Copper Rocket Pub - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Bar Rescue Copper Rocket Pub

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits The Copper Rocket Pub in Maitland, Florida.

The Copper Rocket Pub is owned by Selman Markovic.

He bought the popular pub in 2015 on a whim but he was inexperienced.

The pub has a 20-year history and had a large community following.

Selman thought he could improve on something that was working and brought in local art performers.

This drove the regular customers away rather than bring in new ones.

Selman is not professional or a good leader to his staff.

The bar is in disrepair and he is now in debt.

He owes $150,000 and is out of money he can borrow.

Jon recons the bar with expert mixologist Lisamarie Joyce and expert chef Vic Vegas.

They love the name of the bar and the exterior but hate the interior concepts on each wall as they think that they clash.

They see Selman and Jon fills them in on his situation at the bar.

They meet assistant manager Norman, bartenders Rachel and Jacob and cook Dowell.

Johnny Magic, a local DJ, is sent in as Jon’s spy to test their services.

He is given a menu and asks for a light beer and when it arrives it is warm and tastes sour.

He is given a bottle of light beer after he sends the draft beer back.

He tries unsuccessfully to get Rachel’s attention to order food.

He eventually orders a philly cheesesteak and pretzels.

Selman says that the food he has ordered isn’t on the menu anymore and Rachel wasn’t aware.

He is rude about correcting her and she informs Johnny of the error.

He then switches his order to onion rings and chicken tenders which he gets and promptly has to spit it out.

Then for the entertainment a number of things start to happen in the bar at the same time.

There is fire breathing in the parking lot and a naked performer enters the bar.

A contortionist is performing on the floor of the bar, a customer is being painted and a musician takes the stage.

It is confusing and disorienting for patrons as they don’t know where to look or what act to watch.

They notice a glass has been broken and Norman was quick to clean it up.

The bar is full but only 30% of the bar has drinks and customers are waiting more than 20 minutes.

Selman is rude to staff and customers and Jon goes in to confront him.

Selman blames it all on his staff and Jon points out that he needs to own it but Selman responds rudely.

Norman tells Selman the truth about how the staff are avoiding him so they don’t show up for work.

He finally accepts it is him that is causing issues at the bar.

The next day, Jon meets with staff and they let him know Selman is often negative and it affects the business.

Selman tries to explain what he is doing to bring in new business but he is too self-involved to see his ideas are not working.

The experts are brought in and introduced to the staff.

Vic takes the kitchen staff through making burgers in under a minute.

Lisamarie points out the bar needs to be cleaned but Selman diverts their attention with more excuses for the state of the bar.

Next, she takes them through making cocktails with their beer and wine menu.

When informed they would only be serving two of the new cocktails for the stress test Selman is unbelieving and can’t accept it.

Later three staff who weren’t present for the training are introduced and brought up to speed on training.

Customers are soon let in for the stress test.

The cocktails very simple as they are just two ingredients each with no shaking or stirring involved.

Despite this the bar staff are still slow and are not making enough drinks at once.

There is no one expediting and food is left at the window with customers waiting.

When the food gets cold, it has to be tossed.

Selman is nowhere to be found when he is looked for.

An entire side of the bar is ignored and people are not eating their food because it is cold.

Selman is shown the chaos at the bar, he complains that he can’t be everywhere even when he should be available for every part of the bar.

He annoys Lisamarie with his attitude and she tells Norman he needs to get Selman in line.

The bar is shut down as the stress test has failed.

Afterwards, during feedback Selman starts with excuses again instead of admitting the system they have isn’t working.

Selman gets into an argument with both Jon and Lisamarie.

His staff have to calm him down and he gets humble and finally accepts the feedback.

The next day, training continues with the bar staff trained on a sake cocktail and the kitchen staff on a turkey sandwich.

Jon sits with Selman who resolves to change the way he presents himself and treat his staff better.

The next day, the staff are shown their new bar with changes only having been made on the inside.

Inside had been made classy, elegant and more consistent with a central colour and theme.

There are rocket shaped tables and diagrams of a rocket framed on a wall.

There is a new turbo tap system for cold beers and two Harbour Touch POS systems.

There is a lifetime subscription to Partender and new pool tables.

On relaunch, they let the customers in and the orders roll in.

The bar staff are on top of things doing way better than they did on stress test.

The kitchen is doing great without even having to use the bell.

The customers love the energy and the service.

What Happened Next at Copper Rocket Pub?

Six weeks later, it is revealed sales increased by 5%.

New customers are finally coming in to try the bar.

Norman has taken over the daily operations of the bar.

Copper Rocket Pub is open but with new owners.

The bar was sold shortly after the episode aired and the bar was gutted.

Reviews of the bar are mostly positive with praise for the atmosphere, trivia nights and karaoke nights.

This post was last updated in March 2022.

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