Liquid Lounge / Tidal Bay Beach Bar - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Bar Rescue Liquid Lounge

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits the Liquid lounge in Long Beach, California.

Liquid Lounge is owned by Rob McCarthy, who bought the bar in 2010.

Rob has 30+ years-experience in bartending and thought that if he ever had the money, he’d get his own bar.

When he inherited $400,000 after his parents passed away, he knew it was the right time to buy a bar.

He invested all of the money into this bar.

Rob’s investment paid off in the first 3 years.

In 2013, the Liquid Lounge made over $650,000 in sales.

A few months after that, Rob’s lack of experience started to show.

They lost one of their cooks and had a citation for fruit flies in their bar published in the local papers.

Rob procrastinates and doesn’t pay attention to what is going on in the bar.

The place is falling apart and Rob hasn’t done anything to fix it.

Bartender Lola brings her husband in to try to repair things but there’s just so many things wrong with the bar.

Lola says she loves this bar and her job so she really doesn’t want them to shut down.

Rob has gone from making a profit to being nearly $270,000 in debt.

Rob has sold his house and says this bar is all he has left.

Jon arrives at the bar and says this area is a young singles’ marketplace.

Jon brings in experts Rob Floyd and master chef Tiffany Derry to help him with the bar.

He tells them that the Liquid Lounge will close in two to three months.

They can see from the footage that the bar is very unkept.

The food and garnishes in the kitchen are very unsanitary.

Jon brings in his daughter Sam for the recon of the bar.

Sam is chasing flies away from the limes in her drink.

Sam goes up to where you’re supposed to order food but nobody is there.

It takes a few minutes before someone takes her order.

The kitchen is in an absolutely disgusting state.

Jon says he would not eat there and he wasn’t sure about letting Sam eat there.

Jon decides to go in and stop them before someone gets sick from both the food and drink.

Jon and Rob Floyd look at the fruit and see how gross it is.

Jon shows why the soda sucks because they don’t clean the soda guns so the syrup comes out first.

Tiffany points out that some spots in the kitchen haven’t been cleaned in a year.

Jon says that Rob owes it to society to close down if he won’t work on this.

Lola is crying and tells Rob that she loves him but he needs to step it up.

Jon says that they have to clean the bar tonight.

If it’s not better tomorrow, then he won’t be coming back to help them.

Rob closes up the bar so they can get started on cleaning.

The next morning Jon says he expects the bar and the kitchen to be clean and for Rob to actually care.

Lola says that people usually order pizza and bring it into the bar.

Jon says the cleanliness of the bar has improved but it still has a lot of work to go.

They find a ton of flying bugs surrounding a specific part of the wall and Jon decides to call an exterminator.

Rob Floyd begins his part of the training.

He wants them to make consistent, balanced cocktails.

Rob shows them cocktails like Long Beach Tea and shows Lola a better way to shake drinks.

Tiffany shows them some easy, yet cost effective recipes like the shrimp popper.

These recipes will be used in tonight’s stress test.

Jon says tonight they have to take orders at the bar.

Jon tells Rob he has to help out wherever he can, behind the bar or in the kitchen.

They are swamped at the bar and Lola keeps messing up drinks due to the pressure.

The kitchen is slowly creating a system.

Lola and Raemone are doing a great job at the bar.

Jon thinks if they build the right bar around them, then they will start to step up.

A lot of people have gotten their drinks but have yet to pay for them.

Jon says that somebody has to get control over this and it will have to be Rob.

Some of the food isn’t cooked all the way through.

Jon yells that if the customers aren’t happy then it does not matter.

He also says that they know how to move product but they don’t know how to make people happy.

Jon tells them to shut it down and to start training.

Rob says they weren’t ready for this.

Jon says that the staff has a lot of heart and determination but their workplace is holding them back.

Jon had his remodeling crew get to work.

The staff is taken to an off-site location for training.

Rob realizes that he has to remain consistent with the things Jon is going to do for them.

Jon says that if they build the right bar around them then they will be very successful.

Jon brings in Eric Tecosky, brand ambassador for Jack Daniels to work with the staff and have more experience with the brand.

Rob Floyd shows them a Jack Daniels cocktail called The Weekender.

Rob Floyd lets them practice their customer service and says they are making progress.

Jon brings the staff back to the Liquid Lounge to see the renovations and open up for the night.

The staff seems excited and ready to get to work.

The bar has been renamed to Tidal Bay Beach Bar.

The bar now is more beach-like and looks beautiful.

The energy of the bar has completely changed for the better.

Jon installed three touch POS systems, along with new soda guns and has given them a lifetime subscription to Partender.

Jon says that Rob inspired him with how good the staff’s attitude is.

The staff says that Jon has set them up for success.

Everyone is so excited for their grand re-opening.

Lola says she loves Jon and that she owes him everything.

She also said that he’s her new BFF.

On relaunch, everything is going very smoothly, there’s great teamwork.

The kitchen is doing great and they’re finding their speed.

Jon says that his work is done and he hugs Rob.

Rob says this is a new chapter for them.

What Happened Next at Liquid Lounge / Tidal Bay Beach Bar?

Six weeks later food and drink sales have increased by 20%.

Lola received a raise, after being promoted to manager.

Liquid Lounge / Tidal Bay Beach Bar closed in January 2019.

They had previously had their liqour licence suspended.

Bartender Lola left the bar in October 2018.

Reviews prior to the closure were mostly positive with compliments on the drinks and karaoke.

This post was last updated in March 2022.

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