M'Dears Bakery and Bistro - 24 Hours to Hell and Back Update - Open or Closed?

M'Dears Bakery and Bistro 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits M’Dears Bakery and Bistro in Los Angeles, California.

M’Dears Bakery and Bistro opened in 2002 and it is owned by Carrie Reese.

They specialise in soul food with a cali twist and have branded their desserts, selling at local festivals.

She runs the restaurant with her family, her daughters Tiffany and Marissa.

The stress of the restaurant has caused a rift between her and her daughters.

She was disowned by her Armenian family for marrying a black man shortly after she opened the restaurant.

The daughters are estranged from her side of the family.

They have separate ways of interacting with Carrie while the staff do not like working with her.

Gordon arrives disguised as a camera man, complete with his own live camera.

He sees the restaurant is so very pink with a worn out decor and damaged furniture.

They run out of many typical items while staff and customers clash over many things.

The food is doused with hot sauce and seasoning by customers as they don’t like the taste.

The servers are unbelievably rude to the customers and owner Carrie is busy out the back.

Gordon and his staff order food to go as the restaurant is so small and they sit outside to eat.

The food does not look good and the chicken is totally flavourless.

The greens are bland, the tartar sauce in the catfish sandwich stinks and the meatloaf is dry.

Gordon goes back into the restaurant with the camera then reveals himself and shuts down the restaurant.

He takes staff and customers to the Hell on Wheels truck outside to show them undercover footage of the restaurant.

The kitchen is filthy, there are rotten chicken wings and they run out of products often.

The staff are loud and have poor customer service skills, Tiffany is disruptive on her own and the owner is not respectful to the staff.

Tiffany says she does not care and Gordon wants her to admit she is a problem.

She is not happy and she attempts to walk away but comes back.

He tells the staff to call their families and asks the customers to come back in 24 hours.

Gordon asks the staff to a staff meeting to get to the bottom of the problems at the restaurant.

A member of staff attempts to speak up but Carrie shuts her up.

Marissa lets Gordon know the family is less of a family.

Gordons team starts on the renovations while he sits with Carrie and her daughters.

They admit they have not gotten along for a very long time.

Tiffany feels like Carrie has hated her for 30 years since the divorce.

Carrie says that she has no confidence Tiffany would be able to run the restaurant and has given up on her.

All three see the business as different things and Gordon is perplexed on how to even get started with them.

Gordon inspects the kitchen and sees that they do not clean it very often.

There are limp vegetables kept with rotten vegetables, meat in blood and expired sauces which they served that day.

Carrie blames the staff once again for the issues in the kitchen.

Gordon sees the trend that she does not think highly of her staff or her daughters.

He thinks that her bad attitude is destroying her life and her business.

Gordon has the kitchen team start deep cleaning the kitchen.

The staff start helping the renovation team while Carrie looks on from a distance.

Carrie gets vocal and questions everything the team is doing.

She complaints about the distressed wood and about a black wall.

She says that it makes the place look smaller and she isn’t happy about the pink lamps.

The team has to explain to her and Gordon reminds her that she is months from closing.

She should not be rejecting change that could help her business.

Gordon calls the kitchen team to the truck to introduce the new menu and demonstrates making a steak dish.

Gordon is impressed with the team’s passion but is disappointed Carrie was not able to join them in the process.

Gordon leaves them with his staff to train for the rest of the night.

Gordon meets Carrie in her office and she explains why her relationship is strained with Tiffany.

Tiffany has disowned her Armenian heritage which has hurt Carrie.

Carrie also has not shown Tiffany affection in a very long time.

At dawn, Gordon meets with the daughters and they complain of Carrie being equally disrespectful towards Tiffany.

Tiffany cannot say she loves her mother even though Carrie said she did.

Gordon leaves it at that to go back to work as he knows things can’t be fixed overnight.

Carrie takes advantage of her daughters being together and sits with them to iron out some issues.

She extends an olive branch and wants a relationship with Tiffany outside of the business and Tiffany accepts.

Gordon calls the family to taste some of the new meals and Gordon reveals his assistant Mary is also Armenian.

He asks Carrie and her daughters to all bake a peach cobbler together and they do so happily and are getting along better.

With majority of the work done Gordon has Carrie see the changes, expecting the worst and she goes to the bathroom to breakdown.

The restaurant has been brightened with white and woods so the pink are accents rather than the main colour.

Carrie complains of the height of the shelves but says she likes it.

The daughters love all the changes and feel that the restaurant is now cosy.

The staff put the place together for the relaunch despite Carrie’s feelings.

She progressively gets more and more flustered and she is given the position of an expediter for the relaunch.

As the countdown runs down to 0, the customers are let in.

Gordon has to give a last-minute pep talk to Carrie.

The orders come in and Carrie is shown how her contribution gets the team moving.

The customers receive their food quickly and feedback from the meals is great.

With all the orders flooding in the team has a backlog and Carrie gets frustrated before Gordon reminds her to be supportive.

The customers love all the food coming out, the ambience and the service.

Celebrity Chef Jet Tila is in the restaurant and loves the spicy chicken wings.

Gordon is happy Carrie and Tiffany are working together with zero friction.

What Happened Next at M'Dears Bakery and Bistro?

Three months later, the customers love the new changes and Carrie is getting used to the changes.

Tiffany has improved in the restaurant and Marissa is thankful for the changes that it has made to their family.

M'Dears Bakery and Bistro is open.

The latest M'Dears Bakery and Bistro update is that Yelp Reviews are mixed, with negative reviews focusing on poor service and food quality.

There are only a handful of Trip Advisor reviews since Gordon visited and these are mostly very positive with complaints on one review of poor service.

Planning a visit to M'Dears Bakery and Bistro in Lakewood, CA? Check out their website for more info including opening hours.

M'Dears Bakery and Bistro was aired on March 06 2019, the episode was filmed in December 2018 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 2 episode 10.

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