Angry Ham's Garage / Octane Bar and Grill - Bar Rescue Update - Open or Closed?

Angry Ham's Garage Bar Rescue

In this Bar Rescue episode, Jon Taffer visits Angry Ham’s Garage in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Angry Ham’s Garage is owned by Tim Hanna and friends Richie Olsen and former professional hockey players Lyndon “L.B.” Beyers.

Eighteen months ago, Tim Hanna entered into a partnership with them to open Angry Ham’s garage.

However, L.B. and Richie’s troubles with the law prevented the trio from obtaining a liquor license.

In order to appease the city, Tim had to take sole ownership of the bar and put up all the money himself.

He hired L.B. to do promotions and Richie to give the bar its automotive edge.

Their battle with the city led them to have a bad reputation around the town.

When the doors finally opened, the customers stayed away.

Richie’s designs took the automotive theme too far.

People seem to think that this bar is a garage and not an actual bar.

Tim runs his bar with no management and no structure.

He lets his staff get away with way too much.

Tim’s style of treating employees like friends has led to a free-for-all environment.

It’s caused a major rift between the bar staff and the front of the house and the kitchen in the back.

The waitresses do not know the menu and the head chef yells at the waitresses a lot.

One of the waitresses says that nobody wants to go back there because you get screamed at.

Framingham, Massachusetts is a family friendly suburb of Boston that has a small-town vibe and a close-knit community.

Jon has Chef Duffy do recon at the bar tonight.

Angry Ham’s is a 2,500-square-foot venue with a horseshoe bar, three service stations and a large central dining area.

Chef Duffy says that it seems like they don’t train the bartenders at all.

Chef Duffy says the burger he ordered was good but he would charge way more for it given how much was on it.

Jon meets the owners of this bar.

He asks them how much money they are losing.

Tim admitted that he sold his car last week to raise money for the bar.

Legally, L.B. and Richie can’t go behind the bar and bartend.

Jon says he went to the city to get some insight.

He says the city hates the bar because of the name of the bar.

Angry Ham’s is a derogatory term for the town of Framingham.

Tim doesn’t want to change the name of the bar and refuses Jon’s idea to change the name.

Jon tells them goodnight and walks out.

Jon says he thinks that Tim doesn’t want him here.

They go to try to get Jon to come back.

Tim tells Jon that they are failing and they want Jon’s help.

Jon introduces them to Chef Duffy.

Tim admits that he doesn’t think Jon and him will ever see eye-to-eye and that he’s committed to the original name of the bar.

The next morning, a lot of the bar’s decorations have been taken down.

Jon assembles the Angry Ham’s staff for a meeting.

Jon explains what Bevintel is.

A lot of liquor was given away, $2,800 worth was given away in four days.

Chef Dino says that the staff needs to know the menu as much as he does.

Tim says he’s not sure if he can get it together.

After the staff meeting, Jon pulls the owners aside.

Jon shows Tim a document he has to sign saying he won’t change the name of the bar back after Jon leaves.

Jon shows Tim where he wants to go and Tim is instantly interested and signs the paper.

For the bar, Jon brings in expert bartender Brian Van Flandern.

Brian says that they need consistency behind the bar.

He says this bar needs a lot of help.

Jon brings back Chef Duffy to help the kitchen.

After assessing the issues of the bar, the experts meet with Jon to discuss how to achieve the new concept.

Brian begins training with the staff.

He shows them how to make the perfectly balanced cocktail.

Chef Duffy prepares the new food.

L.B. is missing.

Jon shows the staff the new menu, so they’ll actually know what they sell.

Tonight, is the soft opening.

The bartender’s training is immediately paying off.

The servers aren’t coming in to pick up the orders.

Chef Dino is yelling at the servers.

Jon realizes he has to fix Chef Dino’s attitude in order for this bar to succeed.

L.B. is still nowhere to be found and Tim keeps trying to get a hold of him.

The new menu items prove to be a hit with the customers but ticket times are way too high.

After the last customers leave, there’s still no sign of L.B.

Jon and the experts gather the staff to discuss their performance.

Dino says that the kitchen slowed down a little bit.

Jon says he’s disappointed with L.B.

Jon sets up a meeting with the city on a Sunday and begins transforming the bar.

Dani thinks that everyone here is excited to see the changes and new customers it will bring in.

L.B. is still nowhere to be found when the owners and Jon meet with the city.

Jon says that he’s glad L.B. didn’t show up today.

He says he thinks they had a successful meeting today.

The next evening, the staff goes back to the bar to see the changes.

L.B. is present now.

Jon brings the three owners to have a talk before they see the changes.

Jon fires L.B. and tells him to leave.

Jon tells the staff that L.B. can’t be a part of this.

Angry Ham’s has been renamed and is now called Octane Bar and Grill.

Jon tells the staff to head inside to see all the changes.

Jon got them H.M.E Wireless pagers and all new glassware.

Octane Bar and Grill opens up for the first time since remodel.

On relaunch, a lot of people are trying out the new cocktails.

The giant food portions are a hit with the customers.

Chef Dino isn’t screaming at the staff.

Tim has no regrets removing L.B. from the picture.

Framingham selectmen Charlie comes into the bar to see the changes and he loves it.

Jon hugs Tim and says that his work here is done.

What Happened Next at Angry Ham's Garage / Octane Bar and Grill?

Six weeks after relaunch, Octane Bar and Grill’s overall sales have gone up 27%.

In the month of July, the bar turned a profit for the first time.

L.B hasn’t spoken to Tim or returned to Octane since being asked to leave.

They had had a number of liquor violations in 2018.

The re-branded as Beacon Street Bar & Grill to try and improve their reputation.

Angry Ham's Garage / Octane Bar and Grill closed in July 2019 and the building was listed for sale for $2.9 million.

This post was last updated in February 2022.

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