Cork and Thorn - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Bar Rescue Capo’s Restaurant and Speakeasy

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Cork and Thorn in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cork and Thorn is owned by Randi Garett.

She was a florist who after twenty-one years owning a flower shop opened a bar business and merged the two.

There is a lot of love for the bar as it is in a growing art district.

They got a following but business stalled with the global situation in 2020.

They reopened after months of being closed with strict guidelines.

Tony her cousin is a manager but he also has no experience running bars.

Things are breaking down and they are low on funds.

Jon has Corey and Rick Harrison, stars of Pawn Stars who are also locals come in to recon the bar.

They are confused by the interior and order a Moscow mule and a margarita.

Allan is the cook and Savanah, Aleks and Tony are bartenders.

The margarita is not good and they ask for more tequila.

The Moscow mule is not good either so they order a jack and coke instead.

They order a pizza and the kitchen is heating pre-prepared meals.

Jon sees cleaning chemicals kept close in the kitchen.

Randi is marketing the flower classes to customers then sees the spies.

They finally receive their pizza and it is bad.

Jon comes in and feedback is given to Randi directly about the pizza and the menu.

Jon sees more things that are wrong in the bar and how it is run but acknowledges their good intentions.

He has them clean up to be ready for him the next day.

Jon meets with all the staff the next day and the staff let him know how they rely on the business especially after 2020.

Jon introduces his experts expert mixologist Rob Floyd and expert chef Jason Santos.

Randi does not know some details of the financials including cost ratios and neither does Allan the manager.

Randi is $200,000 in debt and they are in danger of closure.

Training starts and Rob trains them on a spin of the basic Moscow mule.

Jason trains the kitchen staff on updating their cheese board.

He also reveals Jon set them up with a good work area from Restaurant Supply.

For the stress test they are giving customers cards for customer reviews and feedback.

The customers are let in and Savannah is slow and makes mistakes.

The server takes orders from the whole room rather than from each table.

The orders are all input in the POS at once, slamming the kitchen and prolonging the wait time.

The bartenders have not mastered the techniques.

The customers encouraged to fill their forms are giving bad reviews that is discouraging for the staff.

The bartenders are flustered and the kitchen is slammed with the amount of orders that are due at once.

The customers all got incomplete orders and bad service.

The stress test is a failure so it is shut down.

At the after service feedback it is positive with staff owning up to being able to do better.

The next day Rob trains the bar staff on a gastronomic cocktail with edible flowers.

Jason reveals a new Turbo Chef and trains them on making some pizzas.

Jon has Randi sit with MGM’s VP of Administration to talk to her on how to build back after the world situation.

Randi appreciates someone genuinely trying to help her without asking for anything in return.

The bar is renovated over 36 hours and the staff are gathered at night-time for the unveiling.

The bar has not been renamed by Jon.

The exterior has been made brighter and more distinct with bright red exterior walls.

The artistic graffiti has been minimized so it looks more upmarket and can be used for social media.

Inside has a wine bar door entrance into the lounge area.

It has been made more colourful with dark walls to complement the colourful art and furnishings.

There is a Bluezone air scrubber and a Pathspot machine for screening hands.

Standard Restaurant Supply supplied a salad station a meat rack and induction cooker.

There are two workstations and two soda guns and speedwells.

There is also a New Manitowoc Ice Machine and three Harbour Touch POS systems.

There are Taffer Mixologist Seltzers and Atmosphere TV for setting the mood.

The staff set up and re-open for the relaunch.

On relaunch, the bar staff are a lot better.

The customers who had been there before were back and love all the changes.

Savanah is doing better making multiple drinks.

The food is going out to great compliments from the patrons.

Allan is appreciative of the changes that Jon has made.

Randi is also very happy with the changes and the breath of life given to her business.

What Happened Next at Cork and Thorn?

Cork and Thorn is open.

Recent reviews are very positive with patrons loving the vibe at the bar and the food, drinks and service are also praised.

This post was last updated in March 2022.

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