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Bar Rescue Open or Closed

Bar Rescue Open or Closed

A list of Bar Rescue updates and whether the Bar Rescue restaurants are open or closed.

Here you will find Bar Rescue updates, episode recaps, up to date information and what happened next after Jon Taffer left the bars featured in the show.

Read below which Bar Rescue bars have closed and which Bar Rescue bars are open.

Bar Rescue Success and Closure Rates

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The Bar Rescue Success Rate stands at 61% (95/155)
The Bar Rescue Closure Rate stands at 39% (60/155)

Bar Rescue Season 6

19 Bars
Aired: March 2018 to August 2018
Closure Rate: 11% / Success rate: 89%

Game Time Sports Grille was renamed to The Legacy Bar & Grille and is open.

Havana Mix Cigar is open.

Paladino's ;was renamed to Theory but swapped between the two names and closed in July 2018 after being sold to new owners.

King's Duck Inn is open.

Joe's Thirsty Lizard Bar & Grill was renamed to The Iron Horse and is open.

Club Platinum is open.

Cap'n Odies Lounge is open

Copper Rocket Pub is open.

The Cave Sports Bar is open.

Barley Pop's Bar & Grill is open.

No Name Saloon is open.

Phish Heads was renamed to Phish Tales and is open.

The Airliner is open.

Blue Water Daiquiri & Oyster Bar was renamed to Sydney an Australian Beach Club and is open.

El K'Rajo Beach Bar is open.

Fatballs Sports Bar and Grill is open.

The Wanted Saloon was renamed to The Dickson Bar and is open.

Britestar Tavern is open.

Island Bar & Grill closed after their licence was revoked following a shooting outside the bar.

Bar Rescue Season 5

25 Bars
Aired: August 2016 to September 2017
Closure Rate: 32% / Success rate: 68%

Champagne's Cafe is open.

The Wheel House Bar was renamed to Derby's Bar & Grill and is open.

City Bar was renamed to The Bradley and closed after being sold on 30th June 2016.

Celebrities Sports Grill was renamed to The Victory Bar and closed shortly after the show was filmed.

YNot Sports Pub & Grub closed in August 2017.

Russell City Grill & Sports Bar was renamed to Fogline Bar & Grill and is open.

Schafer's Bar & Grill is open and was very vocal that they didn't like the changes made during Bar Rescue.

Sam Jordan's Bar and Grill is open.

The Tradewindsis open.

Brickhouse Bar & Grill was renamed to Garrison Tavern and closed in October 2017.

Fort One Bar & Lounge was renamed to The Roc and is open.

Triple Nickel Tavern is open.

St8 Pub was renamed to Downstairs Bar + Kitchen and closed in July 2017 and was sold to new owners.

Summit House Grill And Tap closed in July 2018 was a remodel and has yet to reopen.

The Dugout is open.

Speakeasy Bar & Grill is open.

Big Mike's Sports Bar & Grill is open.

Desi Romano's Sports Bar & Grill is open.

Casual Tap is open.

Paddy's Pub was renamed to Pat's Courtyard Bar and later Oasis Bar and closed in September 2017.

Jack's Place was renamed to The Regan Lounge and closed in September 2017 after a fire gutted the building and caused over $500,000 of damage.

Liquid Lounge was renamed to Tidal Bay Beach Bar and is open.

Sidelines Sports Grill & Bar was renamed to Lake House Bar & Grill and is open.

Rockin' Rhonda's was renamed to Rhonda's A Neighborhood Bar and is open.

Lucky Leprechaun was renamed to Lucky's Corner Pocket and is open.

Bar Rescue Season 4

51 Bars
Aired: October 2014 to July 2016
Closure Rate: 39% / Success rate: 61%

Artful Dodger was renamed to P's and Q's Autobody and is open. They closed from March 2015 to May 2016 due to a fire in a nearby building.

Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill was renamed to Soyo Craft Bar and closed in March 2018 after sales declined and regular fines for public nuisance due to disturbances at the bar.

Rhythm & Brews was renamed to 5th and Vine and closed in November 2016. They closed briefly in April 2016 after an ungraded health inspection.

Laguna Lounge closed in August 2017 so that owner Ivan was able to focus on his music career.

Jack's Ale House was renamed to Jack's Fire Dept and is open.

Lickety Split was renamed to 2nd State Lounge and closed in October 2015. The owners had reverted back a lot of Jon's changes within a few months.

Plush was renamed to Osteria Calabria and closed in May 2015 after the building was sold. They were hoping to reopen.

Dirty Rooster closed in December 2015 after Scott sued Jon and the state added more tax for comped alcohol shown during the episode.

Y-Not III& was renamed to Nick's House and closed in May 2016. The building was demolished in July 2016.

Packy's Pub was renamed to Campbell's Irish Pub and closed after it was put up for sale for $350,000 in December 2017. Business after Bar Rescue had improved 74%.

Second Base is open but Jon walked out before finishing the episode.

Underground Wonder Bar closed in September 2017.

Toucans Oceanside Bar & Grill was renamed to Bonny & Read's Toucan Hideout and is open.

Heat Restaurant & Lounge was renamed to Ele Lounge and closed in August 2015. Prior to closure sales were up 30% but staff were again dancing for tips. The club was gutted upon closure.

Sandbar Sports Grill is open.

Friar Tucks was renamed to Stein Haus Brau & Brats and closed in December 2015.

The Los Angeles Brewing Company was renamed to LA Brewing Co and closed in April 2015 after the licence was suspended and the building was put up for sale.

The Holding Company was renamed to Patriot House and is open.

Mandala Lounge was renamed to 38th Floor Bar and closed in April 2016.

Park 77 was renamed The Lister and is open.

The Bullpen Bar was renamed Oak Tavern and is open.

Murphy's Law Irish Pub closed in October 2016 after failing to secure a buyer for the business.

Six Point Inn was renamed to Over Easy Bar and Breakfast and is open.

The Palace is open.

Tonic Lounge is open with new owners. It was renamed to The Raven but later closed. New owners bought the business and reverted to the name given to the bar in Bar Rescue.

Brix Wine Bar was renamed to Brix Sunset Beach and is open.

Pro's Sports Bar was renamed to BR Steak and later BR Bar and is open.

Myerz PourHouse was renamed to The Study Lounge and is open.

Caribe Night Club was renamed to La Luz Ultra Lounge and is open.

Molly Malone's was renamed to Way Point Saloon and is open.

Royal Oaks Bar & Grill is open.

Martini Brothers Burger Bar was renamed to Federal and is open.

Ripper's Rock House was renamed to Tim Owens Travelers Tavern and closed in September 2016 due to their busy schedules as Tim was on tour and Micah had a landscaping business to run.

Filling Station Pub was renamed to Off Base Bar and is open.

The Hoochwas renamed to Proving Ground and closed in May 2016 after Chandra ran out of money and the bar was sold. She appears to have blamed Bar Rescue for the closure.

The Arena closed in July 2016 after owner Mike was sentenced to up to 5 years in prison for tax evasion.

Jazz Katz was renamed to Back Beat Piano Bar and closed in 2016 after an unsuccessful GoFundMe campaign to remain open.

Chix on Dix was renamed to Power Strip and is open.

Mac & Chester's SRO was renamed to Boulder Lodge Bar & Grill and is open. In January 2018, the building was listed up for sale for $1million.

Van Goghz was renamed to Crafted. and is open.

Dale 1891 was renamed to Cayman Cove and is open.

O’Kelleys Irish Pub was renamed to Pastimes on 4th and closed in August 2018.

Freaki Tiki was renamed to Frankie T's and closed in February 2017.

George & Dragon is open.

Grinders was renamed to The Cajun Belle and is open.

The Bridge Lounge is open.

