City Bistro / The Beechwood - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

City Bistro Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits City Bistro in St Louis, Missouri.

City Bistro is owned by Tiffany Hutchinson who decided to own her own bar.

She bought the bar in 2012.

City Bistro was successful to start with earning $14,000 in its best month.

Tiffany brought in bartenders who flash customers in order to make money.

Tiffany would look the other way but soon her staff became out of control.

Customers stopped showing up and some say they don’t want to go to a bar where the bartenders expose themselves for money.

Tiffany feels trapped.

She thinks if she got rid of those bartenders, she would get no business at all.

Tiffany is $300,000 in debt and just two months away from closing the bar for good.

With being scared of failing her kids, Tiffany makes a call to Bar Rescue.

Jon says St. Louis is the beer capital of America.

Jon brings in experts, expert Mixologist Shawn Ford and expert chef Ryan Scott.

The most popular beers in St. Louis are Budweiser and Bud Light.

City Bistro has the signs for both of those beers, which Jon says is a good thing because that means they have the brands.

Jon brings in Angela and her friend Andrew for the recon tonight.

City Bistro is grossing $7 per square foot in sales, which is $143 less than the industry’s break-even point of $150 per square foot.

Shawn says that this bar seems more like a strip club than anything else.

Jon says that Tiffany is losing $6,000 a month.

They don’t have Budweiser on draft.

There are promotional signs outside but they don’t have the product.

They don’t have food either, despite having a decent kitchen in the back.

There is a lot of opportunity within this bar that isn’t being used.

Jon is going to buy them 15 pizzas and Ryan will bring them in.

All of the bartenders are drinking shots, which Jon says is illegal.

They’re also breaking nudity laws.

Ryan brings in the pizza and everyone is so excited about it.

Jon says Tiffany should be removing Tami the bartender from the bar.

Another bartender says that Angela is beautiful and that she would like to make out with her.

Jon is disgusted and decides that now is the time to walk in.

Jon asks Tiffany what is going on in the bar.

Tiffany admits that she doesn’t know how to control the situation.

Jon says she’s disgusting if the does not change this and says he can’t help her if she doesn’t help herself.

Jon explains the concept of a landmark fire, which is to take the worst employee and terminate them.

He says it will send a message that Tiffany is not playing around anymore.

Tiffany pulls Tami aside to talk to her.

She tells Tami that she is going to have to fire her.

She tells someone to get Tami out of the bar and Tami is not happy.

Jon says that this is the most absurd bar he has ever seen.

He wants them to realize that their actions are what’s causing Tiffany’s life to be destroyed.

Jon is going to meet with the staff to run through the issues that they are having.

Jon says that it’s almost offensive that they don’t have Budweiser on tap.

Jon points out all of the things that this bar is doing that is illegal.

Jon shows the staff the Partender report.

He shows them that they should’ve rung $8,900 but they only rung through $1,200.

The value of the drinks they gave away is $7,900 a night, which is over $30,000 a month and more than $370,000 a year.

Jon says that much would immediately get Tiffany out of debt.

Ryan points out that their walk in is a storage room and that it’s filthy and disgusting.

There are fruit flies in the liquor bottles and a dead rat in the deep fryer.

Jon says this is the epitome of Tiffany’s failure.

They begin cleaning the bar and the kitchen.

They bring in Sam, who could be the cook.

Ryan wants to do a boil-out on the fryers to make them usable.

Ryan and Sam are putting together a menu that is guaranteed to bring in money.

Shawn is training the bartenders on the three main brands of beer.

He shows them how to properly pour it.

He blindfolds them and tells them to identify the types of beer.

Tonight, is the stress test.

Jon says the kitchen could potentially bring in a lot of money and tells Tiffany to make sure the food goes to the right people.

Their ticket system is very outdated.

The bartenders are struggling with pouring the beers correctly.

There isn’t enough pick up space at the bar for them to be able to work effectively.

Many people are waiting for their food.

Jon tells Tiffany to close the bar.

The stress test went very well but they just need better systems.

The next morning Jon meets with Tiffany.

Tiffany says she feels like they can all become successful together.

Jon brings the staff to the Budweiser St. Louis brewery.

They show the staff how they make their beer.

The staff had a good time learning about the beer they serve and feel more pride in it.

Jon shows them how the effects of slow poured or fast poured beer can affect your stomach.

Ryan and Sam go over new recipes to add to the menu.

Jon brings the staff to see the finished remodel.

The City Bistro is now called The Beechwood.

Candie says the bar looks beautiful and she’s excited to get to work.

Jon installed 12 new beer taps.

He also installed POS systems and got them a lifetime subscription to TVT.

Beechwood opens up for the first time since remodel.

On relaunch, everything is going great and customers love the new look.

Every drink went to the right person, along with the food.

The energy of the place has improved so much.

Customers are very happy with their drinks and food.

Tiffany says there’s a huge difference between the before and after.

Jon says that his work is done.

The employees have pride and everyone is making money.

What Happened Next at City Bistro / The Beechwood?

Eight weeks after relaunch, The Beechwood has increased food and beverage sales by 25%.

Tiffany continues to hold her staff to a higher standard.

Bartender Lauren was fired for drinking during her shift.

Shortly after the rescue a member of staff acted as a whistleblower.

They reported the bar for refilling premium liquor bottles with cheaper brands.

A negative review was published by the local press that said that the bar still needed a rescue.

It said that they didn't use most of the things that Jon had installed.

City Bistro / The Beechwood is closed, they appear to have closed in 2019/20.

Owner Tiffany and The Beechwood Facebook pages frequently share posts from Social Bar and Grill so she may be involved with or own this bar.

This post was last updated in February 2022.

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