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Bar Rescue O'Face Bar

On this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits O'Face Bar in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

O'Face Bar is owned by Matthew and Karen Overmyer, who opened the bar in 2011.

The bizarre name drew in the locals who enjoyed the party atmosphere at the bar.

But they soon experienced problems as neither knew how to run a bar and the parties raged out of control.

Owner Karen would drink with patrons rather than running the bar.

Jon arrives and sits in a car outside with professional mixologist Russell Davis and they think the bar looks more like a trailer.

For the bars recon, Jon sends in Ryan and Rick, a pair of local workers.

The pair order O-Gasm shots and beers and weren't impressed with the shots that tasted like they came pre-made.

Cerissa asked them to buy her shot and they reuse the cups after shots, which is a health concern.

Many of the employees and the owners are also doing a large number of shots, counted by the show.

One of the customers asks Matthew what is in the shot and he refuses to answer, telling her not to drink it if she doesn't like it.

Bartender Cerissa is defending the customer but Amanda becomes aggressive, grabbing Cerissa and Matthew is hit in the face by her.

Their argument spills onto the street and becomes physical with Amanda attacking Cerissa. Jon and Russell break up the fight.

The owners are brought outside and don't seem bothered they could be sued if she got hurt and they tell her she was asking for it.

The owners are told by Jon that they have to fire Amanda for this incident.

They decide however to fire Cerissa and keep on Amanda.

The next day Jon returns and sees Amanda so he walks out until later in the day they decide to fire Amanda and reinstate Cerissa.

Due to the waste of time the staff have received no training ahead of the stress test and it was a disaster.

The bartenders were overwhelmed with the drinks orders with six cocktails served in 40 minutes and the kitchen was serving awful, frozen pizza.

Matthew tried to help but Karen was sober, uninterested and spent most of the test smoking in the office.

She has an attitude and doesn't smile once. The bartenders have smashed all of the mixing glasses and the pizzas are burnt.

Jon realises that the stress test is going poorly and stops it before any further damage is done to the bars reputation.

Jon asks the employees to come in early to practice but when he arrives the next morning they are chilling in the back.

He reveals his plans for the bar including changing the name. Karen promises not to change the name back but it is not at all convincing.

Jon tells the staff to go training but they don't listen and Karen talks about security officer Syck, who confronts her.

As Jon and Russell stand in the bar the employees and owners argue in the back office.

Once again Jon threatens to leave after and he decides to do a bit of digging about the bar and employees and is shocked at what he discovers.

Meanwhile Russell tests the staff on their ability to follow instructions and make a drink but the pressure gets to them and it once again becomes chaos and he is forced to stop the exercise.

Jon decides to walk away from the bar after his investigation uncovers a video of owner Matt hitting Dave, a member of staff concluding the assault when they arrived wasn't an isolated incident.

He offers Syck a $10 raise if he throws him through a window and he refuses.

Matt claims that they have worked it all out so it is okay and Jon calls them a mess.

They claim that this isn't the normal but Jon says after hitting an employee means that he won't have any part in the bar.

He advises them to get a counsellor and work on their problems before working on the bar.

What Happened Next at O'Face Bar?

Three months after relaunch, security officer Syck was fired for speaking in support of Jon for walking away.

Amanda was rehired as bar manager. The city council revoked their liqor licence based on the show but it was reinstated on appeal.

In season 4, Jon sends in two customers to do some recon. A drunk customers tries to start a fight with the couple.

Matt steps in due to the lack of security and asks the drunk patron to leave. Jon is shocked and recognises that Matt has stepped up.

They conclude that the bar has been cleaned up but it is the same crowd and they wouldn't return.

They believe that sales are up when in fact they are down and plan to open a second location.

O'Face Bar is open, despite Yelp saying it is closed.

Reviews of the bar are mostly terrible after Jon filmed at the bar but many are likely not genuine.

Since the show, owner Matthew Overmyer has been jailed for sexual assault and later not turning up for court mandated activity and refusing to register as a sex offender.

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