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On this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits City Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

City Bar is owned by Brad Stegan, he left corporate management to open City Bar.

He planned to make the bar like a tavern with entertainment but it didn't take off and to cut costs he has minimal staff.

The bar relies on the entertainment and the staff create their own theme evenings including a fetish night.

The bar tenders don't get along and fight regularly. Brad is in $140,000 of debt and only has a few months left.

Jon arrives at the bar, meanwhile Brad goes into the bathroom notices who filthy it is and swears loudly at the staff and orders them to clean the toilet in front of customers.

Jon calls the bar and asks to speak to Brad, he invites him outside to talk privately outside.

He asks what is happening at the bar and he tells Jon about the bathroom and how he had asked the staff to clean it.

Jon sees this as a big no-no as customers know that the bar tender was cleaning and soon after serving drinks and it could put them off!

He asks why there is a mannequin holding a sign and is told that it is to save money on a sign spinner.

Meanwhile in the bar, they staff aren't getting along and are bickering.

Jon reveals his recon, he sent in the president Leo and vice president John of his consulting group.

They are the target market they should be aiming to draw in, if they aren't put off by the staff arguments.

They don't have a cocktail menu or the ingredients to make one. Leo orders a blood mary but it isn't blended and has too much alcohol in it.

The bartender is smoking a cigarette at the bar. Leo asks for the best cocktail Kim can make, a dirty martini, in which she pokes at the olives with her dirty hands, a health code violation in itself!

There are a number of props brought in that Brad is unaware of as it is his night off. Brad shuts down the evening, is furious and throws the cross into the car park.

The next morning, Kim is late and Jon talks with the bartenders. Megan was accused of stealing by Kim and Belinda believes Kim purposely winds Megan up.

They believe Brad is stubborn, lets them get away with wrongdoing and they need the bar to succeed. He brings in Mixologist David to teach them cocktails.

Brad and Jon argue after Jon points out the list of things Brad has failed to do in the bar.Jon invites customers for a stress test and Kim walks into the bar and asks if she can return.

He tells her she can't serve as she doesn't know the drinks, she will be supporting the bartenders. The bartenders get flustered, they forget their training and struggle with the pace, leaving customers waiting.

Megan gets overwhelmed and leaves the bar, Kim calms her down and Brad is forced to close the bar. The mannequin is put in the dumpster and they create signature cocktail The Brad.

Jon takes the team to a casino whilst he remodels the bar. He wants a more laid back bar for the locals after a day at the casino and has renamed the bar to The Bradley.

The bar is more warm, there is a new DJ sound system, POS system and new gaming machines.  On relaunch night, the new cocktails are a huge hit and Megan shines behind the bar.

What Happened Next at City Bar /The Bradley?

Six weeks after Bar Rescue, sales were up 10%, the cocktails were popular and the bar tenders were working together better.

The Bradley closed in June 2016, before the episode aired, as owner Brad sold the bar.

The Sahara Lounge opened in it's place and returned the fetish themed nights and live entertainment. Reviews are mostly positive.

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This post was last updated in January 2020.

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  1. Hello Jon: My husband and I enjoy your show, “Bar Rescue!” When we first viewed your show, I really didn’t care for the show...or you, for that matter. But my husband kept watching and I soon began to see you for the good and very honest, brutally so at times, LOL!! but I began to see this man’s heart. You may raise your voice and advise to terminate an employee when necessary. You are so brutally honest, but I realize it is always for the benefit of the ultimate goal, and that is to rescue the bar owner from inevitable bankruptcy and ultimately having to close the bar! And you always work to encourage and uplift the waitstaff, the cooks, the bartenders and anyone else. So many have such low self-esteem and the insecurity can be seen on their faces. And you push them to succeed! You truly want them to know they can succeed! That they can do it! You have a wonderful heart!! God bless you sir!👍🏼

  2. Staffer is a good man and knows his stuff. Before reviewing the updates I bet my friends whether the bars are still open or have been sold. In this case it was pretty obvious that Brad was in over his head and was just looking for a free remodel so that he could sale the bar.


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