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M'Dears Bakery and Bistro 24 Hours to Hell and Back

In this 24 Hours to Hell and Back episode, Gordon Ramsay visits M'Dears Bakery and Bistro in Los Angeles, California.

M'Dears Bakery and Bistro was opened by Carrie Reese in 2002.

They specialise in soul food with a cali twist and have branded their desserts, selling at local festivals.

Both of Carrie's daughters Tiffany and Marissa work at M'Dears Bakery and Bistro as servers and the stress of the restaurant has caused rifts in the family.

The staff don't like Carrie and try and wind her up on purpose.

Gordon arrives in disguise as a cameraman with the Ramsay cam.

The dining room is run down with pink walls and damaged furniture.

The food is doused with hot sauce and seasoning by customers and most of the items have been 86'ed.

The servers are unbelievably rude to the customers and owner Carrie is busy out the back.

Due to the small size of the restaurant Gordon orders the food to go.

The fried chicken is old with no flavour, the greens are unseasoned, the tartare sauce in the catfish sandwich stinks and the meatloaf is dry with grim gravy.

Gordon removes his disguise and calls the staff out into the dining room.

He closes the restaurant and asks the staff and customers to follow him out to his Hell on Wheels truck.

He shows the hidden footage that he has recorded including a filthy kitchen, rotten chicken, issues with food stock leading to many menu items being available and very poor customer service.

The footage reveals a serious lack of respect from the staff towards Carrie and no one listens to her.

Tiffany doesn't care what anyone thinks at all and walks off after becoming defensive

Gordon meets with the staff and is shocked that some of the staff haven't been fired.

They make a number of disrespectful comments back and forth and Gordon wants to unite the restaurant.

Gordon calls the family for a meeting to find out what has gone wrong.

Tiffany feels like Carrie has hated her for 30 years since the divorce and Carrie says that she has no confidence Tiffany would be able to run the restaurant and had given up on her.

Marissa doesn't know why Tiffany stays to be treated the way she is and Gordon walks out of their meeting.

Gordon enters the kitchen and inspects the kitchen. No one cleans the kitchen and Gordon inspects the walk in.

He finds browned lettuce, rotten zucchini, sour ox tail and meat left in blood.

The tartare sauce has expired and is sour and the staff morale is low.

The kitchen staff get to work deep cleaning the kitchen.

Carrie continues to be negative and dislikes the black walls.

Gordon takes the kitchen staff out to the Hell on Wheels truck and introduces the new menu.

The chefs light up at the sight of the food and says it looks wonderful.

Gordon teaches them a dish from the new menu and they reveal they have never been allowed to add a dish to the menu.

Carrie has shut herself off in her office and Gordon talks to her about Tiffany.

The main issue is that Tiffany is a daddy's girl and rejects her Armenian heritage.

Gordon meets with Tiffany and Marissa and Tiffany refuses to fix the relationship.

Gordon tells her that the negative vibes are going to be on their shoulders and walks out.

Carrie goes outside to sit with her daughters and tries to fix things and they appear to have made baby steps towards rebuilding the relationship.

Gordon introduces the new food to the family and they bake together as a family.

The new restaurant is revealed to Carrie and she retreats into the ladies room.

She picks fault with the height of the shelves.

On relaunch night, she is in a negative mood and is worried about failure.

Gordon asks Carrie to expedite in the kitchen.

The customers love the new food but Carrie loses control of the tickets and Gordon gives her a pep talk.

Celebrity Chef Jet Tila is in the restaurant and loves the spicy chicken wings.

The relaunch is a success and the family work well together.

What Happened Next at M'Dears Bakery and Bistro?

Three months later, the customers love the new changes and Carrie is getting used to the changes.

Tiffany has improved in the restaurant and Marissa is thankful for the changes that it has made to their family.

M'Dears Bakery and Bistro is open.

The latest M'Dears Bakery and Bistro update is that Yelp Reviews are mixed, with negative reviews focusing on poor service and food quality.

There are only a handful of Trip Advisor reviews since Gordon visited and these are mostly very positive with complaints on one review of poor service.

Planning a visit to M'Dears Bakery and Bistro in Lakewood, CA? Check out their website for more info including opening hours.

M'Dears Bakery and Bistro was aired on March 06 2019, the episode was filmed in December 2018 and is 24 Hours to Hell and Back season 2 episode 10.

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