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Sherman's Restaurant 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Sherman's Restaurant in Greenville, Mississippi.

Sherman's is owned by Allison and Peter Nimrod, they bought the restaurant in 2012 retaining the previous name and the customer base but customers are declining and costs are increasing.

They had no restaurant experience and didn't realise how much work goes into running a restaurant, if the restaurant fails they will lose their house.

Customers complain about the food but Allison brushes complaints under the table. The staff believe that chef Steve is a problem and believe Nicole is the stronger chef.

Gordon arrives in disguise as a farmer with a group of local farmers.

Gordon believes the decor is drab and notices a smell in the restaurant and a sticky carpet.

The local farmers translate the menu and they order southern staple dishes.

The food is microwaved, the gumbo is greasy, the oysters are overcooked, there is cross contamination on the grill and the flounder smells and the catfish is soggy.

Gordon comments that catch of the day is Hepatitis B. He removes his disguise, introduces himself to the staff, asks the kitchen to shut down and gathers the staff.

As Steve is in denial Gordon takes the customers into the kitchen and shows them the kitchen.

The staff and customers are taken to the Hell on Wheels truck to watch the hidden footage.

Unused ranch dressing is put back, the kitchen is disgusting, there is a cockroach and multiple clips of dangerous food preparation.

The staff meet, Steve admits that he doesn't taste the food and Gordon reads customer reviews, all of which have been replied to by Allison.

The staff list the microwaved food, which is most of the menu. Gordon inspects the kitchen and finds grease and grime everywhere.

The sink is filled with fish and oysters and the cooler is filled with old food including old chicken sat in blood and sour, green meat.

The meat is cross contaminated and was served to Gordon and his guests.

Gordon concludes that Steve is not fit to run a kitchen and he meets with Allison and gives his honest feedback on Steve.

Gordon says he earns $90,000 a year (rebutted below) but Allison is afraid customers won't come without Steve.

The kitchen staff go to Hell on Wheels to learn the new menu of staple southern dishes.

Steve is putting in little effort and Gordon encourages the owners to promote Nicole and tells them that Steve is a problem and he is replaceable.

Allison is in initially in denial and defensive of Steve but they decide to sack Steve and promote Nicole.

The staff are introduced to the new menu and love the new food. Local companies have donated $10,000 of flooring, $9000 of kitchen equipment and thousands on new fridges!

On relaunch night, the customers love the new decor and the new food but Allison interferes everywhere and the orders are going to the wrong tables as the orders have no tickets.

Allison is no where to be found, not managing the staff and the servers and kitchen staff are arguing as customers are left waiting for food.

Allison resolves the confusion with the tickets and the food is well received by the customers and food critics.

What Happened Next at Sherman's Restaurant?

Sherman's Restaurant is open.

Reviews are mostly positive, Trip Advisor reviews are mostly positive with positive comments on both the food and atmosphere of the restaurant but some diners feel there was a wait for food and the food is overpriced.

Yelp reviews after filming appear to be mostly positive with positive comments on the food and decor and the negatives include the prices.

A number of locals are unwilling to give the restaurant another try based on previous experiences.

In a recent Facebook post, they responded to some criticism received after the episode -

"We signed our lives away to what we can and can't discuss - which Is why I remain silent on many, many posts. In an attempt to give this a rest, I will make this reply in hopes to make it unquestionably clear. We have NEVER paid anyone 90k per year. Trust and believe with ALL of your minds that no ONE person will EVER earn a salary of 90k per year under our ownership at Sherman’s Restaurant. EVER.

As a matter of unquestionable great advice - IF someone in our position actually has an extra 90k per year to put toward payroll - (WE DON’T and NEVER HAVE) - It would make so much more sense to train and pay 3 individuals 30k per year and get 3 times the productivity."

They also revealed that Steve is now a manager of a butchers in Greenville.

Planning a visit to the restaurant? Check out their websitefor more info including opening hours.

Sherman's Restaurant was aired on July 11 2018, the episode was filmed in November 2017 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 1 episode 4.

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  1. It seems that they all have sign a non disclosure agreement.
    The Ramsay tv shows do seen very staged and set up.
    Not real at all.

    1. Please, then why did you watch?

    2. Because they are funny,
      You think they are real?

    3. Seems like most shows like this have and always will be staged for the sake of geting vievers. And they keep going because of the people like you who watch! If people stop watching staged content then they'd bring out more real content.

  2. If Chef Steve was the backbone of Sherman's and the community loved him so much, why didn't he bring in the customers?


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