The Broadway Club / The Roost Bar - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

The Broadway Club / The Roost Bar Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits The Broadway Club in Tooele, Utah.

The Broadway Club is a dive bar owned by real estate agent Randy Hunt.

He wanted to be a silent owner so he offered Patty Bullock a part of the business to run the bar on a day to day basis.

Patty likes to come to the bar but is more interested in partying at the bar rather than running it.

Bartenders Sarah and Bobbie complain that Patty doesn't know how to run a bar.

Mike the security guard says she is constantly drinking at the bar.

Alos that all the staff have lost respect for her authority at the bar.

Randy is now in $200,000 of debt and he has a strained relationship with Patty as the bar continues to decline.

Jon meets with Sarah outside the bar.

She tells him that she is the longest serving member of staff and has been there for six years.

They see that the street is completely deserted with other surrounding buildings boarded up and abandoned.

They spy on the bar via the cameras and she tells him that Patty has no idea how to run the bar and drinks a lot on shift.

Adam, Patty’s husband comes in and helps serve food from the kitchen from time to time.

Randy is at the bar for the service and he also helps expedite food when he is in.

Sarah says he is involved at the bar at times and helps when Patty asks him to come in.

She also introduces Mike and Bobbie from the footage on screen.

She explains that there hasn’t been food served at the bar for the past 2 months.

Brandon was hired recently as a cook to boost sales.

They see Patty trying food service and is confused as to what to do with the food.

Sarah tells him about the friction between the owners.

The staff stay out of it to avoid getting dragged into the conflict.

Jon has some local radio stars do the recon of the bar.

Sarah tells him they card everyone they serve, regardless of age.

They order a cocktail called liquid marijuana and a margarita.

The cocktail is too sweet and the margarita is served with a tired lime and in a pint glass.

The radio stars then order some nachos, chicken chip, fries and a burger.

On the camera Jon and Sarah see the food being prepared without gloves, them serving burnt cheese and general untidiness in the kitchen.

The recon team wait for up to 30 mins for their food and when they taste it they hate the food and think the taste is poor.

During all this going Patty is drinking and not helping clean up.

Jon and Sarah enter the bar and Jon is carded.

Patty immediately bursts into tears but Jon lays into her about how she has clearly dropped the ball.

She stages houses for showings for her day job but allows the bar get into a terrible state.

He questions Randy for his decision to partner with someone with no experience.

Especially with not having any experience of running a bar himself.

Patty is supposed to run the day-to-day business of the bar but is not involved during their busiest hours or with the kitchen.

Patty said it wasn’t her intent and Jon threatens to walk out if she takes another drink in the bar.

They are all made to clean the bar that night so that Jon can get to work the next day.

Patty is frustrated and decides to take it out on Sarah and they have an argument.

The next day, Jon has a staff meeting and gets to know the different members of staff.

Adam is not on the payroll or officially a member of staff but he comes in and helps out when Patty asks him.

Randy says he has only received 2 rent checks in 7 months so he is owed by the business.

Patty believes she’s a customer of the bar when she drinks.

Jon lets her know other customers see her as an owner, a drunk owner.

Staff say that customers leave because of her attitude at the bar.

Randy says he doesn’t want to work with Patty anymore.

They agree that she should be given 60 days to turn things around or she hands over the business amicably.

Sarah says she is not free to manage the bar and the staff with Patty in charge.

They call a truce and she will be given more freedom to manage the staff.

Jon introduces Amy Koffsky, an expert bartender and Vic Vegas, an expert Chef to train the staff.

Amy teaches them some balanced drinks that are not too sweet.

The kitchen is trained on their most popular meals of quesadillas, burgers and fried chicken.

It is the night of stress test and they struggle with pour consistency and speed of fulfilling the drink orders.

The burgers and quesadillas are taking some time to cook and the bestselling order is the fried chicken.

Soon the food orders start piling up and the kitchen staff are overwhelmed.

Patty is supposed to be taking food orders but at first no one can find her for some time.

She steps up and does what she can but they are unable to recover the service.

The kitchen just can’t keep up and the stress test is shutdown with customers sent home.

Jon is impressed with Patty stepping up and they all worked together well.

Jon says they need a redesign and much more training to get better.

Jon meets with Amy and Vic and they devise a plan to bring customers from downtown to the bar.

Vic trains the kitchen staff on two new fried chicken dishes that are designed to make customers order more drinks.

Amy trains them on classic simple drinks inspired by party drinks from the nineties.

Jon meets with the Mayor Debbie Winn to redesign the downtown area to brighten up the buildings around the bar.

On relaunch night Jon reveals that the city has plans to revive the area and the bar is the first.

The bar is renamed The Roost Bar and its unique selling point is that they will be serving all you can eat fried chicken all day.

There is a new sign outside the bar, promoting the new name and direction of the bar.

The inside the bar has been modernised with wood decor and detailing.

There are new matching chairs and barstools, a new Berg system, two Harbour Touch POS systems and SkyTabs.

Rockless Table provided the table bases and there are Orange Door Entertainment Systems.

There are also new uniforms with the words ‘Stay Cocky’ on them.

Goldmine Bar Doors put in the new doors in the bar and the brick sign on the wall used bricks sourced from a local mine.

It’s time for the relaunch and customers are let in. They are impressed with the new decor and direction of the bar.

The staff are keeping up with both the drink and food orders.

The customers love the signature cocktails and the chicken.

What Happened Next at The Broadway Club / The Roost Bar?

Sixty days later, new business and new customers are coming into the bar and sales are up.

Patty stopped drinking at the bar whilst working and she started paying Randy back.

Sarah is now a manager and earns twice as much as she used to.

They no longer serve unlimited fried chicken.

They made claims about the show on social media that the show was trying to pressure the staff to drink on the job.

They kept the new name and state restrictions caused them to temporarily close shortly after Jon visited.

The reviews before this are mostly positive with the new food being a big hit.

The bar was later renamed to Pit Stop Bar and Grill.

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