Cirivello's is open but patrons say it is unexpectedly closed at times.

City Bistro was renamed to The Beechwood and is open.

Baseline Sports Bar was renamed to Brick and Barley and is open.

Black Light District Rock & Roll Lounge is open.

The Gallopin' Goose is open.

Bar Rescue Season 3

40 Bars
Aired: February 2013 to May 2014
Closure Rate: 42% / Success rate: 58%

Turtle Bay is open after being renamed to Spirits on Bourbon. The resurrection drink is still popular and revenue has increased by millions of dollars.

Headhunters closed in April 2014 after being renamed to Metal and Lace, their tax receipts appear to suggest low sales. They were reportedly looking for a new premise after their lease ended but have yet to reopen.

TJ Quills is open and changed it's name back after being renamed as The Annex during Bar Rescue.

The Brixton is open and changed it's name back after being renamed as Rocket Room 6 during Bar Rescue.

Zanzibar is open. Owner Ami changed the name from Stars & Stripes Badass Billiards back to Zansibar after the bar was renamed during the show.

The Kasbah is open. There was a shooting outside the nightclub in May 2018.

Lona's Wardlow Station was renamed to Lona’s City Limits Cantina during the show and is open.

Dimples closed in January 2015 after the city council approved a new development where it was located. Business improved and Sal was able to clear his debt. He wasn't happy with all of the changes and undid some of them including reintroducing some of the memorabilia.

Kid Chilleen's Badass BBQ was renamed to Chilleen's on 17 and is open. After Bar Rescue, Donna quit drinking and sales were up 80%.

Stand Up closed in April 2017 with plans to reopen in 2018. Owner Howard undid a number of the changes made including those to the green room and Bar Rescue had to repaint the exterior due to breaching local policy.

Sand Dollar is open.

Cashmere was renamed to Dual Ultra Nightclub and closed in May 2014 after the building was sold. The manager claimed a lot of the events on the episode were staged.

Handlebar Cafe is open. They were issued cease and desist orders by the Town Council for a mural and the pair of handlebars above the front entrance put in by the show.

Barlow's was renamed to Comeback Bar & Grill and closed in October 2017 after the bar was sold. In 2016, owner Susan Wood won a seat on the city council.

Gipsy closed in January 2014 after owner Paul stripped out the entire interior of the bar as he disliked the changes made during Bar Rescue. He planned to reopen but this doesn't appear to have happened.

Characters Quarters was renamed to MoonRunners Saloon and is open.

Cliques was renamed to 22 Klicks Bar and Grill and is open.

Libad's Bar & Grill is open.

The Hammer was renamed to Hammer & Ales and closed in March 2016 after the bar was sold to new owners.

Marley's on the Beach was renamed to Marley's Beach Club as they disliked the name Jon proposed. The bar closed in November 2013 due to personal reasons.

Rocky Point Cantina was renamed briefly to Havana Cabana Bar and Grill and closed in August 2013. The show failed to get relevant permits for the exterior paint job which led to a city investigation finding previous modifications also weren't permitted. The owners were forced to declare bankruptcy and they had undone most of Jon's changes prior to the closure.

The Underworld Grill & Bar was renamed to The End and closed in February 2016 after failing to renew their lease. They had moved location a few doors down and business was reportedly up 40%.

Kerry's Sports Pub was renamed to Bacon Bar and is open.#

Bungalow Bar is open.

The Alibi was renamed to Garnet Lounge and closed in December 2013 due to their debts and changes in the local economy.

MT Bottle is open.

Fairways Golf & Grill was renamed to Brew U and closed in December 2014 after their lease expired.

BoondoxXx BBQ & Juke Joint was renamed to Pit and Barrell Bar. The bar closed in November 2013 after owner Chris Ferrell committed a murder at the bar, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2015.

Long Shots Sports Bar was renamed to Badlands Country Nightclub and closed three months after the episode was filmed. It appears to have closed so owner Mark could focus on the other bars he owned.

