring company donated brand new floors to the restaurant at a cost of over $10,000.

Associated Food Equipment and supplies provided over $9000 worth of equipment.

General Parts of Memphis donated the refrigeration and coolers.

All local companies who were asked to came to their aid.

The kitchen staff are shown their brand-new kitchen and they love the new equipment.

Nicole is happy she has all she needs and they start preparing for the relaunch.

On relaunch, customers are let into the new restaurant.

It has been opened up and brightened with white walls, decor and tablecloths.

The customers love it all and orders start rolling into the kitchen.

Allison is reminded not to be a server but to manage the restaurant.

Immediately, there are problems as orders are mixed up.

Food goes to the wrong tables and this causes the kitchen to slow down.

Allison is needed and she is out the back, looking for wine glasses in the store.

When she is found she is reminded to delegate and she corrects the mixed-up orders.

Things smoothen out and the food goes to the right tables and the customers enjoy the food.

Despite a few issues the relaunch is a success and the customers promise to return.

What Happened Next at Sherman's Restaurant?

Three months later, the restaurant is getting great reviews.

Allison has stopped responding to the online reviews.

Nicole is still Executive Chef and is excelling.

Sherman's Restaurant is open.

Reviews are mostly positive, Trip Advisor reviews are mostly positive with positive comments on both the food and atmosphere of the restaurant but some diners feel there was a wait for food and the food is overpriced.

Yelp reviews after filming appear to be mostly positive with positive comments on the food and decor and the negatives include the prices.

A number of locals are unwilling to give the restaurant another try based on previous experiences.

In a recent Facebook post, they responded to some criticism received after the episode -

"We signed our lives away to what we can and can't discuss - which Is why I remain silent on many, many posts. In an attempt to give this a rest, I will make this reply in hopes to make it unquestionably clear. We have NEVER paid anyone 90k per year. Trust and believe with ALL of your minds that no ONE person will EVER earn a salary of 90k per year under our ownership at Sherman’s Restaurant. EVER.

As a matter of unquestionable great advice - IF someone in our position actually has an extra 90k per year to put toward payroll - (WE DON’T and NEVER HAVE) - It would make so much more sense to train and pay 3 individuals 30k per year and get 3 times the productivity."

They also revealed that Steve is now a manager of a butchers in Greenville.

Sherman's Restaurant closed in January 2021, after they suffered from a kitchen fire.

They reopened in a new location in August 2021 as the fire damage to the previous location was too significant.

The new location of Sherman's @ South Main Restaurant is 1697 S Main St, Greenville, MS 38701.

Sherman's Restaurant was aired on July 11 2018, the episode was filmed in November 2017 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 1 episode 4.


  1. It seems that they all have sign a non disclosure agreement.
    The Ramsay tv shows do seen very staged and set up.
    Not real at all.

    1. Please, then why did you watch?

    2. Because they are funny,
      You think they are real?

    3. Seems like most shows like this have and always will be staged for the sake of geting vievers. And they keep going because of the people like you who watch! If people stop watching staged content then they'd bring out more real content.

  2. If Chef Steve was the backbone of Sherman's and the community loved him so much, why didn't he bring in the customers?

  3. If they never paid 90K to a worker, why didn't they correct Ramsay whenever he said it in front of them? They had several chances to do so. Also, lol, she's replying to reviews again!


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