O’Kelleys Irish Pub / Pastimes on 4th - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

O’Kelleys Irish Pub Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits O’Kelley’s Irish Pub in St Louis, Missouri.

O’Kelley’s Irish Pub is owned by Andrea, a restaurant owner who decided to buy the sports bar in 2011.

It was a success at first because of the customer base and they were making $75,000.

Soon the manager at her restaurant quit so she had to leave the bar to focus on the restaurant.

She made her nephew Cameron head bartender and a long-time employee Kim was made the manager.

Both have not done their jobs well as Kim did not implement all she learned at the restaurant.

Cameron plays behind the bar which he believes helps the bar.

Cameron does not respect Kim as a manager and they clash frequently.

They are losing $6,500 a month and are $700,000 in debt.

The restaurant is currently keeping the bar afloat.

Jon recons the bar with Andrea the owner who tells the background story of her businesses.

Jon likes the exterior of the business and the building structure but it looks unkempt.

Andrea is treated to footage of the happenings in the bar.

They see Kim with her extra-large trucker cup at the bar which Andrea hates seeing.

Cameron is drinking behind the bar, giving away free drinks, fighting with customers and squabbling with Kim.

Andrea is upset to see all this.

Jon has his friends Dan Katz from Bar pool sports and Chris Long a professional footballer spy on the bar services.

They both order Budweisers which is home in their city of St Louis and the beers are flat.

They order Nachos and a burger and the cook microwaves the meat to thaw it and the wait has been over 15 minutes.

The cook makes very unappetising meals and they hate them.

Cameron gives out free drinks and he gets Kim in tears.

Andrea is more embarrassed at his behaviour than angry which Jon is puzzled at.

He tells her to channel her anger and she sees Cameron playing with a friend.

They are pouring drinks on each other and she walks in calling Cameron aside.

She calls him out on his misbehaviour and he attempts to deny it all before walking out.

Kim is next and as Andrea is telling her off, she starts crying.

Bringing them both together Andrea tries to broker peace between the both of them and they agree to a truce.

The next day Jon comes in with expert mixologist Shawn Ford and expert chef Mike Ferraro.

He asks them to join their staff meeting.

Shawn immediately sees they used golf tees as stoppers and it is bad practice.

There are flies in drinks, mould on the stations and between Cameron and Kim no one is taking charge.

Mike sees nachos cheese stored improperly and Anthony reveals he has not been trained.

He does not know that there are unsafe temperatures for cheese.

There is petrified meat they cannot identify and other meat stored improperly.

Tina has managerial experience and confirms Kim is not effective.

Kim breaks down into tears.

The training commences and Mike uses a Budweiser to cook a burger from scratch.

Shawn trains the staff on the basics of draft beer pouring to reduce waste and Tina shines.

For the stress test Andrea is to help out where she can while evaluating her staff.

Kim is managing while Cameron is reminded to do his job.

They are all given $50 tips for the night and every time they make a mistake money is taken from them.

The customers are let in and Cameron makes mistakes, for every beer not poured properly it is dumped.

Kim tries to help but pours some drinks improperly but they did not pass so had to be dumped.

In the kitchen food is left on the shelf as the runner Kim is not paying attention.

Some beer experts come in and they have comments on how their beer was served wrongly which negates the serving of good quality beer.

Taking a survey of the place Jon notices Kim took half a table’s order and left the remaining.

She gets upset and leaves the bar removing her mic.

The bar is shut down as they are understaffed.

Andrea calls all the staff together and they all list the problems they encountered and they suggest solutions.

The next day Jon meets with Andrea in a location with a view of St Louis.

She admits it is mostly her fault, Kim was problematic and Cameron showed some promise the night.

Tina is offered the new manager position.

Shawn trains the staff on making some new cocktails including one with Budweiser.

Mike trains Anthony on making Barbecue ribs in Budweiser with fried spinach.

Jon intends to use the history of the bar and the town in the renovation.

He arrives in a Budweiser branded horse drawn carriage for the bar reveal.

The bar has been renamed to Pastimes on 4th.

It is now a St Louis pub with colours that match the historical building.

Inside the bar is warmer with photos on the walls of old St Louis.

They make the space look bigger as well as highlighting their history.

East Coast Chair and Bar stool provided the furnishing and there are three 2touch POS systems.

There is aged copper to make the place look authentically old and a sign for fresh Budweiser on tap.

On relaunch, customers are let in and the bartenders are doing great with Cameron making good drinks and being jovial.

The kitchen is on top of orders and good food is sent out.

The beer experts are back and cannot believe the turnaround.

Tina is doing a great job and getting complements while Andrea is friendly towards customers.

What Happened Next at O’Kelleys Irish Pub / Pastimes on 4th?

O’Kelleys Irish Pub / Pastimes on 4th closed in July 2017.

The bar was put up for sale on Loopnet in April 2015, shortly after the rescue.

The bar was sold in October / November 2016 and removed from sale.

The few reviews after the episode was filmed are average with complaints on the cleanliness and service at the bar.

Andrea is also co-owner of Mama Campisi's that featured on Restarant Impossible in 2013.

This post was last updated in February 2022.

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