Bar Rescue - Sand Dollar / Bar 702 - CLOSED

Bar Rescue Sand Dollar

On this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Sand Dollar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sand Dollar is owned by Lisa Guerena and Paul Wilkes, who purchased the bar together with another silent partner in 2011.

The Sand Dollar is a historic bar that first opened in 1976 amd was famed for being a blues bar before closing in 2006.

After buying the bar they returned the bar to being a blues bar but this didn't work out and the bar started to lose money.

In order to cut costs Lisa starting working behind the bar instead of managing the bar and Paul also spent more time in the bar.

Paul however puts off female patrons with his behaviour and they are now $300,000 in debt.

Jon arrives at the bar with Mixologist Jen J and Professional Gambler Anthony Curtis.

Looking at the bar they couldn't see what type of bar it was or what was on offer inside.

For the reccon Jon sends in his wife Nicole Taffer and her friend Erica to see how the bar operates.

There is a blues band performing on the stage but no one is paying any attention to them.

They ask to order cocktails and the bartender doesn't know how to make some of the most basic cocktails.

Nicole asks to order some food and is told that they don't serve food at the bar.

After ordering a disappointing drink in a plastic cup Paul encourages Nicole to order something else and give them a second chance.

She orders a Sex on the Beach cocktail and he makes an inappropriate comments asking for some bags of sand before telling her he has no filter.

Paul next asks Erica if she has kids and if not does she want one and makes further lewd comments.

Jon is not happy with what he sees especially after he continues when Nicole tells him that she is married and he suggest she cheat on him!

Jne J brands his further comments vile and offensive.

Jon (rightly) gets very annoyed when he starts touching his wife and talking about her intimiate parts and rushes in.

He confronts him and tells him that he has been watching him hit on and disrespect his wife.

Jon asks Nicole to leave with him and tells Paul that he isn't sure that he wants to rescue his bar.

Jon returns the next day to speak to the owners and Paul apologised for his behaviour on the previous evening.

He starts talking about how he is dedicated to Lisa and claims that she rescued him.

Jon calls the staff together for a meeting and they tell Jon that they don't want Lisa behind the bar, they want her to step up as a manager.

Jen J inspects the bar and finds that it is filthy and ridden with cockroaches.

She asks the bartenders to show off their mixing skills and they are disappointing. The team will need a lot of training.

Anthony speaks to the owners about the importance of pushing the gaming tables and that Lisa needs to closely monitor this area.

Jon reveals that there will a stress test that evening and it is a disaster.

The bartenders are slow so patrons are left waiting for drinks and they also get cocktails wrong numerous times so they have to restart the drinks.

Paul acts like a manager, checking in with customers whilst Lisa flits about unsure whether she should get behind the bar.

The Blues band isn't a hit with the patrons and many don't like the music so leave the bar because of the music.

Jon and Anthony talks to the owners about the gaming tables as they should have higher payouts and they want to push these to customers by offering awards.

Jon wants to add food to keep the gamblers in the bar for longer if they are able to both eat and drink.

Jen creates signature cocktails that they will be serving in beer mugs, complete with foam to add something unique to the bar.

Jen sets to work teaching the new cocktails and working on pour skills and they are much improved since the failed stress test.

On relaunch night, Jon reveals the new bar to the owners including the new name Bar 702.

The doors have been opened up and it is more clear that it is a gaming bar with live bands.

There is a wall commemorating the history of the bar and there is a as service window through to the restaurant next door.

Jon reveals that Patrons will be able to order a selection of dishes from the restaurant next door and collect from the window.

They adjust the odds on the gamining machines so players are more likely to win and thus more likely to place more bets.

For the relaunch, the patrons love the new quirky cocktails and the food is a big hit.

Paul shined as a host, greeting customers but Lisa went behind the bar to help before eventually shifting into manager mode and directing the staff.

What Happened Next at Sand Dollar / Bar 702?

Bar 702 was sold to a new owner in May 2014.

Brooke Alexander bought the bar after opening a string of successful bars in Chicago and had always wanted to open in Vegas.

In November 2019, The Sand Dollar was renamed to The Miracle on Spring Mountain with a holiday theme with holiday cocktails.

Paul Wilkes filed a lawsuit that claimed Jon had attacked him, throwing a drink in his face and punching him.

The case was settled in arbitration.

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