R.G.'s Lounge was renamed to BarCode and closed in October 2016. Sales after Bar Rescue were up 37%.

O'Banion's Bar & Grill was renamed to Sorties Tavern and is open. The bar was sold to new owners in 2016 due to medical reasons.

KC's Bar & Grill is open. They operated as a members only bar charging a membership fee.

O'Face Bar is open. Co-owner Matthew has had many brushes with the law and has been charged with sex abuse, failing to register as a sex offender and assault.

Scoreboard was renamed Agave Junction Cantina and closed in September 2018. There was a stabbing at the bar in December 2016.

The Tailgate was renamed to The Shot Exchange and is open.

Bryant's Ice House was renamed to Wildcatter Saloon and is open.

Pat's Cocktails is open.

Oasis Hookah Bar closed in February 2017 after a renewal of their liquor licence was declined.

Mary's Outpost is open.

The End Zone Sports Bar and Grill is open.

Bar Rescue Season 2

10 Bars
Aired: July to September 2012
Closure Rate: 60% / Success rate: 40%

Piratz Tavern closed in April 2015. They reverted back to Piratz Tavern abandoning John's new name of Corporate Bar & Grill. They blamed the closure on the negative backlash from appearing on Bar Rescue and they also lost their lease.

The Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar is open.

J.A. Murphy's closed in July 2012. The bar was renamed to Murphy's Law during the Bar Rescue episode.

Mystique Lounge closed in 2013. The bar was renamed to Aura Nightclub.

The Olive Pit is open. The bar was renamed to O.P and all of the furniture was removed.

The Black Sheep is open and was renamed to The Public House.

Weber's Place closed in July 2013. They renamed it to Weber's Rum Bar & Grill during the show.

Win, Place or Show closed in July 2012 due to legal reasons and their lease was ended. Business was up 25% after Bar Rescue.

Rocks closed in November 2014. They returned to their previous name after John left citing that Power Plant did not sound like the name of a bar/nightclub.

Extremes is open after being renamed to Second Base Bar & Grill during Bar Rescue. There was a fatal shooting at the bar in November 2013. John later made a second visit but walked out.

Bar Rescue Season 1

10 Bars
Aired: July to September 2011
Closure Rate: 70% / Success rate: 30%

Angels Sports Bar closed in 2016. The bar was renamed as Racks Billiards & Bourbon and there was a fatal stabbing outside the bar in August 2015.

Downey's Irish Pub closed in March 2016 after going into foreclosure and owed the state $80,000 in taxes.

The Abbey Pub closed in November 2015 following a fire and a water leak and they hoped to reopen. A gofund me page has been set up and currently stands at $12,000, John donated $2500 himself.

Kilkenny's Irish Pub closed in March 2012 after being transformed in a beach bar and renamed Breakwall. The owners felt it was bringing in a younger crowd and the changes were for the better, the regular customers however disagreed.

Swanky Bubbles closed in November 2011 after failing to secure a liquor license and after having landlord issues. The bar was renamed to Sheer during Bar Rescue but the owners reverted to Swanky Bubbles very quickly.

The Blue Frog 22 closed in May 2018 after the owners decided to retire. After Bar Rescue, the customers loved the new food and they were able to raise prices. They lost over $120000 due to construction at a neighbouring property meant they were unable to open their patio.

The Chicken Bone closed in November 2014, after failing to reopen after closing for the summer. They delayed the reopening many times before the business was put up for sale confirming that it was closing. They blame the closure on the economy.

Champs Sports Pub is open.

The Canyon Inn is open.

Angry Ham's Garage and Grill is open. They have had a number of liquor violations in 2018.

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  1. Tonic Lounge is open.

    Not really. It's a different bar with the same name and different owners. The original Panic Room was renamed by Bar Rescue to Tonic Lounge, then they changed their name to The Raven, then closed. New owners opened up a new Tonic Lounge.


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