Crossroads Grille / Gaddy Shack - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Bar Rescue Crossroads Grille

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Crossroads Grille in Antioch, Tennessee.

Crossroads Grille was opened by Robert and Ashley Gaddy in 2015.

It was successful for the first 2 years with the help of his mother’s recipes.

An injury forced Robert to step back and the bar was impacted with staff getting unprofessional in the workplace.

They dance, behave unruly and drink daily at the bar.

They are now $200,000 in debt and are months from closing.

Jon recons the bar with expert Mixologist Derek Turner, and expert chef Michael Ferraro.

They see the front of the bar looks clean, safe and inviting so assume the staff must be the problem.

Cheeks, Bubbles and Bunz are the bartenders.

Don Juan is the kitchen manager, Skylar is a cook and Deonna is a server.

They see Deonna get up on the tables to dance and the bar staff mixing liquor from different bottles, which is illegal.

Jon has two locals Emmanuel and Eric test the services and order margaritas and catfish.

The margarita comes in plastic cups and they are green which as it turns out was an error.

When the drink is replaced it is bright yellow instead.

It is horrible and they don’t like so they order an old fashioned instead.

After several minutes the cook announces that they have no catfish and the kitchen loudly orders for shots.

In front of the owners, staff are openly drinking and are drunk.

Bunz smacks a customer on the arm.

It descends into a shouting match where staff are trying to get a drunk Bunz to calm down.

She gets more belligerent and smacks the customer again.

Bunz is made to leave and escorted out of the bar.

After this display, Emmanuel and Eric ask for their drinks and they are told they don’t have the ingredients for an old fashioned.

Jon has had enough and goes into the bar to confront the owners and staff.

Jon tells them all his spies have experienced and all he has noticed about the bar.

He tells them about a Sculpture report of how they lost $2100 over the weekend from staff drinking.

It is obvious the staff are unruly and Jon gives the owners the ultimatum of firing one staff member.

If they are rehired then he won’t remodel the bar.

In the kitchen, they see the fryer that is dirty, the hood is also caked with grease and is a fire hazard.

There are also chicken crumbs that the owners told the staff not to throw away.

Ashley says she is not being supported properly by Robert.

Jon tells them to call a staff meeting, fire staff, stop the drinking at work and clean up the kitchen and bar.

Robert reiterates this to the staff and gets them to start cleaning.

Jon comes in the next morning and meets the staff.

He immediately points out their practice of merging liquor bottles is illegal.

The owners giving this instruction is what makes the staff not respect them.

He also notes that no member of staff was fired and insists they do it.

Ashley talks to the staff and Cheeks is identified as the one to be fired.

She was fired as she barely contributed to the cleaning efforts the night before.

Bunz comes in shortly afterwards unaware of all that went down the night before and that morning.

She is called to a meeting with the owners.

Bunz is fired because it was not the first time her drinking had caused problems, or she had been reprimanded.

That night, Jon meets with his experts and they see the bar is in the perfect location in the middle of a residential area.

They are inspired to make the bar the number one catfish spot.

Michael takes the kitchen staff through making a catfish sandwich.

Derek takes the bar staff on making a moonshine cocktail.

Jon takes the staff out of the bar for a blindfold challenge.

The aim is to build communication and trust between the kitchen staff and bar staff.

When the challenge is over, the owners see that there is a disconnect and most were not taking it seriously.

As they prepare for the stress test, the bar staff are distracted by Derek and are flirting with him.

When Ashley tries to give a motivational speech, the staff don’t take it seriously and start playing to her disdain.

Ashley is tasked with overseeing the bar staff and Robert is working in the kitchen.

As an extra challenge for the night, they are given 20mins to serve all the customers.

With the bar and kitchen competing to get $100 each if the are successful.

The doors are open for the stress test.

The bartenders and servers are struggling.

The kitchen is flooded with orders while Jon decides to pay for 5 people’s catfish.

Some fish is sent back because it is not crispy enough.

With a minute to go, everyone has a drink with the bar winning their money.

The kitchen still has the returned fish to correct and send out and makes it in the nick of time.

The stress test was a success and for once the bar didn’t have to be shut down.

Jon’s team work the whole day to renovate the bar and it has been renamed to Gaddy Shack, Southern Bar and Grille.

It moves Robert and the staff to tears.

Inside the bar has been made warmer with shades of blue and pictures of Robert with his mother on the wall.

They have turbo taps for their draft beer system.

Sculpture Hospitality gave them flow meters to monitor their inventory and check their profits on their phones.

There is a new Manitowac Ice Machine, Orange Door Entertainment System and a lifetime subscription to TVT for training.

On relaunch, the staff have new bright blue uniforms.

The staff are working as a team and drinks and food are moving out fast.

The customer who complained about non-crispy food came back and had no complaints this time.

What Happened Next at Crossroads Grille / Gaddy Shack?

Six weeks later, it is revealed the Gaddy Shack is back on track.

Ashley and Robert are continuing to be hands-on owners.

Bunz was never rehired and is still figuring her situation out.

Crossroads Grille / Gaddy Shack closed in March 2018.

They closed three months after the episode was filmed.

The couple own another bar that is still open.

This post was last updated in March 2022.

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